(P.S. We're resizing Shepard's penis to something we'll keep as standard. We have never really paid attention to it before... 10 inches - Length. 7 inches - Girth)... (Also, as I got into the story, I wanted to make up for the lack of a sex scene last chapter. So there are two... Kind of. I realised how long this chapter was getting, so I just decided to shorten it - (a sex scene and some of the story in general). You understand. If I had written how everything how I hoped I had the patience for, it would have been 20000 words easily, but I just wanted to get it out. So there are a few *- Minutes later* more than I think you'll find belong. I can only apologise. The sex scene however... Just read it."

Miranda and Shepard stood amongst the crowds, hand in hand and rushed back through the horde of customers, back up the steps and into the dim alleyway.

"We're equipped with guns, now... Drinks?" Miranda asked

"New clothes" Shepard replied


"Sir, Ma'am, Commander Shepard and Miranda Lawson have arrived again. Reports say they recently equipped themselves with powerful weaponry."


Miranda, slightly inebriated walked side by side, down a dim ally way, completely lost. When suddenly. The scrape of metal boots approached behind them. before Shepard or Miranda had a second to react. Black.

Miranda was lifted from the floor by two nameless, faceless thugs dressed in simple padded clothing, strikingly similar to Shepard's, besides their ominous face masks, having no effect other than concealing their identity behind a black, convex sheet of a glass looking material.

Slipping their arms beneath hers and walking ahead, out from the alleyway and towards a car, doors open and prepared for a get away, they threw her in and slammed the door. The car sped off and hid in traffic far above Shepard's head

Shepard was still blacked out, but began to regain consciousness. He heard rumbles of deep voices through the in-built voice changers

"1...2...3..." Was all he could make out. Not a lot of good it did, after the '1' count, he was knocked back asleep.

Shepard was dragged away in a similar fashion to Miranda and driven off in the same direction for just over 10 minutes.

- An unknown amount of time later-

Miranda awoke in a cell, alone. It was a white padded cell, a camera peering down at her laying form, brightly lit and windowless. The only door in the room had what she assumed was a one way mirror at the top, reflecting the elegant pattern on the padded ceiling.

"Aaaww, shit" She groaned, propping herself up against the wall and rubbing her head when she noticed what she was wearing. A baggy beige suit covered in zips. One down the middle, between her legs and up the back, one around her ankles, one around her knees, thighs, waist, belly, under her breasts, collar bone, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, each detaches from the lower part.

As she fiddled with the zips, and pulled on her suit, the camera in the corner of the room spun around in place and began to buzz, not 10 seconds later a man dressed in upper class clothes sombrely walked into the room and began to speak with a voice void of emotion, almost robotically .

"Your possessions have been stripped and returned to the alliance for processing, along with your will and ashes...

"I know what this is." Miranda interrupted and continued to mumble incessantly at a lower volume to herself.

Without disrupting the flow in his voice, he continued, "... A ceremony has been held in your honour and your role in the Systems Alliance; filled."

Without missing a beat, the man left the room, shutting the door behind him.

Miranda leapt up and rushed over to the door, pressing her head and hands against the mirror and attempting to look through. As she guarded her eyes from the light in the room an in the peered into the room ahead, she began to make out objects. A table... Human shaped. Something blue at the end of each limb. And that was all, the rest was an indistinguishable dark mess.


Shepard awoke in a cell, alone. It was a black padded cell, brightly lit and windowless, a disembodied face levitated in the corner, and peered down at his laying body. The only door in the room had what he assumed was a one way mirror at the top, reflecting the ugly pattern on the padded ceiling.

"Aaaww, shit" he groaned, propping himself up against the rough pulsing wall and rubbing his head when he noticed what he was wearing. A baggy red suit with a few zips scattered around. One down the middle, between his legs and up the back.

As he fiddled with the zips, and pulled on his suit, the face in the corner of the room began to scream. It's un-understandable face began to contort. As Shepard focused on the face, he hit a wall in his observation. The face was round- but not too round. slim but not strangely so. His eyes were close together but somehow seemed far apart. It's not resembled a pigs, but upon closer inspection was long and thin. It's hair seemed rough, but looked smooth to the tough. The face Peering down at Shepard exceeded Human comprehension. It was a mesh of all and somehow indescribable. It was indescribably bland, but exciting in it's eccentrically shaped features.

As the face contorted further the walls began to pulse harder, as if a beating heart lived within the walls of his cell.

A man dressed in upper class clothes sombrely walked into the room and began to speak with a voice void of emotion, but tones expressive of his feelings.

"Your possessions have been stripped and returned to the alliance for processing, along with your will and ashes. A ceremony has been held in your honour and your role in the Systems Alliance; filled."

No more said, the man left and shut the door behind him. hazily, Shepard got up and rushed over to the 1 way mirror. pressing his face against it he managed to make out an object in a void. A rectangle... A wall. And that was all.


*BANG* The lights shut off inside Miranda's room, leaving her in pitch black darkness for who knows how long. Time was meaningless there. Nothing ran on any discernible schedule. Food and water wasn't necessarily as Miranda felt hungry nor thirsty at any point. No one came to check on her. An hour felt like a day and a day felt like an hour. Time truly lost it's meaning in the confines of this cell.

This continued for an hour? A day? A week? A month? before the lights came on once more.

*BANG* the electrical circuit were revived to some noise.

Miranda was thrown onto the table and strapped down. One at her shin, one at her biceps, and one across her stomach.

Miranda threw herself around under these restraints, rattling the table and clawing at the suit.

When without warning Miranda's breathing became heavy, her breathing slowed and her heart rate sped up.

The thought of what was about to happen became less intimidating. Almost as if she knew what was going to happen.

out of nowhere, a hand grabbed Miranda's head. Not a second after two hands grabbed a foot each, and almost immediately after a part of the table dropped a left her hips and groin to dip slightly in the newly formed gap of the table.

Slowly a hand unzipped the bad containing her left foot and her right soon after. She kicked around frantically and felt the graze of metal against her toes. Each time she kicked she felt the graze of metal in a new place and closer. It wasn't too long before some gloves grabbed her ankles and held them in place with incredible strength.

