A young man with blue tattoos covering his arms, legs and head woke up and looked out to see a beautiful sunrise. "Is that an omen?" he thought to himself as he pushed the blankets off him and swung his legs off the bed. Aang had grown taller in the last six years. His build was stronger than most young men his age, and his features had a carved quality to them. He got up slowly and walked to the balcony to soak up the sun for a while. Then, with a slight frission of alarm, he remembered what day it was... It was a very special day... Katara's birthday...

Aang smiled at the thought of her. Ever since that sunset in Ba Sing Se, they'd been together... Making the announcement to the rest of the group had been awkward to say the least... especially since Sokka was so protective of his sister. But things had gone well so far... and Aang thought it was time... Six years was long enough. He didn't want to make any more excuses for the time he'd taken. And although Katara didn't mind in the slightest, he himself felt guilty for keeping her in the dark about where they were headed. He walked to a drawer in his room and opened it, searching for something... Then he found it.

Aang looked at the necklace in his hand carefully. He knew exactly what he had to do with it, but the prospect of finally having everything he'd ever wanted was scarier than he thought it would be. The necklace was beautiful. It had a silk, blue ribbon and a beautiful pendant with fluffy clouds engraved upon it with rich detail. Aang smiled at this... Air and Water... joined for eternity... That was the idea. He'd managed to bend a peice of metal into the round pendant it was now... The carvings were a nice touch, according to Sokka. Then he flipped it and looked at the inscription on the other side.

從 安昂

"For the love of my life, from Aang."

He smiled at first, but then a scarier thought entered his mind. What if he was putting her in danger by doing this? Didn't the Avatar always make more enemies than friends? And didn't those friends get hurt protecting the Avatar from his enemies? Katara had been used as bait when they'd just been friends... What would they do to her if they found out that they were married? He'd realized this last night as he revealed his plan to the rest of the GAang... And even though they'd been joking, Aang had taken their words very seriously... The question now was, should he even propose to Katara?