Spring Break

Jake's POV

Finally it's March 29th, which means spring break. Erica and me are, well we're just friends. She's back to her usual ways which is, ignoring me, Benny and Ethan and hanging out with Sarah, we all had Benny wipe our memories a couple weeks ago, It sucks that the football season is over but at least now I get to spend more time with my friends. I still talk to that little kid Jimmy, he's always asking how my football season is going and all that. It was Friday and I had no better idea on how to kick off spring break than hang out with Ethan and Benny and play video games. Ethan's parents were going out for a little bit so Sarah was coming over along with Erica to babysit Ethan. When they got here we all went down stairs. I grabbed a football and Benny and me went into the backyard and started throwing it. Since me and Benny left Ethan and Sarah alone to canoodle, Erica came outside to watch us. After a couple of throws my mom called me and said that dinner is ready. I caught the ball and set it down. I waved goodbye to Ethan, Erica, Benny and Sarah and headed home.

After dinner I headed back over to Ethan's. as I walked in I saw Ethan actually kissing Sarah for once. "Don't mind me" I said as I walked outside into the backyard. Benny and Erica making out, I hopped over the back fence and went back home. Later that night I got a text from our head coach saying that tomorrow we're having training for next season and I was told to be there. The next day I got up early and headed to school. When I got to school I saw that the cheer squad was having tryouts and I saw someone who I wouldn't suspect to be trying out. I ran up to Erica, who was in line to try out. What are you doing here I asked her. "I'm trying out for the cheer squad, loser, what does it look like" she said. "Uh um I don't know" I said. "Exactly now go back to your training" as I was walking away I looked back, she has a amazing figure I thought to myself. Which makes me wonder if she has ever had sex yet, despite the fact that she can get any guy she wants. After training I called Ethan who told me to come over. When I got there Benny, Erica, Ethan and Sarah were waiting for me at the living room table. I sat down beside Benny and Erica. "Okay what is this" I said looking at Ethan. "it's a Ouija board, except this one is a rare one for some reason." "well let's play I said." We all put our hands on the board. Benny started asking stupid questions like are there any hot babes and when is his birthday. After a couple hours, some weird stuff started happening and that's when everybody took their hands off the board except for me. I looked into the board which was nothing but blackness. It felt like it was sucking me into it somehow. A second later I'm in what looks like the 1950's. I looked down and saw that I was still in the same clothing, but where am I or worse, when am i.

Erica's POV

"Guys what the hell just happened to Jake", "I don't know one minute he was here and the next he was gone" Benny said. "Well this is bad" I said, "we've got to get him out of the board", "and how do you know he's in the board Ethan said looking at me". "well while you losers were doing something I was looking at the board". "yea we'll get him out after a good night's sleep" Benny, Ethan and Sarah all walked out, leaving me alone to get Jake out of the board. The circle in the middle turned to color and it looked like it was in a first person view. Wait am I viewing Jake from his view I said out loud. I heard Jake say something. "Jake can you hear me I asked him", "Yea I can hear you but where are Benny and Ethan?" "Their gone Jake, so it's just me and you" I swear I heard him whisper something under his breath. "Jake where are you?", "Erica I really don't know but it looks like the 1950's or something". "Jake do you know where you are?" "No but I think I'm in someone's house", "wait a second you don't think you got transported to the 50's but you're in the same spot you were when you were here". "Maybe, hold on Erica someone's coming I gotta hide". Jake ran into a closet nearby.

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