Then suddenly the section covering her groin was unzipped with no problems. In two swift motions both ends were unzipped leaving her hips and thighs to relax in the musty air of the room.

Miranda sighed loudly and said in the echo-y chamber "Just do iCCCHT" The sentence was cut off as a big thick cock pierced her lips and sloshed around her wet mouth.

Her bum cheeks were parted to revel her tightly clenched bum hole and the head of a cock almost identical to the one penetrating her mouth rubbed up against it.

Another cock was rubbing slowly against her dainty soft feet.

Slowly but surely, their pace sped up. the head of his cock penetrated her tight asshole. His hands slapped her perky squishy ass. Her throat was beginning to be penetrated, her saliva was building up and sloshing out from her mouth. Her feet were getting worked too, faster and faster this thick cock worked it's way through her soft, small souls.


Miranda suddenly awoke.

A metallicy smell poisoned the air. 7 scattered bodies, limp and heavy, poured blood from the necks. Miranda collapsed to her knees, shaking and strained.

For 5 minutes, Miranda took the time to acclimatise. She wondered around this small, dim room examining all she could. Trying to grasp reality once more.

She walked on over to a dead body, attracted by a crackling voice coming from a radio. She picked it up and listened closely.


Miranda placed the receiver back down gently and rushed around the room frantically, looking for something... Anything to protect herself with.

The guns wouldn't be enough. She noticed a the triggers were locked up against the finger guard. They must have been DNA locked. And the others coming soon, would surly know they would be locked in her hands.

She contained to rush around, from wall to wall, looking for something.

"Why?... Miranda stopped puzzled for a second as she noticed their attire. It was similar to premium civilian attire for retired forces and commanders. Only slightly different. The chest place was padded in a black material. The shoulders were made from sponsored Kelsa Fabric found on Shepard's civilian clothing. Their boots, metal... Unlike Shepard. Their trousers however, had attached exactly the same pockets in the same position.

"GAH!" She shouted her hands covering her ears. It was all too much, she returned to finding a way out

A few seconds later she spotted a small air vent. just enough to perhaps fit in.

She was hit with a wave of relief as her imminent recapture was hopefully over.

As she ran over to a table she noticed some shadowy figures through the dim glass porthole in the door. Reacting quickly, She grabbed for a chair, unfolded it and propped it against the handle and threw some limp dead bodies against the chair for more support.

With some time left she pulled the table across the room. The scraping sound from the table and floor grinding in her ears.

The footsteps got closer. Just as she opened the latch to the air vent, and person ran up and knocked against the door with his body weight. Miranda hurried up into the air vent, her torso now mainly in. She shut her eyes and clambered in with her arms.

The nudging at the door became harder and harder. As Miranda got her groin in too, another body rammed against the door.

*BANG* A shot went through the window, in anger as the grunts of angry weapon wielding criminals echoed in the room.

Eventually, Miranda clambered in. She was unable to shut the vent. She knew it would be obvious that was her way out.

As the crawled forward, finally the door opened.

"FUCK!" Rang up through the vent... "THE VENT!" On of them screamed. "DON'T SHOOT!"... "Fuck..." Miranda crawled faster, and turned left and up as the air vent moved to another level.

Shepard, sat in the corner of the room, with a blank stare, glazing over 9 dead bodies.

As he sat in silence he tapped his foot and noticed a floor board that didn't fit. He reached down and lifted it up, his pistol let off a shot.

*PWANG* hot sharp steel embedded itself in the wall to his left.

He collected his gun from the coffer under the floor and checked it's condition when suddenly.


Shepard cocked his gun and knew he had only 9 shots left

He ran up to the door and checked through the dim window. A blur of what Shepard could make out 4 bodies rushed down a hallway towards the door. In preparation Shepard ran up and grabbed a dead body from the floor.

That's when he noticed their clothing. "What the f..." Shepard took a look at their bodies and remarked at their clothing.

*BANG* The door flung open and cut Shepard's thoughts short and sent him into war mode.

One of the soldiers, Shepard noticed were dress exactly the same as his dead hostage.

"Are you going to let me go?" He asked, trying to keep them busy as he analysed them and aimed his pistol over the dead body he was hugging tight to his body.

The man on the right, lifted his arm up and blocked the barrels of their old Alliance standard issue assault rifles. And that was all Shepard needed.

Shepard lunged the dead body forward onto the man holding his arm up and at lightening fast speeds re-attached the left and the his right holding the gun and let off two perfectly placed shots. One down. Life left his body in an instant through the tiny fizzing hole in his forehead, he collapsed, and scrunched his bones up under his weight. Second one down. Life left his body through a burning hole in the same place and he collapsed. Without pause Shepard rushed at the other man, he grabbed his right arm and swiftly snapped it at the elbow and made him drop his assault rifle.

Shepard kicked his legs out and watched him slide his back down the wall as he aimed his pistol at his head.

"Who are you?" He asked. He could get a good reply.


"I hurt your elbow. Not your shoulder." Shepard Stared, unimpressed and cold.

"I mean..."

Shepard interrupted, "I will fix that... And this." Shepard shot the man's leg, more screams erupting from his throat." If you take me out of here.

The man tried to talk again but was cut short. Shepard reached down and lifted the man by his underarms. he put the limping man in the same position he had his dead hostage in. he gripped his pistol tight to his new hostage's forehead and urged him forward through the door.

"You're not going to talk. you're going to walk. I would like to leave." Shepard whispered into his ear.

-10 minutes later-

Shepard heard an echo-y sobbing. His ears perked up and his alliance instincts kicking in. He tightened his grip around his chest and under his arms as he lifted his moaning hostage up and shifted to his left and down the dark hallway, following the crying.

He could hear he was approaching the crying, when he saw a small Asari girl who couldn't have been older than 9 trying to lift herself into an air vent and sobbing uncontrollably.

She hadn't noticed Shepard so he took advantage of his unaware prisoner by retreating behind a corner and quickly snapping the neck of his victim.

"Hmmm HMMMMM!" The hostage moaned as Shepard twisted his neck and felt the quick snap signalling his death. Shepard dropped the body and hid it from the child before he approached.

"Hey I'm friendly!" He said in a higher pitched tone and quickly, peering around the corner.

