The New Guy

A/N: okay so this story is going to have OC (Original Content). The main character is going to be a new guy named Jake who just moved into the neighborhood, note: I watch My Babysitter's a Vampire a little bit so bear with me if it's bad.

This is gonna be a romance story with Erica and my OC, hope you enjoy, don't forget to review.

Disclaimer: My Babysitter's a Vampire.

Jake's POV

As we pulled into my new house we had some kids looking at us. I saw a blonde girl, two guys and a dark skinned girl. I got out and turned up my music on my i-pod touch. When I finally finished helping my parents unpack they said that they're some kids who look about my age so why don't I go out and hang out with them. I grabbed a bottle of water and drank it as I headed out the door. I walked up to them and said what's up. They boy with the mop hair asked me my name, my name's Jake I replied as I shook his hand. He then introduced me to the rest of the people. There was Sarah, Erica, Benny and finally Ethan. I added them to my contacts.

So what is there to do here I asked them. Ethan said he and Benny usually hung out at his house. Erica looked at Sarah and said let's leave these dorks alone and they both got in Erica's car. Dorks I retorted, we're not dorks I yelled to Erica, to us you guys are. Bitch I said just above a whisper. Erica a second ago was in her car and now she was in my face. She picked my up and pinned me against a fence. Let's get one thing straight don't you ever get on my bad side or I will make you regret ever moving here, oh yea and how would you do that I asked Erica. Her eyes changed colors and she grew fangs. Ethan and Benny ran up pulling Erica off me. What a freak I said out loud by accident. A what Erica yelled. I started running down the street.

Erica's POV

This new guy was getting on my nerves. Calling me a freak, I'll show him. I decided to give him a head start before I ran him down. I found him hiding behind an old oak tree. Quietly I snuck up behind the tree and then i ran up in front of him and tripped him. I grabbed his foot and started pulling him towards the woods. Pulling him wasn't easy with his free leg he kicked me right in the jaw. He made almost back to Ethan and Benny before I ran and tackled him on the road knocking him out. So what do we do with him I asked Ethan and Benny who both shrugged. If you want I'll take him to my house Ethan said, I think that would be best for all of us. Thank god yesterday was the last day of school I heard Benny yell as they went into Ethan's house.

Jake's POV

I woke up on a couch, I looked around and saw I wasn't in my house. Where am I, I said out loud. Your awake Ethan said walking in the room. You we're out for about a hour after Erica tackled you on the road. Erica I thought, I need to apologize to her. I pulled out my cell phone and called her. after a few seconds I heard her pick up, what do you want she asked in a pissy tone, I'm sorry Erica I didn't mean what I said, and how do I know you mean it she asked, well how can I make it up to you I asked her, I've studied your blood she said and when you hit your head on the road you started bleeding, I tasted your blood and found out that your blood is just what I need to get stronger. What are you getting at Erica, what I'm saying is that for your apology I'll come pick you up and take you to my house and take some of your blood. I sighed, alright fine when do I start, now she said walk outside. After thanking Ethan for letting me stay at his house I walked out and saw Erica waiting for me.

When we arrived I saw a big house. How did you afford this I asked her. Well being a vampire has its advantages; I can put people in a trance at an ATM and take their money. Are you ready for me to start taking your sweet blood she said with a smile. Are you gonna stop when you get enough I asked, maybe if I can control myself. Now tilt your head, I tilted my head and felt her walk up beside me. When she bit in it felt like my neck was on fire. I just stood there for I don't know how long. All of a sudden I couldn't see straight, I felt like I was falling, Erica are you done I asked before blackness surrounded me. When I woke up I couldn't move my arms so I started panicking. Erica walked in and picked me up and carried me to her car. It was dark outside, where are we going I asked her, to your house I'm taking you home. The drive there was silent until we pulled up to my house. Can you move at all Erica asked me, I feel too weak to move anything. I figured that I took too much blood out of you, here I'll fly you up to your window, open it and put you in bed. Okay I said before being lifted up. She opened my window and put me in bed pulling the sheets over me. As she was about to leave out the window I whisperd thanks and fell asleep. I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket, I pulled it out and saw that I got a txt message from Erica it read, you sleep so late txt me back when you get this. I put my phone on my nightstand and went back to sleep. I woke up at 7am and replied to the message saying I'm up and am about take a shower. I got a reply that said, listen since I gave you a hard time yesterday with the blood I'll take you to any place you want and pay for the whole thing. As I got out of the shower I replied back. A hour later we arrived at where I wanted her to take me. Really she said sounding agitated. Yes I replied you said anywhere and this is where I wanted to go. I mean seriously you made me drive you to a playground. Erica you need to learn how to live a little. I turned and ran up to the swings.

