This is is a short chapter where the majority of it is sex. Hope you enjoy.

*Shepard. You have a new recruit. You and I said you could pick your own membres, but nothing about me adding to it occasionally. Mr Leighton Darcy. He's currently at the training section D-24. He comes at my recommendation. Get him, now. I'm sending over a dossier for an important mission soon. D-24* Shepard had woken up 30 minutes ago. Tired from the night before he ate some breakfast, cleaned himself up and got dressed before reading his messages.

"Leighton… Darcy…" He mumbled, stood in the middle of his room, ready to eject from the ship and retrieve him. Seconds later he threw his arm to his side and stepped out from his chambers. Conspicuously empty he travelled down to the lower floor and found his team huddled around the Lawson sisters chatting without interruption.

As he got to the airlock, Oriana caught his eye and did nothing but stare as she was hit with a barrage of confused emotions.

"I'll be back soon, everyone."

As they all turned around to recognise their Commander he had dissapeared through the airlock into the citadel.

*20 minutes later*

Shepard was in the largest training section. D-24. An enormous open chamber that can simulate the state of any known planet. Adjust gravity. Air density. It can remove air nearly completely. Flood it with water or methane and drain it through the floors.

Leighton darcy was just another soldier stood among his comrades in a "field" of grass, about a minute's jog from the big 100 man hanger elevator entrance and exit.

"Leighton Darcy." Shepard said looking up from his golden name badge. "I've been looking for you."

"Commander Shepard." The young man replied respectfully.

"You're the prodigy, are you?"

The boy said nothing.

"Where are you from soldier?"

"London. England. Sir."

"Military history?" Shepard asked.

"I applied when I was 20. I went on my first mission when I was 21. And from then they kept me on a training program… I'm 26 now."

"Take this." Shepard unclipped his pistol from his hip, flipped it around in his hand so he was holding the barrel and offered the handle to the soldier. Without any hesitation or warning, Shepard unshackled a thermal clip from his belt and hurled it into the air. The soldier with expert precision lifted the gun, looked along his arm and the sights and with one shot, popped open the aerial thermal clip. A spray of harmless sparkly, grey thermal paste exploded mid air but fizzled out before it hit the ground.

"What was that?!" A deep voice shook in the room.

Shepard awaited the confrontation with his hands behind his back. An angry commander, a scowl on his face stormed up the isle of soldiers.

"Target practice, sir." Shepard said calmly before looking him in the eye and reaching behind his belt. That put the commander of this team on edge. He dipped his eyebrows down and put his right hand on his hip near his gun. Shepard undid another shackle and removed the thermal clip. He leaned backwards, with his arm extended behind him and launched the clip far into the distance.

Again the soldier. Silently lifted his gun up, trained his sights just below the quickly diminishing object and pulled the trigger. It popped mid air and splattered its innards upon the grasslands.

"Target practice." Shepard said again.

"I could do that..." Someone in the crowd of soldiers mumbled.

"Carry on." The commander said as the scowl receded.

"That was very good." Shepard said to the new recruit.

"Thank you."

"I have been informed that you are my latest recruit."

Leighton's eyes widened and his fellow soldiers leaned out from formation to look at the two of them.

"I'm in your team? On the…"

"Well… It's the Black Rain now. Which is classified!" He shouted to the rest of the team peering at him in disbelief. "But yes… It would be the Normandy. It IS my team."

"Now?" Leighton asked.

"At this moment, soldier. Welcome to the team." Shepard extended his hand and firmly shook it. "I believe I have a ship to introduce you to. She may not be the Normandy, but she's a fine vessel for the time being."

Leighton walked away from the formation with the glares of his team bearing down upon him.

"Commander!" Shepard shouted. "I'm taking your best soldier. I hope you're alright with that."

"What?!" He shouted storming back around to face him when his omni tool alerted him. He took a look at it silently for about 5 seconds before in a most agitated fashion dismissed Mr Darcy.

"Thank you Commander." Shepard said.

"So, Leighton... Tell me about yourself."


The crowds in the black rain had disbanded into the citadel. Miranda was looking at the panel of adverts plastered against the side of a container when joker rolled up beside her.

"Miranda…" He need not say any more. She saw his expression and her shoulders slumped downwards.

"Joker… Joker, we've got a mission in one hour. A big mission. Did you get the briefing?"


"Joker… Listen." She squatted in front of him and rested her hand on his knee. "We rescued EDI from a…" She whispered "…" and returned to normal volume "... company. She'll have functions that can help you! You won't need me anymore!"