Shepard had been trained in dealing with children POW's. It had been a while since he was unlucky enough to have had to practice his training in the field, but it was time.

The little girl froze still and collapsed out from the vent, She hadn't got anything but her head in before.

"I'm friendly! I'll get you out, I promise! I escaped just like you... Do you know the way out?

-20 minutes later- Hand-in-hand the little Asari walked Shepard up stares. Just before Shepard took his first step he asked cautiously...

"Why didn't you go up here before me?"

The little girl looked puzzled and simply replied... Too scared...

Shepard sighed and pulled his gun out. "I have to check you for something... I'm sorry, sit here." Shepard picked the girl up and put here down on a step. Shepard felt all over body, cringing as he did. every bump and crevice his had touched. He couldn't take any chances... "Ok, I'm sorry I had to do that, but I needed to check you weren't going to hurt me with something."

"What?!" She replied... "You've got a gun."

"And you're smart enough to know, I'm going to put you behind me and protect you. You could have just picked a gun up yourself and shot me, you're a big girl... But you don't have a weapon, so stay behind me, and we'll walk these stairs and get you home to your mother soon.

As they walked up flight after flight of steps, nearing 200 Shepard felt the firl grab onto his dangling left hand and felt her sweat.

To calm her Shepard asked a question... "Tell me about home!"


"I'm curious, how did you live before..." Shepard reached the top of yet another flight of steps and aimed his gun around quickly looking for an enemy... "This..."

As they trawled up further, she told him all she knew. She was a good talker.

"My mum, She's the High Matriarch of Thessia. I'm sure she misses me awfully. I don't know why they want me, but I was taken from my play field."

"Your mother is The High Matriarch?!" Shepard asked just a little too loudly

"Yes. Well... She adopted me. She doesn't give birth. She has a lot of sex though, it's kinda of scary sometimes.

Shepard scratched his neck awkwardly and sighed. "Yeah, we'll get you back to your mother soon... In fact..." They ran up the next flight of steps towards a door, red bright lights seeping through the cracks.

"OH YES!" The little girl screamed and she run up the steps on all fours

"OK stay back." Shepard warned, pushing her back and slowly opening the door. "It's open?..." He mumbled in bewilderment as the door opened to revel a simple car depot.

Shepard looked around and called the girl in. He aimed his gun in every direction her looked on his way to a car, he flung the door open and looked around.

"Get in." He said in monotone.

The little girl followed her ordered and dove into the car. Shepard followed and shut the door. He started up the engine and flew off into traffic.

"YAAAAAAAAAAH!" She screamed jumping around in the car and looking around at nothing in particular.

-an hour later-

They both sat silently in their respective seats. the little girl looking out the window.

"There's my ship, you're almost home." He said has he parked up at a floating taxi depot, overlooking his ship.

They got out the taxi and walked out and into the all too familiar red bathed alleyway. Shepard covered the little girls eye and carried her in his arms. "Don't look"

Shepard rushed through the alleyway as quickly as he could and into the garage. And there he saw his ship. New, resprayed and for all intents and purposes, ' fixed'. Shepard, released the little girl and opened the door. "Get in." He said.

"I DON'T CARE!" Shepard yelled as he stepped into his ship after the girl, stopping the eager looking Turian for describing all the alterations... "If it's fixed. It's fixed. Thank you." Shepard spun around and looked at him in the eye. "listen... The girl I turned up with, if she comes back here and I'm sure she will give her this message. 'I am sorry, I'm returning a prisoner. She cannot stay here and the people I'm returning her to could be useful. I will return for you as soon as I can. Take all this'" Shepard Chucked his card on the floor. "That is for her. When I return I will pay 10x your monthly wage in one go for your trouble. She knows how much is on my card. If a single credit is missing... You'll regret. I have a kidnapped prisoner in my ship. You'll be no trouble."

No other words said Shepard shut the door and sat down in his chair and started the engines.

-20 minutes later-

"WE'RE HERE. CALM DOWN!" Shepard screamed at the girl as she clawed at his back in excitement.

"WE'RE HERE! WE'RE HERE! WE'RE HERE!" She screamed back at him

"They did not teach me how to deal with your types" Shepard breathed out dully as he walked towards the door and flung it open to the clear air of Thessia.

"I KNOW WHERE WE ARE! I'll show you how we get home!"

"Hmm... Ok, be careful!" Shepard found himself having to jog to keep up with the girl's sprinting.

They ran up through the upper streets. They were peculiarly desolate.

"Look, my mummy is over there!" The girl pointed at at large tower, but rather inconspicuous in comparison to Thessia's skyline. It stood on 4 gigantic pillars planted firmly in the ground and continued from there. It towered 1000's of feet in the air and pointed at the top. Bathed in purple light, most of it was solid steel apart from a small diamond section in the middle Made from what looked like glass.

-5 minutes later-

"Here, it knows my eyes..." The little girl approached the door at the bottom of this tall tower

The girl ran up behind through an alleyway and stuffed her face against a retina scanner.

*TZIING* The door opened to a small elevator.

"Here this is my elevator!... You know... For safety."

The girl took Shepard by hand and took him into the confines of the steel case. She seemed to do nothing and the doors shut and thrusted them upwards.

During the ascent Shepard noticed the aperture of a camera in the corner shift around. Someone know they were coming.

"Hey, where are we going?" Shepard, asked

"Mummy's room!"

"Shepard released the girl's hand and flexed his near his holstered gun.

Suddenly the doors opened to The High Matriarch of Thessia and 4 guards aiming weapons at Shepard. Their lasers, targeting his heart.

"MUMMY!" The girl screamed as she ran forward to her mother.

"Oh baby... She cried, embracing her lost child... "He the man hurt you?"

"No... He saved me. He took me from the jail, and flew me back home. I think he was being kept there too."

"She's right, your Highness. I was captive also. I heard cried coming from a cell, so I followed and returned her home. I am... I was... I'm not sure, but I was a commander of the Normandy for the Systems Alliance."

"Guns down." Her highness commanded. "You saved her?" She stared him down with an incredible stern look.

The High Matriarch looked only like royalty could. She was about 5ft 5, slim, but pronounce where it counted. Her voluptuous form was draped in a thin, black, opaque material. It was fitted for her perfectly. It rested on her shoulders and 34DD breasts and draped down to her hips, where more cloth rested and draped down her legs. Her bum, breasts and hips were just slightly too large for her body. But for Shepard that was nothing but a turn on.

