Dean sat beside Castiel's hospital bed, his head in his hands. The room was stark white except for the glaring blood stain on Dean's shirt and the dark hairs on the wounded angel's head. Dean hadn't even bothered going home. As soon as the angel came out of surgery, he retreated to his bedside, refusing to budge even for food.

It had been two hours since Castiel had left surgery, leaving him with a bandaged wing and a stub of where his wing had once been. He had several tubes and needles poking into his body and a monitor beside him that beeped with each heartbeat. The nurses told Dean that they suspected his angel would be fine, and that they just had to monitor him for infection, Dean replied that he would monitor him himself and hadn't left his bedside since, not that he was planning to.

Dean raised his eyes from his hands to study that injured angel, reaching out slowly after a few seconds to take his hand and squeeze it lightly. "You'll be alright, Cas," he murmured to the unconscious body, watching his face for any signs of life. When none came, he gently let go of his hand and resumed his waiting.

It was a total of four hours after the incident when Castiel awoke in a blurry haze. His brow furrowed as he was pulled into reality, shifting and slowly opening his eyes, a quiet grunt coming from his chapped lips. At the sound, Dean's head shot up and he moved closer to the angel, bringing himself into his view. "Cas? Hey- Cas, it's me, Dean..?" He said to the groggy angel.

It took Castiel a few seconds to find Dean's face, blinking blearily and opening his mouth, struggling to form words. "Dean…?" He finally managed to mumble.

A smile quirked at the corners of Dean's lips and he reached out, taking Castiel's hand and giving it a light squeeze. "Hey.. Hey, buddy, how you doin'?" He asked gently, scouring the angel's face for any signs of pain.

Castiel sniffled softly and opened his mouth again. "M'okay.." he mumbled, his lips struggling to form the words. Apparently, he had been pumped with a number of drugs to numb his pain temporarily, making functioning somewhat difficult in his drug-induced haze.

Dean chuckled softly and scooted his chair closer, reaching over to Castiel's head to push his bedraggled and sweaty hair out of his eyes. "Alright, Cas. You keep being okay, alright? We'll get you home soon," he murmured, moving his hand away.

Castiel blinked slowly, still looking awfully tired. "I don't want t'go home…" he mumbled, eyelids drooping.

Dean let out a shaky breath and squeezed Castiel's hand again. "Not that home, Cas. My home," he informed him, letting his smile widen slightly, "You can come live with me."

It took the angel a few seconds to register what Dean had said, his brow furrowing. "You 'dopted me?" He managed, his head tilting to the side slightly.

Dean's smile grew and he nodded slowly. "Yeah- you're my angel now," he murmured.

"But.. M'not an angel anymore…" Castiel murmured as his eyes drifted shut, unable to support their weight anymore.

Dean swallowed and didn't reply, unable inform the angel differently as he fell asleep once again.

Castiel stayed in the hospital for a total of three days before Dean was allowed to take him home. During that time, Dean had only snuck away when Castiel slept, managing to get some food, clean clothes, and shower.

When it was announced that Castiel could go home the next day, the angel's face lit up and he threw his arms around his nurse, a girl he had quickly found a liking for after she had given him a lollipop on his second day there. Dean grinned and ruffled the angel's hair, the nurse laughing along as well. "Alright, get some rest, Castiel," she instructed him with a smile, prying herself from the angel's grip to doodle some things down on her clipboard, "I'll be back in the morning discharge you."

After his nurse had left, Castiel turned to Dean and threw his arms around his neck, burying his face in his shoulder and giving his injured wing a jerky flap. The bandages on it had since been removed to reveal a choppy and uneven wing, several areas missing their feathers to reveal the black shaft of his wing.

Dean smiled and patted the angel on the back, avoiding his areas of injury. "We're going home, Cas," he murmured with a grin, receiving a purr of appreciation from the angel.

The next day, after needles and bandages were removed, papers were signed, and instructions were given, Castiel and Dean walked out of the hospital, hand in hand, the angel smiling widely and his owner glancing down at him with a grin.

Dean reached down and picked up Castiel, letting him wrap an arm around his neck as they walked down the street, returning to his house without a care in the world. The angel continued to smile broadly, letting his head rest against Dean's shoulder as they made their way to his new home, his mangled wing draped over his back.

It took them a few minutes to reach Dean's house, and a few seconds longer for Dean to wrestle his keys out of his pocket, but when the door opened, Castiel's face lit up and Dean grinned at him. "Welcome home, Cas," he purred, "Welcome home.