"Miranda, she offered. She knows my health record and offered. It's weird and it's… It's wrong. I don't like it. It was painful too for the seconds I let her do it! And I can't risk a… A what, 2 tonne machine collapsing on top of me!" Miranda took her hand from his knee and stood up. "Just… Once more. One more time. And I swear that's it! I just need to get it all out. The last times didn't do it!"

Miranda looked down at him with her mouth gaped. "No. I don't care that's it's scary getting… by a robot. She's built for it. Use it."

"Miranda. I'm in pain-"

"No, not that again! You've used that excu…" Miranda looked around and noticed all the faces looking at her.

"Pleeease!" Joker half whispered. "Just think about it from my point of view."

Internally Miranda screamed *FUCK* as she stomped her left foot and folded her arms. The crowds were still looking at the both of them.

"It will take one more good go and then it will take ages to refill back up… Ages!"

Miranda kicked his wheel to some tutting from the crowd and stormed away. "Follow me." She commanded.

Out the door and down the hall, Miranda looked at the floor and navigated the level with Joker wheeling close behind.

"Joker." She said one minute later and spinning around to face him. "This time, were getting it all out of you. Every drop, ok? Every ounce. We're leaving you empty. Understood?"

Joker couldn't believe his luck. He nodded reactionarily but actually confirmation would come later.

Miranda looked to her right. They were deep within the medical unit, and down the hall were steel doors that lead into high security medical offices. The first along the floor, the one Miranda suggested they enter, was empty, judging by the 0 on the screen beside the door.

Miranda tapped the blue button and the steel entrance opened to a padded decontamination room.

Within the next minute Joker was whipped out from his chair, decontaminated along with Miranda and walked through the hall slowly, stopping regularly for security checks by the automated system.

But soon they wound up in the pristine, white, perspex and leather room. Tables and cabinets lined the walls as did bottles of chemicals and operating equipment. They looked about for a few seconds before remarking at the big black outline in the middle of the room.

"Idea." Miranda said squatting down and feeling for the outline. "I worked in HSO's before. I can operate this room." At that moment she pressed downwards on the outline and slowly, up rose from the floor a thin table, about the width of a person with straps dangling to the floor.

"Get undressed." She commanded to Joker as she lowered the table a little and the flaps on the floor closed to cover up the hole the rising table left.

"You're going to strap me down?"

"You want me to relieve you? You do it my way." She looked at him and his concerned expression. "... I was joking… Just get undressed, I'm not kneeling down in front of you in your wheelchair.

"...Ok…" He said briskly, standing up and slowly taking his clothes off and laying them on his chair.

"I swear to bloody god. The last time."

"I know, I know." He said taking his trousers off.

"Say it."

"This is the last time."

Miranda remained silent, she had everything prepared, she simply stood and awaited for him to undress. And soon he was. She offered a hand in his direction and patted the leather table at knee level.

"No… I can do it…" Joker assured her. He carefully walked over to the operating table and lay on his back. He kicked his legs to the side and slid down the bench, so his backside was at the hilt of the seat.

Miranda stood to the side and looked him in the eye as he settled.

"What are we going to do about your… Release? Joker."

He looked a little agitated. "I… I don't know. I thought maybe you knew someth…"

She sighed and put her hands on her hips. "No. I don't have any idea. We'll just have to mop it up. There are towels over there." She pointed in the corner.

Joker's heart was pounding in his chest, his eyes glued to her body and his member dying to be released from the constraints of his boxers. Miranda could see the vacancy behind his eyes as he failed to comprehend anything she was saying. She coughed and smiled at the ridiculousness of the whole situation as she strutted between his legs and asked, "Ready?"

"I… I am… Ready."

Miranda nodded and shut her eyes for a moment before leaning over him, and with a little help from Joker, prepared to pull his underwear off his legs and onto the floor. But without any intervention from either of them, the stitching of his boxers surrendered to his massive, desperate, throbbing cock and burst out from the seams, piercing through the fabric.

Vein erupting, throbbing, red and strained, his thick and meaty, 9 inch long cock towered up and begged to be relieved.

Miranda blew out her cheeks and released the air slowly, bearing down over his member, her hands on her hips. She could see the pent up pressure in his balls and shaft. His tip, wider, fatter and juicier than his shaft had a slight glaze of clear precum that somehow managed to leak past his guard. His balls and shaft, swollen and red, thumping and throbbing, covered in veins, he was in clear desperate need to be releaved.

