"Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a tiny kingdom. Peaceful, prosperous, and rich in romance and tradition. Haha yeah fuckers! This is fucking Italy we're talking about here!"


"Yeah yeah. Anyways. Here, in a stately chateaux, there lived a widowed gentleman with a little son, Lovino."

"Oh that's you!"

"Thank's for pointing that out dumbass, now shut up or I won't tell you the story Feliciano."

"Be nice to your brother Lovi."

"Shut up before you end up out that window. I don't give a flying fuck if we're married or that we're who knows how far from the ground."

"Tough love~"

"Argh! Shut the hell up!"



"Where the hell was I? I forgot."

"You were introducing yourself, love."

"Oh, thanks…Although he was a kind and devoted father (who forgot to water the fucking plants) who gave his beloved child every luxury and comfort (because I'm worth it)-"

"You keep interrupting the story by putting your own commentary, love."

"I don't give a fuck! I'm telling it, so I tell it how I want to! Damn!"

"And maybe curse a little less as you tell it?"

"Hell no! Anyways….Still he felt he needed a mother's care (Why? I don't know…) and so he married again…To a guy…Again, why? Seriously, what the hell was up with my father? My dad was so fucking weird. 'Oh you need a mother, so let me marry a man that's slightly more manly than I am.' What the hell man!"


"Argh! Shut up! I'm trying to figure out what kinda brain damage my father had to come up with logic like that!"

"Maybe he didn't think you needed a mother, but another parental figure to fill in that gap, love."

"Shut up. I hate when you use logic on me. Continuing on…The man was his second spouse. A man of good family that had adopted two girls Lovino's age, by name: Natalia and Sofia.

"It was upon the untimely death of this good man however that the step-father's true nature was revealed. Cold, cruel, and bitterly jealous of Lovino's badassness. He was grimly determined to forward the interest of his own two (not even blood) daughters.

"Thus, as time went by, the chateaux fell into disrepair, the family fortune was squandered upon by the vain and selfish (greedy and crybaby) sisters, while Lovino was abused, humiliated, and finally forced to become a servant in his own fucking house. What kinda shit is that? I swear…And you know what? I got fouler every damn day because of it too! This isn't a simple fairy tale where it's fucking rainbows every day…I got angry and grumpy and all that bad shit. And it rained sometimes too…"

"Um, Lovi? You're getting sidetracked again."

"Yeah yeah. It's to the part where things began to change anyway, so shut the hell up."

I was having a really good dream. Sadiq was in it…And he was being engulfed in some flames. Pretty damn good dream too, but no, those fucking birds that always bother me wanted me to wake up…

I ended up smacking one and it hit the wall.

Oops, Elizabeta and Bella are going to scold me. Maybe I can sneak out before those two mice wake up.

"Lovino, shame on you," Elizabeta scolded, coming out of her little hole in the wall.

Bella was behind her, both already looking wide awake. "You shouldn't hurt them. They do help you up here and such."

There's not much to say about those two mice.

Elizabeta was a small mouse who wore a green dress most of the time with a matching green hat. Normally when I went outside, I'd try sneaking a small flower for her back inside, since she really did love flowers. I had a potted plant up in this crappy attic/tower I sleep in just for her in fact…even though I'm not fond of flowers myself.

Bella wore whatever dress she managed to make from scraps of fabric I tried getting for her. Her personal favorite is red, so for the most part she was in that dress, though she did occasionally wear yellow and pink. And she always made sure her hat matched whatever she wore.

Those two were the mice in charge of helping with my own clothes. Without them I'd be stuck wearing Sofia and Natalia's old clothes…They're girls and I'm a guy…That wouldn't work out…At all…Unless they wanted me to be a cross dresser.

They had made my plain light blue pajamas, made of just a button up shirt and simple pants. They also made my work clothes that consisted of a white shirt, black pants, a black vest, and black shoes. Sadiq had no problem with it.

In fact, he encouraged it.

I think it had something to do with the fact that the pants have grown a little tight from my growing. I'm eighteen already, so I doubt I'll grow much more than that…I'm sure it must be slightly upsetting for Sadiq.

"Time for your bath Lovi," Bella cooed.

I let out a sigh before stripping, not bothering to care about any of the mice. The female mice were use to the behavior and just admired the potted plant in my room or set up my work clothes until I was done. The male mice helped the birds in getting the sponge to give me a bath…

Which meant they drenched me in cold water from it.

"Ah fuck!" I hissed. "I hate cold water."

"Lovino!" Elizabeta scolded. "Language."

