Exhausted (a short one-shot)

By:Momo Spock

My first fanfiction please don't kill me and please R&R

Disclaimer:I don"t own it if I did Nightwing would still be blue.

Nightwing was just getting back from his nightly patrol around Bludhaven, It had been a rough night, four muggings, Blockbuster, and a 'chat' with his 'little brother' Red Hood. All he wanted to do now was sleep for a few hours before he had to go to his job at Hogan's and report to the police academy.

He groogily dragged himself to the nearest piece of furniture in his small apartment,which happened to be his old couch, and collapsed, costume and all, and began to drift off to the land of subconsciousness...

About 10 minutes later...

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! screamed his alarm clock.

"Uhh" Grayson said looking up at the clock, 'time for work already?'.

"why does the universe hate me?"