"Well, ok, here we go... Sit back and relax, Joker." Miranda ordered. Before ripping apart his pants and throwing them on the table.

She took a step back as joker lay his head flat against the leather behind him and felt all his body heat and muscle tension travel to his cock and balls.

In 5 seconds flat, Miranda was naked, her clothes in a pile on the floor.

"Are you watching?" She said.

Joker lifted his head up and his heart sunk into his chest as he gazed upon Miranda's most magnificent form. She turned around and his eyes locked onto her luscious, thick, deep, juicy, bubble butt that jiggled around with every little movement. She stood her legs close together and swung her palms around and impacted her bum cheeks with them. It sent ripples of ass up to her back. She then dug her fingers into her flesh and massaged it, displaying just how deep, thick and fat her tight bum was. She then slipped a finger into the crevice where her bubble butt met her leg and rounded out from her body. With that leverage she lifted the large mass of her juicy bum and dropped it, again and again it dropped and jiggled back into place.

"...Fuck..." Joker breathed heavily as he felt all sensation, body heat and mass travel into his member. His entire body was numb as his balls filled and his cock throbbed.

"We're just getting your balls to work for me. Build up and chamber all that ejaculate we need out. Then when it's ready, we'll pump it." She said as she continued to massage and slap her thick, tight, ass.

Joker couldn't resist himself, he travelled his hand up to his shaft and gripped it. "H... How do when it's ready?"

Miranda stepped her legs apart and spread her ass cheeks to the side, presenting her pale, clean white, crack, pink asshole, and pussy. She then let them go, her cheeks bounced and jiggled back into place.

At that point another surge of energy poured into his sex, a little overflowing and some precum dripped out from his tip.

Miranda turned around to face joker and answer him when she saw his raging, bulging balls and and veiny, pulsing cock, straining, begging to be released.

Miranda almost chokes on her own spit. "... That needs to happen." She pointed at the clear liquid dripping down his straining shaft. "I… It looks angry." She chuckled nervously.

She slowly stepped forward playing with her fingers. "Shall I... Start?" She asked.

Joker looked up, saw Miranda naked and threw his head back against the pillow. "Oh my god... Yes..."

The next thing he knew her soft hand cradled his sensitive meat and his throbbing balls.

His heart sped up and he began to breathe deeper. He periodically looked up at Miranda, reaffirming who it actually was holding his cock.

"So, Joker. I'm going to need for you to tell me when you're about to finish, ok? I'm serious. It's important."

"Y... Yes... Ok..."

Miranda wasted little time, one hand massaging the balls and the other stroking the shaft softly, she swished her tongue about her mouth and took a long sloppy lick from base to tip. Her tongue danced over the hot veins and pressed into his warm, meaty shaft.

"Oh my god..." Joker moaned

She then took one hand and attached it to the tip. Sensitive, purple, throbbing and juicy she massaged it to the elevated moans of Joker. The next step in Miranda's plan was to suck on his shaft.

She tilted her head to the right and opened her mouth wide. The thickness of it touched the corners of her mouth as she slid up and down painting it with her saliva.

The veins, the meat, the warmth, the fat juicy tip gave miranda an undeniable but wholly unwelcomed sense of honrnyness that she tried to contain. But little good did that effort do, her sucking on his shaft became harder and louder. Occasionally she'd pull away and her eyes would be fixed upon his beating member, her mouth watered and she would dive back in for another long hard kiss of his meat.

As well as her mouth her hand was still working and so was jokers voice box. As she rubbed and squeezed his cock head he moaned louder and louder.

Then suddenly, without warning, Miranda took her mouth from him and instead vacuumed his big fat balls into her mouth for a massaging. She then took her two hands and together they pumped his cock but twisting on each pump in opposite directions.

"Oh, fuck! Miranda..."

Both balls filled her mouth to capacity. Soft and meaty she sucked and massaged them with her tounge, the heat from them warming up her already warm and sloppy mouth.

She pumped and sucked and pumped and sucked until eventually and to some discreet annoyance on her part she felt a little drop of precum drip dance down her fingers.

She immediately stopped. She ejected the balls from her mouth and released his shaft mid pound. She shut her eyes for a moment as she let the unwanted and unhelpful feeling simmer down. Joker too clamped his eyes shut and bucked his hips up.

"Fuuck." He moaned. "Don't stop!"

"Joker I told you to tell me when you're about to finish... I felt precum"

Joker said nothing as he rubbed his face and sighed.

