France, 1942

'This is NOT how I want to die today!' Rory thought weakly as bullets peppered the darkening sky above him. Motor shells exploded all around him, filling the trenches with dirt and bodies. The scent of death was nearly overwhelming to him. Rory cried out as a man collapsed a few feet from him, face burnt, eyes staring up into nothingness for the last time. Rory reached with a trembling hand, closing the poor man's eyes.

"Medic! MEDIC! HELP!"

'Help? Help who? Where? Everyone needs help you sod!' Rory thought as his jumbled thoughts finally began spurring him into action. He ducked down, holding his helmet down with one good hand, revolver clutched tightly in the other as he began to make his way through the filth and bloodsoaked trenches to give aid wherever he could. The moaning wails of the dying constantly battering his ears.

"D- Doctor…. Please… help me… the pain… do something for the pain!"

Rory curled himself into a ball as another explosion rocked the trenches, sending a shower of dust and water down on his head. A few feet away, a soldier lay propped up against the wall, legs bloody, a gaping hole in his chest. He couldn't be older than eighteen, probably younger if Rory guessed right. A lot of lads were eager to join the fighting, to be part of the 'war to end all wars' as it was going to be called sometime in the future. Rory swallowed the bile in his throat, and half stumbled/crawled over to the man.

"Sooo…" Rory fished around for the man's bloody dog tags. "Perkins… Miles… Miles…" he instinctively threw himself over the moaning man as another mound of dirt fell down on top of him. " You're going to be alright, yeah?"

"Doc…" Miles reached into his coat and pulled out a handful of letters. "M- make sure my mom gets these in Brooklyn o- okay? M- Make sure my mom….gets-"

"Hey!" Rory said sternly, firmly pressing his hands over Miles' wound to stop the blood flow. "Don't talk like that. You'll see her again. Tell me about her. Those roasted potatoes she cooks, or how that little garden she's growing out there is going- tell me about that yeah?"

"I- I…" Miles hiccupped heavily, voice foggy with pain and exhaustion. His pain filled face unfroze for the briefest of moments as he remembered home.

"S- she had a nice garden… f- full of f-flowers…"

"Tell me about them." Rory suggested kindly, waving over another medic who was carrying a stretcher through the bloodied mess.

" Well, Doc…." Miles began, when that old familiar whistling sound echoed over the battlefield.

"EVERYONE GET DOWN!" Rory didn't know where the voice came from, but he threw himself over Mileas as a shell exploded next to him.

Afterwards everything went blissfully; and painfully black.

A/N: Ok I'm not sure exactly how the whole time thing happens after ATM, so if someone could clarify this for me? I know that Rory and Amy are trapped in the past permanently. But that can be in any time right? I also don't get the whole grave thing. Amy and Rory are dead by the current 2012 timeline?