-30 minutes later-

Shepard stood with the Matriarch in what he assumed was her bedroom.

..."Your highness, I am trying to give you a run down. Your child was kidnapped."

her hand ran up Shepard's thigh before she Spoke. "Call me Alyndia. And Shepard... You will give a full report... Tomorrow. For now however I offer you myself."

Shepard's eyes widened... "I'm sorry?"

"It's an honour, Shepard. We are a sexual species. In my years travelling the galaxy, I have come to learn what sex really is. And how unique sex is for Asari. For you, sex is power, it's control... It's... thought and calculated. Everything is about sex... Except sex, sex is power. For us, however, it's reward, it's love, it's affection. When I offer you my holes to penetrate and my body to own for the night, it is for reward, love and affection. It's nothing to be afraid of. You are more than free to decline, Shepard. But please, don't be afraid of it."

Shepard found himself stuttering his thoughts. It would be genuinely rude and whether she admits it or not, offensive, to decline an offer by the High Matriarch of Thessia but... "I'm not in the mood"

"That is no problem, Shepard. No biotics, no technology... I can make you want it." She spoke in a sexy deep tone and staring through into his eyes.

Shepard caved but remained reserved, "I'll stay for drinks, we can discuss what our next move is."

"Clever." She replied, spinning around and sitting at a table.

-10 minutes later-

They sat at a table in the corner of the room drunken drinks poured in-front of both of them.

"...As young Asari, we are thought and schooled in sex. It's our culture, Shepard. I would have thought you as a commander of a ship in the alliance would have been educated on our culture."

"We are, and I know you are a sexual civilisation. But my interactions with Asari are limited to diplomatic meetings and soldiers."

"I see. You have never spent time here, in Thessia?"

"The last time I visited for something that resembles leisure I met an Asari called 'Samara'... It didn't turn out well. I'm perusing leads, but I keep getting pulled back."

"By what, Shepard?"

"I was injected with something back in Omega, I don't know who by. I'm sure they operate in Omega, but what scum-bag doesn't? There have been some strange infiltrations on the Citadel and suspicious characters patrolling particular areas in Omega and the Citadel. I have some leads and a good partner to assist me. We'll be pushing forward soon, I just need to find what the injection's full effects are."

"I can refer you to my doctor, Shepard. She's the best. She can take a full examination and tell you everything."

"That would be gracious of you, I am trying to keep this from any officials, I do not want the Alliance involved in this particular issue. If you could keep this from the alliance, I would be grateful."

"My doctor returns tomorrow, to do check-ups on my closest staff, I shall put you in front of the cue... You must stay over night, Shepard." The Matriarch Smirked.

"I'll stay."

Her majesty hand grazed Shepard's leg. "Let me show you my appreciation, Shepard, It will be nothing but bliss, I assure you."

Shepard sighed and thought it over.

"May I have a shower your High... Alyndia"

"Of course. it's that way, let me show you."

Alyndia lifted her bum from the seat and took Shepard by the hand into the bathroom connected to her room. "Here you are, Shepard, I shall await you."

The Matriarch, danced off into her room as Shepard undressed and started the shower. She lifted her draped cloth form her body and revealed her body to the room. Her sexy, deep blue firm boobs, perky bum, wide hips and toned legs.

She sat on the bed and covered her vagina with her hands. As a way of royal respect and tradition. Her body is open, but her penetrable hole awaits one man.

She sat in wait for just over 20 minutes, with perfect patience. She heard the shower stop and awaited eagerly Shepard to waltz through the door.

Shepard knew what was going to happen. He just needed to get himself in the mood one way or another. He stood, nude, clean and looking down at his flaccid penis. He shut his eyes and imagined Miranda. Her soft pale bum rubbing up and down his shaft, squeezing and urging a load out onto her back.

Then he imagined her on the bed her soft feet caress his tip. Her toes tapping his balls and rubbing his shaft.

He imagined coating her lips in a thick soupy load and finally, Shepard found himself respectably sized. He thickened and extended 10 inches long and 7 around, apart from not being as solid as steel, he was fully ready for tonight.

He slowly opened the door and peeked his head round looking for the Matriarch. He saw her naked body sat cross legged on the bed and covering her pussy.

She too saw Shepard's head peek around the door and she exclaimed.

"Are you naked, my love?!"

Shepard nodded silently.

"Cover your penis... It's tradition."

Shepard, followed his orders and did his best to cover his length. he had trouble and ended up folding his thick and heavy, luckily not hard penis around in his palm.

"Are you covered?"

Shepard nodded again.

The Matriarch stood, still covering her vagina and walked towards Shepard. He took that as his go ahead and approached her too. His eyes looked her up and down. Her breasts were perfectly sculpted. Her hips, perfectly sized, her legs perfectly toned. Her cute nose and fat lips, and sexy eyes... She really was a perfect Asari. Shepard's bored mood was slowly but surly being turned around by this Asari's sexy purple body walking towards him.

Before he knew what hit him, Shepard was met with a kiss. Her breasts pressed against him, her nipples grazed his chest.

The didn't break the kiss for a second as Alyndia pulled Shepard with a free arm towards the bed and pushed him on it. The Matriarch knelt on the ground and looked at Shepard in the eyes, clear she wanted his to come closer and begin.

With her free hand, again, Alyndia flicked Shepard's hands away from his penis and flopped her hefty tits either side of Shepard's pulsing thick member.

Following her taught royal tradition of sex as reward as averted her eyes from his meat and proceeded with the next step.

She lifted her right hand and extended her index finger. She took 10 silent, still seconds to scratch the shaft, from the base to the bottom of the tip. She examined every bump and vein of Shepard's beating, heavy, half-erect yet extended and thick penis.

Shepard's member began to twitch as the head lifted a few millimetres off the sheets. Alyndia attempted to speed things up, she flicked out all of her fingers and surrounded the bulbous head of his cock, pressing in with the tip on her long nails. She began to lift Shepard's slowly stiffening penis, but her nails slipped.

"It's quite heavy." She moaned seductively before re-attaching her nails to his tip and squeezing harder.