"We've just built up some... Ejaculate. We now wait a bit and get you to want to finish again, that builds up more and in the end you'll release it all in one big go." Miranda stood up, leaving his twitching, red, throbbing, cock all alone, sobbing precum. "You just need to tell me next time. I'm bloody serious."

"I'm... I'm sorry... In the moment I just could stop myself."

"I don't care. Next time you say you're about to go, ok?"

"Sorry... I will"

One minute of awkward conversation passed until Miranda noticed Joker's cock return to a normal, solid state.

"Get up." She ordered suddenly.

Joker looked up as he lifted his torso and stood on the floor. His chest sunk once more as he feasted his eyes upon Miranda's gorgeous form. Her beautiful face, and toned body. He just stared for a few moments.

Miranda looked back and chuckled to herself. She grabbed two handfuls of ass and smooshed them around.

"Ready?" She asked walking to a Perspex wall about 6 feet ahead of them and hit a button. To the sound of light whirring within the walls a large sturdy operating table unfolded from the wall and locked into place.

"Perfect height." She commented. "Come here."

She hopped up on the table in a squatting position on her tiptoes. As she looked down at the table assuming joker was behind her, she gave him a command.

"Ok... Hold your penis at a 70 degree angle."

Silently, joker followed the orders and with two fingers lifted his tip up to approximately what Miranda requested. He could hardly contain his thoughts as mind zipped about in his head, the realisation of what Miranda had done and was about to do not quite sinking in.

He almost went blank as he wrestled with his thoughts of honestly being allowed to get his member sucked my Miranda.

But his senses returned as he realised that Miranda had just reached behind her, held onto his hips and was sinking his cock into her.

Seconds later he found himself completely sheathed inside Operative Miranda Lawson's most perfect pussy.

He suddenly found himself flooded with sensations as he finally got to know what it was like inside of her precious, soft pussy.

Soft, wet and warm, his teased and tortured cock found a resting place of pure, unalderated, ecstasy in her snug walls.

"Ooooooh my god!" Joker cried looking down at the Australian beauty, tightly bent over, knees to breasts, on her tip toes, accepting with grace and warmth, Joker's desperate meat.

Miranda's compressed her chest as she exhaled in an attempt to control her breathing. Her mind on the mission and nothing but the mission, she used her thighs to lift her hips from the raging cock and slowly dip back down onto it.

Joker simply stood and watched as in this odd position, Miranda gently caressed him with her heavenly pussy. The bumps and twists and turns through her velvet walls against his burning, hot cock.

Joker could feel his balls begin to work. They were beginning to tighten and pulse.

Miranda could only go so fast in this frog like position, but as to not hurt his bones it was the best she could do.

She attempted as well she could to distract herself from the feeling of his cock plunging into her softly. She did extremely complicated mathematics, she tried to confuse herself by inventing perpetual motion devices and it worked to an extent.

But on one up thrust she took it slightly too high and felt the fat, juicy tip of his cock flick her g-spot inside.

"AH!" She popped aloud. Quickly, to avoid any greater pleasure she seeped him all back inside. The g-spot and the subsequent deep penetration caused Miranda to shudder and breathe deeply.

"Sorry... It just... Hurt..." She lied about the pleasure he gave her.

"What?!" Joker said, concerned. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her during this performance.

"No, no it's fine. Forget it..." She then took to sliding back up his cock, secretly awaiting another shot of orgasmic ecstasy through her body.

"Miranda I don't want to hurt you!"

"Forget... UGH... IT." As his tip grazed her g-spot once more she found herself a little more prepared and only grunted mid sentence.

She lingered around that area, most of his shaft breathing the air of the room as she took to massaging her g-spot with the fat lip of his cock head.

As the feeling went on, it became more manageable.

"Oh my god..." Joker cried.

Miranda winced and bit her lip as to not shout, the sensation running through her body. She didn't even try to lie to herself that she was enjoying it this time. Just as long as she could hide it from Joker.

The sheer sight of Miranda Lawson's pale, naked body, hunched over on her tiptoes, her backside spread wide open yet still jiggling as the cheeks were separated, was throwing joker over the edge.

She sunk back down on his cock and squeezed it with her muscles.

Again and again she used her theighs to lift her waist form his throbbing, member and back down until eventually, Joker's moans bacame suspiciously loud.

"I'm going to finish! Oh my god I'm going to finish!"

*FUCK* Miranda screamed in her head as she needed to pull up from his fat cock and await another round.

She pulled up and off, leaving joker standing there, his cock wet, red, desperate and jolting up and down as his muscles contracted and pulled. He shut his eyes and clenched his fists.