"I got it from working under that bastard," I growled as I washed myself.

"Yes well, no need to be so crude."

"Yeah yeah."

I finished scrubbing myself then stood up so those birds that seemed to love me could help me dry off. I honestly don't know why all these animals like me of all people, since I'm so foul, but I'm not complaining since they do help me a bit.

After drying off I got into my work clothes, which I still hated ever so much. The things should burn in hell. In fact, forget the clothes. Sadiq should burn in hell. He's the reason I have to wear these things.

"Don't forget to brush your hair," Bella reminded me, nudging the brush closer to my hand.

I picked the brush up, running it through my hair a few times and being careful of my stubborn hair. For some reason I had this strand of hair that just stuck up in a curl of sorts. It never wanted to stay down when I brushed it, though I honestly never wanted to brush it.

That curl is an erogenous zone for me, so any time someone would grab it, pull it, or even touch it, I'd know.

Sadiq gets his entertainment from messing with it and seeing me become flustered. He'd let go before it got too bad, but I had to take care of my 'little problem' before continuing with my chores otherwise Natalia would either throw a fit or laugh (depending on her mood). So then I'd be behind on my damn work. And even though he knew I was busy, Sadiq would go and call for me. Then when I finally got to him-after taking too long-I'd get hit.

Bastard. There is no other words for him.

Well that's a lie.

There's fucking bastard, bitch-though I reserve that one for Natalia, -fucker, and things of that nature.

"Lovino! There's a mouse!" Toris exclaimed, running under my door with Raivis to come find me.

"I know, there's a lot of them in my room during most times of the day," I answered with a roll of my eyes. My eyes went to look at him though. Toris was a scrawny mouse who preferred to wear green over any color, with a matching hat. Raivis was smaller than most mice and wore a dark red colored shirt and slightly lighter red hat. "Now how about you calm down a little bit and tell me why you're talking about a mouse when you yourself are one?"

He and Raivis began talking at the same time.

"One at a time," I ordered.

"There's a mouse stuck in a trap on the stairs," Toris told me…Actually, that's what I ended up hearing through the stuttering/spazzing/whatever. I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that's what he was saying.

"We've never seen him before," Raivis added.


"Maybe a yellow shirt," she said, going through the drawer I had opened.

I shrugged. "Dunno. I don't think he'd care though. A shirt is a shirt."

"I think an orange hat would work well," Elizabeta suggested to Bella.

I opened my hand for Bella to put the clothes in it. "Time for me to rescue a mouse from that damn trap. Why we have it, I don't know…I end up doing all the cleaning and just let everything in there go anyway."

"Sadiq doesn't know that though," Elizabeta told me as she pat my shoe. "Now go help that poor mouse from the trap."

I did as she suggested and headed down the stairs, probably halfway down from the tower/attic that I slept in.

I saw that Eduard was sitting next to the cage and trying to calm down the ranting mouse inside it. Eduard was one of the smarter male mice, and he normally wore a dark blue shirt and a matching hat.

"Okay, calm down," I told the mouse in the cage as I sat in front of it. The cage had to be turned before I opened the door to allow the mouse to have a way of getting out. "We're not gonna hurt you. You can come out now."

"I'm not afraid of you hurting me," he huffed, walking out. "I'm afraid of getting my feet dirty."

A sigh escaped my lips at the mouse. Thankfully he wasn't another one that was scared of everything, but his fearless behavior with Lucifer -Sadiq's cat- might be the end of him. It seemed like too much of a bother to ask if I could put the clothes on him, so I just did it without his consent.

"Do you have a name?" I asked, poking his belly. He jumped each time I did it, causing me to chuckle.

Eventually he got tired of the poking and swatted my hand away with a huff. The action didn't get the desired effect since I ended up letting out another chuckle at his behavior.

This mouse would be entertaining if I ever got bored in my room.

"Yes, it's Feliks."

"Alright. Toris, make sure you keep an eye on Feliks and show him the way things work around here." I stood up and was about to head down the rest of the stairs before I remembered something. "Oh and make sure you warn him about Lucifer."

And with that, I made my way downstairs so I could feed the animals.

The first animal I had to feed was Lucifer, meaning I had to make my way to Sadiq's room and get the cat out of there.

I can tell you now that it's more difficult than you'd think to get that cat out of there. He's a lazy ass cat that likes making things difficult for me and just plain out ignoring me when it was convenient for him. I ignore him for the most part as well unless its time for his bath or meal. Besides those two things, he's just a rug I want to just smack with a broom. In fact, I do smack him with a broom when he's bad (and when he's trying to eat the mice).

