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Anna Kinomoto: Twin sister to Sakura, but, the complete opposite of her. Has black hair with red highlights and reddish-brown eyes. Has a very flirty personality, and, tends to be bratty, but, loves all her sisters.

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Mia's POV

Why is it that I always get put in the car with HER…?

Sitting in the car with the most conservative girl in the world is very awkward to tell you the truth, especially if you're the exact opposite.

Amu is unlike any girl you ever will meet in your life, always wearing some type of gothic or punk clothes, but, loves to be very lady like…which makes no sense with her choice of style.

She has black hair and her long bangs are a hot pink color. Instead of looking like a woman, she looks like a rock star.

I have always admired her style of clothing but when it comes to personality, she just irritates me. I mean every day no matter what I where she gives me snide comments.

I sometimes believe that the only reason she hasn't kicked me out of their family yet is for the fact of my powers and me being a little unstable…..

Or maybe because I tend to space off and the orphanage wasn't able to keep me alive….

Any way you look at it though she still hates me….

"How are they doing," ask Amu.

I close my eyes and think about 'Kura and Anna. I open them," They're alright but the air over there is very, very, ver-"

"Will you get on with it!" yells Amu.

I chuckle. Amu has the funnies temper I have ever seen…and there are a lot I've met. My best friend is the second funniest ones.

And the first is her older sister.

I still found it very ironic.

What was I talking about?

Ohhhhh, right, Amu was asking about Anna and Sakura, AKA the trouble twins.

I smile," Well 'Kura finally started to talk to her but only because she was curious about why Anna was chuckling. I think it had to deal with you, but, minds are still jumbled when I'm too far away from them."

Amu sighs," I am so lucky that your home room teacher will be able to help with that little problem….."

I just remembered that, "How is it you were able to get a teacher like us? I mean we are very rare. And how do you know she is? How do you-"

Amu sighs," Ask me another question about your school or teachers and I'll sock you."

That shut me up.

I sigh and grab 'Kura's IPod (that I accidentally took instead of mine….) and start a playlist on it that Blossom made knowing that this would happen and fall in a deep slumber…..

Amu's POV

Of course, she fell asleep.

I smile at the slumbering girl next to me and pat her head. She smiles and in her sleep and mumbles something about some type of dessert.

I chuckle and roll my eyes. Typical Mia….

I look at the highway and smile, "Only twenty more miles till we get to our new home."

I curse under my breath and honk at the person in front of me," Damn new teenage drivers…"

Sighing, I look over to Mia. Other than a few loud snores, she was still asleep.

Rolling my cat – like yellow eyes, I mumble, "She always has been a hard sleeper. It used to take Lita, a few pots, and I to wake her…"

Speaking of Lita, I hope she's okay by herself at the new house. I mean we rarely leave her alone for the fact that when we always move in she sometimes scare away neighbors and some of the local boys.

Not that I'm complaining or anything. I mean boys always think I'm too harsh and might beat them up….

Mia snores again in her sleep," Don't hide. We always need that one person in our life that we can depend on….."

Eyes widening and nearly swerving off the road, Amu looks at Mia," But I have my family…."

Mia chuckles. Amu guesses and hopes she won't remember this conversation when she wakes up.

Mia stops laughing," I mean someone who you can love. Have kids with. You know the saying 'In sickness and health. Till death do us apart….'."

Mia stops talking and starts to snore again.

She can't be right….Can she….?

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