As it lifted up the Matriarch had a confession... "I am cheating, Shepard, forgive me, I simply must see your penis. Your erection is taking longer than expected, the wait is killing me." Cheating, maybe, she followed the rules close enough.

"when the subject's penis is fully erect, you may lay your eyes upon it." Alyndia Recited to Shepard.

"There, we ar..." Her Majesty stopped talking as she held Shepard's cock vertically and watched it beat, contract and expand slightly in tandem with his pulse.

Alyndia tried to speak but her words got caught up in the build up of her saliva. She gulped it all down before speaking again. "Wow." Was all she could get out..."I have had some humans in my time, but none possessed a penis as gorgeous as this before."

"Gorgeous?..." Shepard replied in bewilderment.

"Yet we encounter another roadblock between our cultures. Adoration of ones penis is not an uncommon thing. However yours... Your penis is gorgeous. It's proportions perfect in relation to itself, but just too large in relation to you and... Me. It is smooth but with many protruding veins and bumps in it's meat. It beats with your heart and makes me... Hungry and in desperate need of it inside me. This isn't a Salarian stick wrapped in skin. But neither is it an ugly Krogan monster reserved for speciality websites. It's... Perfect" She paused, staring. "Now... We are unshackled by tradition." She smiled and looked seductively into his eyes.

No more needed to be said, Shepard's cock was suddenly erect and throbbing harder than before. He slid forward, bringing the looming sight of his cock closer to Alyndia. She too, shuffled forwards, the tip of his penis tapping her chin.

In a moment of joviality she rested her head of the sizeable mass of his tip and smiled, as if to say she's staying there.

Her Magasty gazed into his eyes before lifting her head again and taking a hold of her hefty boobs and squeezing together. As her eyes dropped down Shepard's body and fell upon his cock again she began to knead her 34DD lifted, perky, thick boobs.

"Would you like to be massaged by my breasts?"

Shepard didn't reply verbally, he flung his torso forwards and with his considerable strength, lifted Alyndia to her feet and threw her onto the bed, taking her place, standing on the floor for a moment. He leant forward and grabbed her by her hand and sat her at the edge of the bed.

Without another word Shepard pressed her boobs together and kneaded them himself, with his cock approaching. He took a few seconds relentlessly squeezing his hands and fingers into her to fully appreciate a savour the feeling of her large, dense, and utterly flawless blue breasts.

Shepard's member met her, his hands still active. Alyndia felt the denseness of her boobs pressing against his shaft, similarly, she felt the pulsing beat of Shepard's heart through the protruding veins of his cock.

"Mmm", she moaned as she took the reins from Shepard and slowly slid her boobs up and down his shaft, her eyes fixed on his expression and determined to exaggerate it.

As her body bounced up and down, bringing her boobs with her she pursed her lips and pressed them against the purple head of Shepard's cock. She kissed all an inch down his shaft and over the back to top of his sensitive bulbous tip, all while her hefty, dense tits massaged the rest.

"Does this feel good for you, Shepard?" The High Matriarch said tilting her head up as to avoid the thrusting purple tip emerging from her cleavage from hitting her chin shut.

Shepard sighed a sigh of relief. A decompression of build up pleasure, as he said, "Oh, Your Grace."before he leant in for a kiss. His back bent awkwardly, he kept his cock firmly planted between her thick cleavage but still managed to lean his head against hers for a passionate kiss.

As they parted slowly in silence the beat of his cock drummed against her chest, bringing them closer in a shared feeling.

Alyndia broke the silence. "How dexterous, Shepard, you could almost service yourself."

"An angsty teenage human and a lonely night, your grace, anything is possible."

Her Majesty returned a coy smile as she wrapped her right hand around Shepard's shaft, pulled it away from her and said. "You could be a criminal from the slums of Thessia. If I caught wind that this thing was attached to a human..." She paused to tilt her head sideways and point the penis downwards. "...I should keep you..." Alyndia proceeded to knead her left breast with her left hand and demonstrating the girth of Shepard by trying to connect her ring finger and thumb around his cock.

"On the bed?" She asked politely.

Shepard remained peculiarly quiet throughout this, Alyndia assumed he was simply enjoying the moment. Perhaps he was. He climbed atop the bed and knelt on it facing Her Majesty who followed suit. She pressed her hand against his chest and lay him down, his head against the pillows.

"Ready?" She asked

"Ready." He replied, taking a deep breath.

Alyndia Got down on her right knee and straddled Shepard, his cock tapping her pubic bone. She took a firm hold of his shaft and dipped it underneath her, past her vagina to her bum. As the tip of Shepard's penis slipped past her pussy he gathered some of her juices.

"That's it..." She mumbled to herself as he threw his cock back past her quickly wettening pussy. Again and again, faster and faster she flicked his tip back over and past her silky smooth vagina, gathering up more and more fluid.

Faster and faster Her highness threw her head back and shut her eyes. Her breathing sped up. Shepard's cock was now completely covered in a slippery reflective sheen of her juices.

"Oooh, Shepard, I'm going to... Cum from you merely touching me!" Alyndia exchanged her left hand for her dominant right as she re-clasped his shaft and lowered her groin for slightly deeper and thicker slides of cock against her sopping wet pussy. "Ooooh, fuck!"

Shepard's body was rigid, his hands gripped the bed sheets and he lifted his head just a bit from the pillow to get a look at The High Matriarch of Thessia reaching climax by slapping his soaking cock against her even more soaked azure pussy.

"Oh Shepard!"... Her Majesty's body began to tense and relax. "OH, Shepard!" her tensing turned involuntary". "OH SHEPARD!" Her spasming became more and more erratic. Without warning, she lifted her left shin from the bed up and onto her feet bringing her stance to a squat.

"OH GODDESS, SHEPARD! OH GODDESS!" The spasming was now clearly an orgasm, her face tensed hard and her stomach sucked in and blew out as she tried her best to control her breathing

Suddenly Alyndia plunged down through Shepard's raging slippery cock and stayed at the bottom, letting his raging thick meat make it's home deep inside. Time slowed in Shepard's mind for what must have been one second. The sudden pleasure of her walls clamping down, her sexy mixture of screams and moans filling the room and the entirely new feeling of this Asari's insides was too much to register all at once. A whole second later, his eyes shot open. A new life was breathed into his relaxed, almost bored looking manner.