Miranda spun around to face him and gently sat back down on the table, her legs dangling off the end. As she looked up from his tortured, burning, red, precum crying cock up to his tensed expression, she simply said. "I agree." as she concealed her orgasmic sensations and honrnyness and awaited for them to disappear into the recesses of her mind once more.

For the next minute or so, Miranda had hopped off the table and was giving herself an internal pep talk. *I can't let him bloody EVER think he's causing me pleasure. What is wrong with you Miranda! Yeah he fills you up well, he's thick and fat, but you can get that with Shepard...* it continued and continued until her regular patrol of the room winded her up next to joker sitting on the Perspex table, his cock stiff, but no longer, red, and dying to cum.


"Y... Yes..." He replied.

"Ok. Get up on the table and lie flat."

And so he did, his member standing vertically. She climbed back on and straddled him in a squatting position. Hoping this time she can avoid any pleasure.

"Hold it up." She requested.

She then lowered herself back down until she softly connected his pelvis with her bum.

Being buried inside her once more, joker clawed and the table and moaned. Her soft, pink velvet pussy being spread apart by a thick, meaty cock, Miranda knew she was going to find it difficult to avoid pleasure.

She pulled up and stopped just before her g-spot and came back down softy.

Again and again, up and down, feeling the bumps and veins and twists as she caressed his cock.

"Is this ok?" She asked.

"It's.. Amazing..." He replied.

That annoyed Miranda, and brought her to another battle in her mind as she presented him with her milky, thick bum and fucked him.

*why should he get to be the only one who feels good?! I am doing ALL the work... People have offered 1000's just to see my arse in a picture and I just offer it to him on a silver platter and get nothing in return?!*

Angrily, Miranda reach over the table to a counter where she grabbed a towel and shoved it in her mouth and bit it. The expression on her face one of urgency and disdain, she quickly pulled up from his cock and rubbed his fat tip incessantly on her g-spot.

"GRMMM." She moaned into the towel as the lip of his cock head flicked with perfect accuracy at her g-spot.

She squeezed his tip with her walls and pleasured it greatly as her looming bum flicked up and down in Joker's face.

"MMMMM..." It sparked up inside her and rode up her spine.

"You know..." Joker tried to speak as he was being fucked by Miss Miranda Lawson biting a towel and trying to conceal pleasure. "You are allowed to hit my pelvis. As long as you hit straight down and don't move it around a lot." He had noticed Miranda only paying attention to the head of his cock and avoiding the pelvis to, he assumed, avoid hurting him.

Miranda winced and bit her towel as the pleasure from the g-spot was becoming repetitive.

"... Hmm?!" She moaned quizzically into her towel.

"I said, you can... Oh my god... UGH... I said you can hit my pelvis, as long as you don't move it around a lot. Hit it as hard as you like..." He threw his head back and gripped the table.

Miranda contemplated for a few moment, halting still. "If you're sure, Joker." She said

Miranda slowly raised her hips up the length of his member, leaving behind a sloppy coating of white cream and like a piston plunging down a well oiled cylinder, her looming, thick, pale ass came crashing down. She swallowed up his member and squeezed his burning cock with her muscles.

Joker was finally getting the full effect of what Miranda can do.

As she plummeted and her fleshed impacted him ripples of her bum traveled up to her back. A loud, sharp smack accompanied by Miranda humming to conceal her pleasure and joker moaning, the table they were performing on shook and rattled.

She spat the towel out and hissed at the pleasure. Caring was long gone. She was going to get some pleasure out of this by any means. She didn't care anymore if he finally came to learn that she was a screamer.

Miranda's moaning turned to an open mouth mumble as she let the shock wave of a fat cock filling her up completely run it course through her body. She shut her eyes and simply sat, peacefully, squatted and sheithing Jokers veiny member as he cried out and rolled his eyes back.

Miranda had hoped that at this point the sensation of pounding his excruciating meat would have subsided and she could return to mindlessly bringing him to climax, but that wasn't the case. The stinging, the thrilling sensation of being utterly packed with cock consumed her body. She was hunched over and jiggled her hips back and forth a little, the feeling of her walls being pressed against causing her to shudder.

"Are you ok, Joker?" She asked, breathlessly.

Jokers sighing only turned louder and his breathing deeper as he tried to speak.

Miranda felt a little creaking in him as she hit his pelvis, but as the burning travelled up her neck and her juices began to flow she lifted her hips up and as she flopped down again and her flesh rippled she forgot all about his bones.

