Author's note: A drabble I wrote on my notebook during a break at chemistry lesson.

Disclaimers: I don't own Hetalia

Sleeping undisturbed in my arms, our bodies so close I could say we're just one being.

Do you know how this makes me feel? How you make me feel?

The Pearl of Northern Europe, That's how they call you. I don't agree though, pearl is too reductive, besides there is a good amount of pearl in the sea, you are more precious as you are unique.

Laying here, naked and soaked in sweat, right after we shared our mutual passion and desires.

Your skin against mine feels so warm, your hair smell delicious. I am addicted to these feelings.

You're so peaceful when you sleep, your hand looking for mine, intertwining our fingers together makes my heart race so fast, I can hear it loud, beating at the same time as yours.

I had undergone several drugs in my life, but none of them made me feel this good and made me feel so addicted. Just like this, your breath, slow and hot against my neck.


Please, keep on breathing I can't do without it, I need it.

I need you to complete me.

I don't know which kind of spell you sent me, something that turns my usually cold and strong self into weak and hopeless when you're around. All these emotions pulse together in my heart, so strong that it aches, that heart that you know, it only belongs to you.

I'll protect you, doesn't matter what. I wouldn't let a treasure so precious to be ruined, I can't.

Please, allow me to stay by your side forever, be mine.

My heart needs yours to keep beating.