"AAAAH! FUCK!" He yelled loudly, leaning up and putting his arms around her and pulling her closer to him. To keep his member buried deep inside her he kicked his heels against the bed and bent his knees as his groin was lifted closer up to his body and more importantly in the best position to thrust deep and hard.

"OH YES SHEPARD! THIS IS WHAT I WANTED FROM YOU! KEEP GO..." The High Matriarch made a sound as if she hiccuped. "GOI..." She made it again as she tried to finish the sentence.

"UUGGGHH, OH, FUCK! Don't... Even... Bother... Trying..." Shepard grunted as his deep thrusts and new eagerness took over and ravaged her highness.

With a perfect pace Shepard drew his member from her pussy and drove it back through at a greater speed.

Alyndia was in the same position as before, squatted over Shepard, but this time her body leant towards his and her hands holding onto his shoulders, his arms around her back and her bum lifted just a little further up in the air to allow Shepard to fully unsheathe his member if he needed to.

Shepard was overcome and oblivious to the rest of the world. He plunged into her rhythmically, and his stimulated sack working hard to build as much cum as possible was regularly slapping on her plump purple ass.

Her highness was hurled from mini orgasm to mini orgasm as her velvet walls were stretched by Shepard's girth and rubbed incessantly by this irregularly bumpy and veiny shaft.

"OH GODDESS! MY HOLE WAS MADE FOR YOU, MY LOVE!" She yelled at the top of her lungs as the tip of his thundering cock tapped the back of her pussy.

Shepard's muscles were finally giving in. Holding Alyndia bum up, and lunging his hips up and his cock in nearing 100 times was proving to be difficult to sustain. 2 minutes of nearly constant orgasm for the Matriarch and brain numbing pleasure for Shepard, was to come to a stop. Shepard thought to himself with the consciousness he could wrangle back from the tight grips of bliss, that he must maintain the thrusting and only stop with one large heave of his hips into her. It took a surprising amount of concentration and cognitive ability to come up with that plan amidst the tight dripping grip of Her highnesses pussy.

"UH... UH... UGGGGGH" Shepard grunted as his final hurrah into her Majesty plunged in. His arms gave way and fell onto the bed, his head hit the pillow and the yelling Matriarch collapsed a quivering mess on top of him.

One whole minute later Shepard found himself composed enough to speak, but not enough to lift her Majesty's sweating body from his. "I'm still inside you, your highness." He whispered as he rubbed her limp arms.

"Just keep it there for a while." She replied, emotionless.

Shepard looked down at her with confusion. The Matriarch could feel his stare, so she turned her head up from his chest to meet his.

Now with more emotion, in a soft, calm voice she said, "You are not leaving me until we are done, Shepard. I can tell by your expression you find it bemusing when I speak poetically about your penis but I am afraid you are going to have to just lie here and listen..." Alyndia put her palms on his chest and pushed herself up. She buckled for a second feeling 10 inch rod inside of her, hit a nerve as her torso reached verticality.

The Matriarch took a breath and grabbed her boobs from the front, rubbing her nipples with her palms. Looking deep into his eyes, she spoke once more... "Not a minute ago I felt pleasure like I have never felt before. Your fat human..." Alyndia paused as she looked for a better word. "Your big thick human cock completes my physical form... When I cried in ecstasy - " She quietly whispered an imitation of her scream, "'Oh, Shepard, my holes were made for you!', it does feel so. You fit me wholly and perfectly. every bump and ridge in your, what must be 7 inch thick cock is the exact antipode of my vagina's. You run your penis up inside of me and hit every pleasure point on your way through, even the back wall. No one has ever done that to me... And your stamina, Shepard, you suspended and held my tensed, form as I attempted to flail from your grips, all while you serviced me the best I could ever imagine. Even now, as your cock sits inside me, it is not restful. You are twitching and pulsing and beating at full length and girth. Shepard you are one of a kind and your cock is only ever leaving this hole when we decide to have you serviced by this mouth, these breasts, these small blue feet, or this bum."

Shepard's breathing sped up as a consequence of those words ringing in his ear... "You're incredible." He said

They sat still for a few seconds, their eyes connecting and melding before the silence was broken.

The Matriarch smiled and breathed a sigh. "I think we should taste each other... Fully learn who we are."

"You took the words right out my mouth." Shepard smirked and the matriarch unsheathed Shepard.

As Alyndia looked down at the source of her pleasure finally breathing the air of the room, she remarked at it's almost distressed condition. The penis was red and strained looking. Through the mixture of clear juice and thicker white liquid from her pouring pussy you could spot the veins and head. Both saturated in colour and stiff where they should be squishy, it all made for a painful sight. "Goodness gracious, Shepard!" The Matriarch gasped. It didn't hurt did it? I am so sorry! I assumed your vocal expressions were born of pleasure! Please forgi..."

Her highness apologising was cut short by Shepard's corrections. "You have no idea how good you feel, your highness. You caused nothing but pleasure. I can only assume, it was good enough to have that affect on me. No one has ever done that to me. I'm excruciatingly sensitive right now... You feel amazing."

"Oh thank the Goddesses. I thought I had injured you!" Alyndia took a pause. "Your... Cock... Is quite covered. I seem to have concealed it in my juices. Would you like me to clean it?"

Shepard nodded. Alyndia shuffled until her palpably hot Asari blue vagina neared Shepard's face and heated up the surrounding area.

"Ok..." She mumbled to herself as she limbered up for something. She reached her right hand behind her and threw it around a bit to find Shepard's shaft, which she grabbed tight and held still. "Ready?" She said.

Shepard nodded and wrapped his arms around her thighs, his hands aimed at her pussy and pulled her forward onto his face.

With the command from Shepard, Alyndia slowly but definitely bent her back. Further and further she went, bending into a semi-circle until her mouth met his Sweet Asari smelling cock. With his penis lingering near her mouth and being held by Alyndia contorted arm holding it in place, she extended her tongue and flicked the head.