The cock plunging her insides, she cried in a high pitch, uncontrollably "GU-AH!"

Only a few miliseconds later, among the yells of Joker and stinging and hot feelings of ecstasy, Miranda reached a point similar to where she was bringing Joker too. All the built up energy and need to cum needed a release from within her too. "Joker... Please hold the table..."

The warning was most certainly needed. She began to no longer just flop her hips up and down, she fucked him so hard that the shift in body weight caused her heels to lift off the floor.

She leant more on her left hand and used the right to massage her clit. Her eyes lifted a few degrees up as she jostled the quickly engorging nub around between her fingers.

Mid flicking she cried out from deep down in her throat. "UAAAGH!" Every hard, loud pound of her ass down through his meaty cock bent the hinges in the wall holding the table. Her entire body weight smashed into him. She was taking everything she could, fucking him as wildly as possible and was unashamedly enjoying it. "UGAAH! GOD!" She changed tactic from flicking to rubbing and pressing as she used her index finger and thumb to more directly affect her most sensitive part.

Again she filled herself up with cock and took a second between the other pound to enjoy the feeling of being packed to capacity. "UGH. FUCK."

Joker noticed in the feeling in the tip of his cock upon the next crashing down of thick, milky, ass, Miranda twitched inside.

She flopped her hips down again, her thick, pale, bum, and juicy cheeks jiggling about and looming over him, consuming his vision. She twitched again as she cried sharply. "AH! FUCK! FUCK!"

Joker tensed and scratched at the table. The white perspex they were fucking on shaking and rattling at her hard, juicy pounding.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK!" She began to twitch and her clit engorged further, its sensitivity growing with it.

She finally began to let his tip dent her g-spot as she lifted just high enought to reach it. Her pleasure was multiplying. "OH MY GOD MY FUCKING G-SPOT! NO ONE HAS EVER HIT IT BEFORE"

She flopped up and down again, bounding and shaking the table, her feet almost leaving the perspex. "AH FUCK FUCK! Joker I think I'M GOING TO CUM!" She shook her body and twitched. "JOKER FUCK!"

She lifted to the tip, through her g-spot and where her pussy lips stroked the throbbing cock head. "FUCK FUCK! CUM... I'M GOING TO..." She slapped her clit with all four fingers and fucked his throbbing meat like a piston.

"AAAAAH, GOD I'M CUMMING!" Her pounding became more and more jolty and twitchy with every plummet.

Jokers mind went blank, he felt a sudden swelling in his balls and cock as Miranda screams rang in his ears and she squirted on the table.

"GRRRR-AAAH... GOD! UUUUH" Every time Miranda rose up Joker's shaft the mass of her bum shifted upwards towards her back.

Joker could see, it wasn't just the table she was squirting over, but she was creaming down his cock in waves.

Her walls clamped down on him. Every muscle in her body tensed stiffly. "AAAAAGGGH! BLOODY HELL! I'M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!"

Joker shuddered and Miranda took one last hard thump of her hips down his cock followed by a scream as Joker's member swelled and throbbed deep inside her. "AAAAAH JOKER! FUCK! YOU FILL ME UP SO FUCKING WELL! I LOVE YOUR BLOODY COCK!"

"UGH... M... MIRANDA I'M GOING TO CUM..." Joker felt more comfortable to scream in the company of Miranda's screams echoing in the room.

She sat on his cock for a few moments and collapsed to her shins as her eyes rolled forward from her skull and she returned to her senses. Dull and consumed in a warm glow, Miranda had little energy to hop off and stop him from cumming. Instead she said through heavy breathing, "...Good..." And heaved herself off his length with quivering arms and splattered on the table infront of him face down.

She lay tired, her knees at his theighs and kicking her feet around lazily.

"Uh... UUGH... Miranda... What the fuck? UGH GOD!" Joker twitched and winced as his cock left creamy, wet and alone from her warm, tight, thrusting embrace.

"Play with me until I get the energy to... To go again. I bet we've almost got it all ready to leave you." Miranda sighed into the perspex table.

Joker took a second as he silently raged and needed to cum. It was torture. But eventually it subsided and his eyes opened and he looked down at Miranda laying naked infront of him. Her big, thick, juicy ass wobbling around with each shake of her leg.

"I... I need to cum soon..." Joker said before shuffling forward. He grabbed Miranda's thighs and smacked them together before kneeling over where her big pale bum met her legs. He took a deep breath and smacked his fat bulbous tip into her cheeks, savouring the feeling as it sunk softly into her pale flesh. Her, big, milky, round bum jiggling, and denting with the slightest contact from his heavy, fat, cock flopping sloppily on her cheeks, spreading around the white creamy cum from her pussy.

