E/O Challenge
WoW : Scavenge
Word Count : 100
Spoilers : None

Possibly not the best time for the brothers to be using fake ID's!

Flashing his fake ID, Dean greeted the officer guarding the police perimeter.
"Where's the vic?"
The cop pointed,
"Down that path….just follow the stench."
Two cops heading back up the path looked vaguely green.
"Guess something's way over ripe"
Dean grimaced,
"I'm gettin' that."

Nodding at the suit already present, Dean looked over towards the corpse.
"Who's the hot chick?"
"You can call her Dr Brennan."
Noting the possessiveness in the guy's dark eyes, Sam butted in.
"Victim male, or female?"
"Head missing, rest gnawed on by scavengers…Bones hasn't decided yet. So...
Why don't I check your ID's while we're waiting?"

Chick ;P