She gasped quickly, filling her lungs before ploughing his cock into her mouth. She struggled to get it further, his considerable mass makes it difficult to penetrate a throat, but Her majesty was determined. She pushed and pushed further until finally the muscles at the entrance of her throat gave way and accepted some of the tip.

Shepard's eyes shot open mid licking, with his tongue rimming the Matriarch's pussy hole. "Is there anything not perfect about you?!" He said pulling away from her soaking pussy.

Alyndia gurgled out a chuckle, almost choking herself on Shepard's penis. Her lips parted and slapped back down on his shaft as she sucked with all the space in her mouth available for a vacuum. As Shepard throbbed in her mouth the High Matriarch's mouth began frothing spit, some of her syrupy juices sliding down and dripping from her mouth.

The Matriarch tasted new to Shepard. It was sweet and syrupy, a taste unlike any other he had. It was new, and it was delicious, and thankfully for Shepard, there was lots of it. The Matriarch was leaking these tastefully valuable fluids fast and thick against Shepard's face and mouth. His tongue rimmed Her majesty's hole with some pressure and flicking and his nose nudged and flicked her small, but clearly sensitive clit. Her hole spasmed lightly but with building intensity.

On the other side, Shepard's cock was getting a good working, she had given up on taking Shepard down her throat, in her current position, it wasn't going to happen. She instead focused on vacuum and cleaning his shaft.

She gargled as tears rolled down her eyes, Shepard's cock stretching her mouth apart and filling it up.

"Uuugh, God..." He moaned into The Matriarch.

"Oooh, Goddess!" She verbally hurled back at Shepard as his tongue shot pleasure through her. The orgasm hit her like a freight train. Her muscles tightened up and her back straightened, flinging her up upwards and Shepard's meat out from her mouth.

"Keep going!" She cried.

She put her hands on Shepard's chest to stabilise herself and looked down at his vigorously twitching tongue.

Shepard looked up and greeted the Matriarch's eyes with his. Her face was covered, her black eye-liner, dripping up from her eyes as she was tilting her head upside down, her mouth and face upwards was covered, messily by a sexy mixture of saliva and pussy juice transferred from her sobbing pussy to his cock to her mouth.

That sight drew Shepard into a passionate continuation of his licking, and sucking. He sped up and licked around the hole, up towards her engorging clit, and even just up into her walls, running along the top side.

Alyndia Grabbed Shepard's head and yelled "YES! I'M ALMOST THERE! GO GO GO!"

Shepard needed to prepare. He unhooked his arms from her thighs and instead grabbed her beautifully sculpted bum.

Almost as if it had been planned, Shepard pulled her towards him as she pulled his head towards her. She was cumming hard.

"OH MY GODDESSES! SHEPARD, KEEP GOING! FUUUUUUCK!" She began grinding against his face, as her hole spasmed visibly. For those 10 seconds of her orgasm, her muscles tensed and squeezed against Shepard's head as her juices were produced much, much faster.

She eventually released Shepard's hair from her hands and his head from her thighs and with what strength she had left, shuffled her groin down near Shepard's and lay a-top him.

Shepard's throbbing meat still, absolutely rock solid and pressed against her soft, hot groin.

30 seconds later the Matriarch arose from her orgasm induced coma and spoke to Shepard.

"What do we do from here, my love?" Alyndia awaited a reply as she lifted herself from Shepard to check on his member...

"Let..." Shepard was cut short...

"Shepard, I fear you must ejaculate. And soon. This does not look right.

"Is it different?" Shepard asked.

Alyndia got off Shepard and let him see what had happened.

His shaft reddened further a deep crimson. His head became more purple, and his veins more colourful. While still retaining a neutral look, it seemed exaggerated, and as if he were going to ejaculate but someone was obstructing it.

"Do you feel ok, Shepard?"

"Fine... I mean besides fucking amazing... Fine."

"Ok but I really think you should ejaculate and we should get this over. As much as it will pain me to see this glorious cock return to it's flaccid state... For tonight anyway we much bring this to a close... I will make this feel good, Shepard. I promise."

No words spoken, Shepard got up and took her Majesty with him they stood by the side of the bed and just as they went to kiss, Shepard stopped only for a soft, and slow peck before lunging her back downwards, slamming her face against the soft, bouncy, and sweaty sheets of the bed.

The tip of his cock pressed against her pussy hole, making it twitch in anticipation

"Ready?" Shepard asked.

"Rea.." The moment Shepard heard something that sounded like an affirmative, he glided his drumming cock head in.

Shepard groaned and the Matriarch clawed at the sheets.

Inch by inch his shaft found it's way back into it's tight warm home.

"Oh Goddess..." Alyndia cried as she felt his tip touch her back wall... "Shepard, could you do what you did before?"

"What, fuck you?" He replied.

"Yes... Fuck me. ram it through me as hard as you can, I want to feel this magnificent thick piece of meat running in and out of me again."

Staying fashionably silent, Shepard retreated his cock, so just the tip stayed enveloped by her walls, and thundered back in. He retreated again and thundered back in, causing the Matriarch to cry and scream in pleasure.

"OH YES YES THAT'S IT!" She yelled clawing at the sheets.

Her verbal encouragement only kept Shepard going. His thrusts, hard and true. His cock thundering in and out and making a hard wet squelching noise as their slapping flesh compressed her flooding juices.

Shepard's hands struggled to find a good hold on anything, her hips were too restrictive, he needed to flex and strain, but he waited. He continued to thrust in and out, feeling her soft cushion-y ass cushion his impact and hear her vocal cords strain themselves with insistent yelling.

"AH... AH... AH... AH!" She cried with every long deep thrust. She could feel, once again the deep beating of his heart through his tip and shaft, it drummed heart and fast.

To encourage a faster climax, Alyndia reached her left hand down under and rubbed her hand left to right, catching the engorged clit between her fingers.

Alyndia breathing rate increased, her back began to arch into the bed and back out as she tensed and relaxed. Shepard knew where this was going, he made a quick and risky decision to chance tactic. he reached downwards and lifted her shins up. He strained the far back, bending her knees painful and until her toes touched her soft bum. He then held it in place and leant on it as he ploughed in hard.

"OH, SHEPARD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. Her left hand began to spasm in time with her body as the orgasm build.