Erica's POV

Could Jake get anymore childish I thought to myself. He looked back at me with his dark brown hair falling right above his green eyes. I stared at him until I snapped back to reality. He was yelling for me to look at what he could do, he started swinging. He got higher and higher then he jumped off in midair and did a back flip landing it perfectly. I have to admit I thought he would fall. He started yelling fuck, what's wrong I asked. I'm looking for my phone he replied do you see it. I searched the ground, found it I yelled back and put it in my back pocket. It was under the slide. Jake tapped me on the shoulder and said to look to the left. I turned my head and saw 3 vampires walking up to us. As they got to a few feet away I told Jake to run, he asked why when one of the vampires pushed me down and said stay out of this he's ours.

Jakes POV

I wanted to knock the guys teeth out who pushed Erica down. They started getting closer and closer, I ran to the edge of the cliff and looked down. It was a good couple hundred feet down into the ocean. I turned around and saw the vampire's had circled around me. I looked at each of them and I saw Erica getting up but didn't look her direction. I'm gonna die one day, but not today I said to them. Then I walked backwards off the cliff. I heard Erica screaming my name as I plunged into the freezing water. It felt like I was under there forever, I tried swimming up but my foot was caught under something. Bubble's were right in front of me. Then they started getting darker more of a reddish color. Then it hit me, I might die right now. I saw white a lot of white bubbles a few feet away from me. I saw Erica swimming towards me. I swear I died for a moment because everything was cold and I couldn't see. Something or someone was crying. It sounded like Erica but I couldn't tell for sure. After hearing the voice for a minute or two longer I recognized the voice and it was in fact Erica. But why was she crying, over me did she think I died? I shot up on my hands and knees and started coughing up water most of it was red. Erica came running up and hugging me, nearly crushing my ribcage. I heard another voice; I looked and saw Ethan running up to me. I let go of Erica and talked to Ethan for a little bit. Hey man he said, glad to see you didn't die on us, yea I replied that would suck, you really gave Erica and me a scare mostly Erica he said, wait since when does Erica get scared I asked him, that's what I said but when she told me that she saw you underwater it freaked her out, I think in the short time that you've known her she's really grown into liking you, what are you saying I said smiling at him, I'm saying is that if you two started dating we wouldn't be surprised. I laughed, me and Erica dating yea right, well speak of the devil Ethan replied walking away.

I turned to face Erica who pulled me into the woods. I'm glad you're alive she said turning away trying to hide her blush. I owe you big time don't I, I replied. Yea but all I want is your blood so it all works out. She reached her hand up to my face, what are you doing I asked her, you have some dirt on your face. I stared at her for a moment our face only inches apart. Looking for a escape route I backed away and ran towards the bathroom. I washed my face and walked out and got some water from the water fountain. The walk to my house from the playground wasn't far maybe 10 minutes. As I was leaving the play ground I looked back at where Erica was and she wasn't there. I texted Ethan saying that after I got home and changed my clothes I would head over and me, him and Benny would have a pizza and game night. He texted back a few minutes later saying alright. As I got to my street I realized I didn't give Erica any of my blood today. I went in, changed my clothes and headed back out.

I texted Ethan saying that I would be late. I called Erica but her phone went to voicemail, I left a voicemail saying that when she gets this to call me back. Erica's car was still in the parking lot of the playground when I got to it. When I got on the playground I yelled out for Erica. I looked for her through the entire playground. There was one place I haven't looked, the woods.