Sorry if you hated it, sorry if you liked it and hated parts of it…first fanfiction ever so it's a new experience to me


Grimm walked back and forth nervously. Her stomach had swollen large now, she was due any day. Rin and Jaken were out in the garden, and Sesshomaru sat on the bed. "What is on your mind?" he asked her.

She continued pacing. "What if it's a girl?" she asked biting her lip.

"You should be resting. The child may come any day Grimmala." He said and led her to the bed. He pulled her close to him. He looked into her green eyes, "So you really are concerned that it might be a girl." She nodded. Sesshomaru smirked, "This Sesshomaru does not care if it is a girl or a boy."

"What if Rin feels left out?" Grimm asked. She rested her head on his shoulder blade. "I don't want her to feel replaced."

"She won't. She knows that we will always love her." He answered. Grimm nodded.

"What if it happens while I'm bathing? Will I be able to know?" asked Grimm. Sesshomaru frowned and looked at her.

"Is that what pregnant demons really worry about?" he asked. Grimm smiled.


Grimm's screams echoed throughout the palace, as servants ran in and out of the nursery. "My Lord," Jaken said, his green face paled in worry. Sesshomaru stood ready to come to the aid of his wife. He did not bother listening to the imp. "My Lord,"

"What Jaken?" he finally answered.

"Rin would like to see the child now."

"Rin cannot see the child yet." He answered then paced back and forth. He stopped and looked toward the door of the nursery when Grimm screamed out again. Finally there was a scent of blood, and a small cry was heard. Sesshomaru rushed to the door.

An old demon came from the nursery. "My Lord," she said bowing to Sesshomaru. "The princess has given birth to a healthy young demon boy."

Sesshomaru smiled. He opened the door to see the mess cleaned up by the servants and Grimm sitting in a chair, the small child in her arms. "Say hello to your father, Zalreniosho." She beamed at Sesshomaru who bent down and kissed the babe's head. "He will reign over this land once I am dead."

Sesshomaru smiled once more and kissed his wife.