As Joker knelt across her thighs, massaging her ass with his cock, occasionally softly rubbing it between her extremely deep cheeks and watching it disappear as her crack gobbled it up in its tight, muggy grip, his mind began to wander. He settled into his position and the realisation of what he was doing hit him.

For the first time ever she gave him full access to her ass. He adjusted his eyes and paid more attention to her cheeks. He dug his fingers in and pushed her bum around and watched it bounce back into place. "Oh… God…" He whispered to himself. He looked around more extensively. Up Miranda's back, realising he's actually looking at Miranda Lawson naked. Her hair splayed across her back, some strands stuck together with sweat. Then he looked back down at his naked cock, erect and pounding to cum popping up from Miss Miranda Lawson's very own crack and resting against her cheeks. "Oh… God…"

At that moment a quick red light flashed in the corner, illuminating the beads of sweat across Miranda's back and swipes of juices across her ass.

"Oh my god. Joker stop!" Miranda twisted her neck and looked at him.

His fingers currently dug deep inside her bum, he said "I'm almost there!". He then spread her big, thick cheeks apart and rested his throbbing member against her asshole and began thrusting up between them.

"No, Joker! Stop! Where are you going to cum?! Joker someone's coming!"

Joker was unable to control himself. All that cum they had been building up was knocking at the door and ready to break through, just a little longer. He began to breath deeply and shut his eyes periodically.

"Joker…" She said after taking a breath and calming herself. "Joker… Whoever that is, is approximately 1 minute away. And the walk down the hallway is about 20 seconds, passing the checks." Joker was too busy squeezing and slapping and fucking her cheeks to climax to reply even with a look. "Do you think you can cum in that time?"

Joker took a moment, looking away from her jiggling bum to her face. It hit him again. Who he had fucked. Who screamed the house down and came on his cock. Who it was who was letting him do this to their ass. Miranda Lawson. Professional, untouchable, stern and relatively famous Miss Miranda Lawson and her most recognisable asset, her big, juicy bum.

He thrusted and spanked her. He Squeezed and massaged her. And just when the light in the corner of the room flashed green, signalling the final decontamination was in process he finally he reached his limit.

"Joker, we don't have tim..." Miranda tried to state before she was cut off by a loud groan.

The sensation was borderline painful. All the cum from his balls that he and Miranda riled up and prepared for unloading he could feel stacking up in his shaft, and bulging in his sack. Like a surge of electricity pulsing through his form, his entire body save his cock and balls numbed.

Joker groaned and pulled his fat meat from the grips of Miranda's warm ass and smacked the tip on her right cheek where the force of his slap against her flesh jolted the guard in his shaft and accompanied by a yell, a big, thick, warm load shot out like a shotgun at point blank range into her cheek.

He roared again, his member and balls swelling and contracting and bursting at the seams with cum. He was consumed in a warm, earth shattering glow as the sensations in his body dulled and his cock enraged. Another enormous load splattered into her cheek. Miranda quickly jumped out from under him.

"Oh shit!" She moaned as she slid her legs out and stood facing him. His arms shaking around his member, unable to control his muscles under such orgasmic stress. She stood for a fraction of a second as she made a decision. "Oh, Joker... Fuck! Get it all out now. Quickly, get everything out!"

She then dropped to her knees and swiped jokers legs into a sitting position and dangling of the table either side of her. She then took to violently pumping the enraged member, urgent to empty every drop of cum he had build up in his balls and as quickly as possible.

One hand gripping his contracting balls and the other torturing his cock head, pumping mercilessly.

In the moment Miranda found herself in, not thinking and simply reacting through memory, she allowed the burning cock she was pumping so vigorously to aim directly at her face. And in just half a second, as she pounded it hard and fast, a long, thick, stream of fat, soupy cum shot out from his tip and smacked into her concerned expression.

"Come on, get it out, get it out!" She yelled, utterly unfazed by the enormous load impacting her face from eyes to lips, as if it wasn't even happening.

She compressed his fat, horny, desperate balls in her hand and squeezed his cock, feeling the thumping of his heart through his thick veins all across his shaft.

As she ran his balls in her hands she plummeted her other fist to the base and ran it back up, the slight changes in thickness in his long, fat cock allowing her middle finger and thumb to nearly make contact nearer the tip and base.

When her hand hit the tip she squeezed and twisted it before plunging her fist back down and repeating the hard, cum urging procedure.