Anyways, this morning was like every other morning.

Open the curtains in the halls, wake up Lucifer and get his milk out for him, stop Lucca-my dog- from having a dream about catching Lucifer and eating the rug in his sleep again, and feed the animals outside (including the mice).

I was going to help Feliks, since it seemed like he was having difficulties getting some food, but then he smacked a chicken in the beak and took the food he had previously been going for. That in itself made me respect the mouse just a little bit more.

"Lovino!" Sadiq shouted through the house as he rang the bell for his room. Not too long after Natalia did the same thing.

Crybaby Sofia just rang her bell with a shout of sorry. If you're going to apologize, why do it? Damn, how stupid can someone be?

"I'm coming!" I shouted up to them.

That didn't stop them.


"Damn it shut the hell up!" I shouted as I rushed to get things set up. "I'm coming! Give me a fucking minute!"

"Lovino!" Sadiq shouted.

"If you guys would shut the fuck up for a minute maybe you'd get your god damn food faster!"

I carefully grabbed the two trays for my 'sisters' with one hand and the third tray for that bastard in my other hand. Now let me tell you something about this…I've tried balancing one of the trays on my head before…And ended up breaking that tray, the other trays I was holding, and a vase I was near. That resulted in me never trying that again.

But that was also when I still had a problem with Chorea. A local villager had suggested dancing the tarantella when he saw I had that problem…When I ended up jerking and losing the groceries in my hands with a loud curse.

I thanked him so much when I finally realized that I had been cured. It had made my chores so much easier since I was no longer breaking things right after I cleaned them.

"Here, wash these," Natalia told me when I arrived at her room. "And don't mess with my delicates. I want them back in an hour."

Natalia was a cruel bitch who had a few knives in her room. She's thrown some at me before. Her hair was long and blond and normally had a band in it.

"Yeah yeah," I answered, holding the basket of clothes she gave me in the hand that use to hold her food. My next stop was Sofia's room.

I will admit, Sofia is a very nice girl…She's a crybaby though. Probably the only reason she bosses me around is because her sister tells her to. That's probably the reason she's always crying too, because she doesn't want to be mean. As opposed to her sister, her hair was short, but she also had a hair band in it.

Also opposite of her sister, she had huge ass boobs, whereas Natalia had smallish ones.

"Thank you," Sofia whispered to me as I handed her the tray that belonged to her. She set it on her nightstand before putting her basket of clothes on top of her sister's. "There's no rush for my clothes."

"I'll be taking care of your sisters, so I'll probably do yours at the same time as well."

She nodded and closed the door behind me after I left her room.

Next room is my dear ol' bastard of a step-father, of whom I hate very very much. Yes, I do hate him that much and still hope he dies in a fiery fucking pit of hell. I knocked on his door with my foot and managed to get the door open past the clothes in my hands when he gave me permission to enter.

"The clothes are right there," he grumbled from his spot on his bed.

I set his food on his nightstand before picking up his laundry.

"Hold on a moment with the laundry Lovino."

Times like this kinda freaked me out, because they normally meant some kind of injury. "Yes step-father?"

"Come closer for a moment."

I did as asked, and just as I guessed, I was punched on the cheek. The hit made me stumble, but I managed to keep my ground. If I had lost my balance, the clothes would've all fallen to the floor. That would've been horrible, because it would've resulted in another hit.

"The next time you curse at me you'll get worse. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir."

"Now get out of my sights." Wordlessly, I turned and headed for the door while trying not to say anything that would result in another injury. "Oh and Lovino?" I glanced over my shoulder at him. "Give Lucifer a bath today as well."

"Yes sir."

And with that I left his room, knowing I'd have a bruise on my right cheek by the end of the day.

Some snickering came from my right. "Father scolded you huh?" It was Natalia, who I wanted to ignore. Sadly, if I did she'd go crying to Sadiq and I'd probably end up with a bruise on my left cheek to match the one on my right cheek.


"Good, you deserve it." She passed by me, hitting my shoulder as she did. The bitch almost made me lose the clothes in my hand.

"I'm sorry for her and our father," Sofia whispered to me before giving me a quick kiss on my bruised cheek.

A sigh escaped my lips. "You make this place just a little more bearable Sofie."

"I wish it wasn't unbearable for you though Lovi. Bye." She took off running after her sister, her huge boobs bouncing as she did.

That girl will knock herself out with those things one of these days if she kept running around like that.