Shepard didn't let up, he wanted this to be big. And that will kept him going, he kept plunging into her, feeling the ridges and bumps of his cock interact and rub against hers inside her one-of-a-kind, delicious, impossibly tight, deep blue pussy.

Suddenly Alyndia hands fell, her muscles tightened and she became silent, the sound of slapping flesh and squelchy wet sounds from her tender pussy filled the room for a whole silent second.

Shepard took a leap of faith and assumed she was cumming. In preparation, he dove in for one last plunge... And stayed there. And then all hell broke loose.

The High Matriarch of Thessia screamed her lungs out and spoke something incomprehensable. She was in a more than unfavourable position to structure a sentence, let along speak it. her voice buckled and descended into animistic screams. Her eyes shut and her face scrunched up. Her pussy clammed down tighter than was comfortable for Shepard. As uncomfortable as it might be, it sent Shepard's mind into a frenzy. He quickly lifted her with incredible strength just by her shins off the bed and her back against his chest, his meat still firmly planted inside her spasaming walls and her screams only louder near Shepard's ear.

And off the bed he lifted her, hardly able to use her muscles Shepard took complete control. He held her tensed body against his by her pressed shins. As if in a turtle position held upright, Shepard kept her held there and began to slide his cock out and back in slower in comparison, but still fast enough to maintain A most intense orgasm of her life.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! UUUUGGGGGGHHH" She continued to scream with Shepard sliding in and out.

But soon enough, after half a minute her climax started to die down. Her screams turned from animistic crying to 'almost words' between yelling. "OOOOH GODDESS! GODDESS GIVE ME STRENGTH!"

Shepard's muscles were beginning to give-way again, but more importantly, that orgasm was beginning to relax her clamping walls and allowing Shepard to slide in and out easier, he could feel his orgasm building.

"I'm gonna cum soon!" He groaned under the weight of her Majesty.

"Yes!" She cried as he tapped Shepard's arm and jumped down. The second her feet touched the ground, she spun around to look at Shepard. with passion in her eyes, she collapsed backwards.

"UUUUGH FUCK!" She groaned. "MY... MY CUNT IS THROBBING! UUUUUUGGGGH" Her back spasamed up and down and her hands attempted to grip her spasming groin.

Shepard watched for about 10 seconds as Alyndia twitched and cried in bliss, while he rubbed her thick juices into his shaft and throbbing head.

"Uugh, fuuck..." Shepard moaned, walking toward's Her Majesty. He crawled on top of the bed and placed her in the same position, on her back, further up the bed. With her head on the pillow, he threw her arms gripping her crotch to the side and replace them with the tip of his juice smeared cock. He took her legs and put her forelegs atop his shoulders.

Then he gripped her shaking thighs and rammed his cock in.

"AAH UGGGGGGGH! OH MY GODDESS. OH MY GODDESS..." The Matriarch called for her Goddess continuously as Shepard fucked her for all he had.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?! GODDESS!" She cried at the top of her lungs.

"UGH... UGH... UGH" Shepard groaned under the weight of the overwhelming pleasure. He could feel his orgasm approaching. Just a few more thrusts.

Then suddenly time slowed once more. Shepard's mind exploded. He felt every bump in his cock, every vein, his entire head swell with more blood, he stiffened to metal before he were to blow his load.

"UGH" Shepard ploughed once into her. A spurt of cum was squeezed out from her contracting pussy.

"AGH" Shepard thundered once more into her hot, sensitive, sobbing pussy. Another spurt shot out and deep into her womb

"FUCK" She shouted as he crammed another thrust into her cunt and shot another thick load into her womb.

Shepard almost instinctively drew his cock from her pussy and quickly shuffled up until her straddled her belly and sat atop her thighs her legs pushed further back until her feet hit the back board. And all within half a second.

"AWWWW GOOOOODDESS" Alyndia cried with Shepard straddling her, his exploding cock looming in front of her.

He took his right hand and with one pump, spurted a thick, soupy white load across her face starting at her left eye and down to her mouth.

Another pump, Shepard shot 2 more loads across her face. He had more, he could feel it. So he quickly aimed his cock down and like a shotgun pumped and erratic set of loads across her beautifully sculpted breasts.

Almost over, Shepard slapped his enraged cock between her smothered tits, slammed them together, began to knead them and shoved his head into her mouth.

instinctively she began to suck and lick. I final 2 more shots, just as thick as before slid down her throat.

"MMMMMMMmmmmmm... Mmmmmmm..." Alyndia moans finally died down along with Shepard's. But She wouldn't let up. she kept sucking and sucking as if her life depended on it.

The slurping sounds got louder, and her sucking more crazed but Shepard's was far too sensitive for too much of this.

"AH!... Shit, sorry, I'm too sensitive." Shepard said jolting his cock from her eager mouth

"Oh, Shepard..." Alyndia was about to speak again. As she rubbed the loads covering her breasts deep into her skin she said in a sultry tone. "I don't have the words... I do not know how you do what you do to me... That was the greatest pleasure I have ever experienced." She sighed and paused, looking down at her tits.

She quickly jumped off the bed and ran over to the right of the room and started at herself in a mirror. As she noticed her cum, spit and pussy juice covered face she began to melt the juices together and press them into her skin.

"This was a whole new experience for me, Shepard... Even your ejaculate... It's so thick, and creamy. You shot 2 ropes down my throat, from what I could taste it was..." She wiped her hands on her thighs and recollected all the cum she could from her breasts and sucked on her cum covered fingers... "So delicious... You even taste amazing... Shepard, I'm keeping you."

Alyndia looked to her right and saw Shepard completely asleep, and to her disappointment, it had returned to it's flaccid 5 inch long 4 inch girth state.

She smiled sweetly and walked on over to the bed. She crawled on top and interlocked her sweaty legs with his. Her right around his sweaty body and her left on top, protecting his flaccid, juicy member. She took her left breast, as large as it was, she was able to flop it onto Shepard's chest, his cum dancing down her shiny skin and around her nipple. Her face, now covered in a meld of his cum, and her juices and spit was dripping onto his chest.

As she tried to sleep, her mind was racing and her eyes were distracted. She thought to herself, perhaps to keep her wondering mind occupied she would collect the cum from her breasts and taste it... Just to remember.