"O-AH GOD! MIRANDA!" Joker roared.

Another two loads had shot out at this point in his orgasm. Miranda's unforgiving method of extracting cum was effective, but a little painful. Her unflinching, dedicated expression was being battered with long, thick, soupy load after another,

Pump after hard pump Joker's backed up cum shot out at a high velocity, massive sticky white loads painting her face like a canvas, when suddenly the light in the corner turned off.

"Joker, he's coming! Are you done?!" She asked with urgency as another fat load came flying into her face. He wasn't replying. He had hardly taken a breath since his first cum load into her bum cheek. "Joker… Joke… Fuck! Cum! Get it out! NOW JOKER! PUSH!"

Joker's yells turned louder as he tensed and pushed and thrusted forward slightly

Miranda's expression turned to a scowl as she quickly released his balls, gripped his base and ran it up the bumpy, veiny shaft and with the other hand she pounded just the tip. Gripping tightly on the sensitive, squishy, fat, purple head she twisted and stroked.

And it worked.

Her anxious, and slightly agitated face was pummeled with ropes of pent up, thick cum. She looked directly into the slit in his tip as it violently whipped about from her pumps and unloaded like a bullet into her cute, pale face.

"Cum Joker, CUM!" She cried, spluttering through the loads coating her lips as Joker continued to unleash a torrent of soupy white liquid across her face.

"Are you finished yet?!" She cried. The identity checks were beginning in the hall. Miranda bit her lip and thought for a moment just as another load came impacting her face and dripped off onto her breasts in a mixture of other soupy loads. She had little idea just how drenched she was becoming.

Pump. Squeeze. Lift. Twist. Pump. Squeeze. Lift. Twist. And repeat. Miranda's technique was emptying joker at a quick pace. Behind the mask of cum she was wearing the whipping meaty cock head continued to shoot more in her direction.

"Joker, finish! For fuck's sake! How the hell are you cumming this much?!" His balls were churning, his stomach tensed and his mouth open, moaning.

More loads cranked out from his balls up his shaft and into her face. It was as efficient as a conveyor belt. Not only was he ejecting numerous loads, but each one was enormously thick and gooey. Each an idyllic, white soupy load, full of semen. The most perfect, healthy, fertile loads of cum one could imagine. The kind of people would pay for. And she was drowning in it.

But finally. Through his balls, he began to present Miranda with less and less liquid. Only 4 more ropes, diminishing each time hit her face before the rest dribbled out of the tip.

She squeezed the balls one more time and pumped the base for what seemed to be one good final load.

Diminishing, too was Miranda's hands. Her pumps became slower, she less enthusiastically twisted and pulled when finally she dropped her hand to the floor.

"Joker!... Shit!" Joker fell backwards on the table, his eyes closed shut. "Joker… UGH!" Miranda heaved him off the table in a hurry and dropped him to the floor. "I can't fucking see!" She said, shaking her head and feeling thick loads of cum flying off her face onto the floor. She fumbled for a specific cabinet she noted earlier and opened the door that turned out to be a long hall of continuous storage space with doors lining the outside. "Get… In" She moaned lifting his legs and arms into the space.

It was damn near time for the door to open and whoever it was to walk through. She quickly scrambled for her clothes around the room, folded Joker's chair up and threw them onto joker before diving in another door and shutting them all.

Silently she slid herself backwards up the the wall. The height of the storage space was just enough to sit slouched.

The doors swooshed open, and a man's footsteps became louder as he otherwise silently walked around the lab.

Miranda remained calm and brought up her night vision camera on her omni tool to take a look at herself.

She used two fingers and wiped as much of it from her left eye as possible and tried her best to quickly get a look at herself before more slid down from her forehead into place.

Drenched was an understatement. She had a thick, gooey, white liquid covering every millimeter of her face. She looked the subject of a 25 man bukkake. Even her chest took some, likely surplus cum from her face. Her plump lips took a coating that slowly poured like lava into her mouth every time she spoke. Her cheeks, her neck, her hair masked in soupy loads of cum from a tortured thick cock and bulging, swollen balls she so masterfully emptied.

Miranda heard the stranger in the room mumble in a confused tone. 2 seconds later and the table she and Joker were on folded away buzzing aloud.

*Shit.* Miranda thought to herself.

Then without warning or sound the door closest to Miranda opened. The light from the room blinded her, the bloom filling her vision and mixing with the cum. She lifted an arm to cover her eyes as she hissed from the shock.

"M… Miss Lawson?!"