Dani licked her lips. "I should do that every time you give me that smug look," she mused and ran her hand over his length.


"I wouldn't complain." He was panting now, before his bent down for a passionate kiss.

They worked together to get rid of the remaining clothes until they were finally skin on skin. With her legs around his waist, her hands entangled in his hair while his hands were restlessly wandering over her body, massaging her breasts, her thighs, her ass. His cock was nestled at her opening and she wriggled her hips against him to encourage him so he'd finally take her. She needed more than this, the pressure wasn't enough, she needed him inside of her.

Instead of taking her hint, he took gripped her hips and stilled her. "Condoms?" he breathed against her lips.

Oh crap! This man made her lose her mind! She was one of the most responsible people she knew and he just had made her forget all about safer sex. Dani needed a second to focus her sex-hazed mind until she could formulate a proper answer, "Bedroom, nightstand."

Okay, maybe the answer wasn't all that proper but he was touching her and she could feel him everywhere and he smelled freaking fantastic and he made her lose her mind!

She must've gotten her point across, because moments later he had stepped out from between her legs and hurled her into his arms. They were already halfway through her kitchen, before she realized that he actually carried her to her bedroom. How he managed that without bumping into something whilst kissing her was beyond her. Not that she really cared as long as he kept doing that thing with his tongue anyway.

Then he bumped into a little cupboard that stood in the floor in front of the stairs and hissed.

Dani smirked against his lips. "So you're human after all. I was starting to doubt that." She was quite pleased with herself for speaking in full sentences again.

He nipped at her chin when he set foot on the first step of the stairs. "Stop mocking me and tell me where your bedroom is."

"I thought you knew everything about me," she teased, before she added, "Second door on the left." She kissed his throat as he carried her up the stairs and tried to behave herself until he sat her down on her bed.

She felt more like herself now. Still full of desire for that gorgeous man in front of her but in control of her own. Deciding to make herself useful again, she climbed over the bed on all fours to her nightstand and took a condom out of the drawer.

Behind her Nico was growling and she felt the bed shift under his weight when he kneeled behind her. His hands caressed her ass and suddenly she was ready to beg for him. When he bent over her and took the condom out of her hands, she could feel his hard cock pressed against her back. This was delicious torture! She arched her back into him.

They both moaned in pleasure when he finally entered her moments later. His hands holding her hips as he thrust inside her, taking her with deep, slow strokes. She glanced over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of his face. His eyes were shut, his face expressing deep concentration. She whimpered when he hit that sweet spot inside of her. His eyes opened. Catching her gaze, he smiled at her. Bending forward again, he pressed wet kisses against her shoulder blades. He quickened the pace and she pushed back against him in the rhythm he had sat. When she felt herself close to ecstasy he slipped one hand between her legs and sent her over the edge. He followed close after.

Afterwards he rolled on his side and she curled up against him.

"Are your children coming home tonight?" he asked eventually.


"Good. Because your clothes are still in your kitchen."

"We can get them later." She pressed a kiss against his chest.

He smirked. "I'm in no hurry to get dressed, believe me."

"For future references you wear too much clothes anyway," she said.

"Don't worry. Before we get dressed I intend to take full advantage of your cleared kitchen-table." His hands roamed over her body. "Since I first saw it I can't shake the image of you lying naked on it for me to feast on."

She giggled. "To feast on?"

"Oh yes. You'll be dessert and I will take my sweet time with you."

She giggled again before he silenced her with a kiss.

Next time Dani would talk to Jeanette she would have a lot to tell her.


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