A turn was made in the guest room at Bannerman Road where Jordyn was turning as she was having a dream, but not the kind that she would like to remember. She could see herself in a room at Oxford University where her boyfriend Luke Smith studies. Luke was made by the Bane an alien species who wanted to take over the world, but with help from Sarah Jane Smith they stop them and now she has Luke as her own son.

As Jordyn walked through the hall way she sawed some shadows, but they didn't seen her. They started walking towards an elevator. She walked with them but she couldn't make out who they were. The figure pushes the button, but not the way you would think. The finger press 3,2,5,1 and the big red emergency button. And down they went Jordyn was confused she still didn't know where she was going and why she was there.

The figure was still a blur to her as they reach the end, the elevator doors opened and with shock to see a big room fall of smoke. Also she saw all the children from Oxford that explains why the school was empty. Jordyn looked all over for Luke but no sign of him. Looking over her shoulder she could see the figures again, she could hear them saying to each other prepare for more brain power, they started walking away to another hall way. Jordyn was terrified to know what they were up to. She decided to follow them, they was still talking than the figure unlocked an old door and opened it inside was Luke tied up by the hands, legs and the mouth. Jordyn was shock to see him like this, she ran over to him but no one can see her so she couldn't help. Jordyn looked up at the figure was still a blur, they stop talking than started again, but said if all goes wrong he will open us to our victory. To take over the world! Jordyn's eye opened wide. Jordyn woke up with shock and horror in her eyes.

It was morning in Bannerman Road, and Sarah Jane Smith was making breakfast for Sky and Jordyn. Jordyn was sleeping over for two weeks as her family was on a business trips around London.

"Sky, Jordyn Breakfast is getting cold" said Sarah Jane.

It was a exciting day for Sarah Jane and the Bannerman Road gang because Luke was coming home from Oxford. Jordyn ran down the stairs still shock about what she dreamt that night and sat down.

"Sarah Jane I had a dream last night and it was about Luke and it was so real and, and..."

"Jordyn. It was just a dream and what Luke... Don't worry he's coming home today and you know that." Sarah Jane said.

Yes, I guess so, but it was so real." Sky came down the stairs morning and stared eating her breakfast.

Later on that day everyone was in the attic Clyde and Rani was there too everyone was waiting for Luke. He was six hours late.

"Maybe he's stuck in traffic" said Clyde.

Rani butted in "this is Luke where talking about and he's never late." "Well he's not coming, I got to go any way" said Rani.

"The same my mum wanted me back before eleven and its ten to eleven now so". Said Clyde

"It ok Luke would hopefully be here tomorrow" said Sarah Jane.

"Ok than" said Clyde

"Bye Sky, bye Jordyn".

"Bye Sarah Jane." Rani finished off.

As Clyde and Rani walked out of the attic door you can hear the front door shut.

"Sarah Jane, do you think that Luke not being here is weird." Jordyn said.

"Jordyn is this about your dream last night."

Jordyn nodded

"I told you dreams are made up."

"Yes, but don't worry but I keep on hearing him calling for help it weird." Said Jordyn

"Well I going to bed it could be nothing like you said he could be here tomorrow."

"That's right" Sarah Jane said "off to bed tell Sky I been there in a minute to say goodnight."

The next day Jordyn and Sky went to the attic

"Mr Smith we need you."

The chimney turned into a super computer with green and blue lights flashing and a scream in the middle. "Good morning Jordyn and Sky what can I do for you."

"I would like you to analyse me Mr Smith." Jordyn said.

"Why?" Mr Smith replied "I have been having dreams about Luke and I think they are real but Sarah Jane doesn't believe me."

Jordyn stood in the middle of the room and a green light went up and down her body. Suddenly Sarah Jane walked through the door

"What is going on?"

There was a silence in the room until Mr Smith said

"Analyse complete."

"Well Mr Smith" said Jordyn,

"Jordyn's dreams are 100% true."

Another silence in the room Jordyn turned to Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane was shock as well if the dream was true and how it has Luke involved.

"Tell me Jordyn what happened in your dream." Sarah Jane said.

So Jordyn told Sarah Jane what happened after a couple of minutes of telling, Jordyn grabbed her phone

"We got to call Clyde and Rani." "Speaking of the devils" said Sky with a laugh, as Clyde and Rani walked through the door.

"What's going on?" Rani asked.

"We are going to Oxford to get Luke we'll explain on the way, come on." Sarah Jane said.

Everyone rush out of the door and into the little green car.