Chapter 2

Tony was shocked to see his boss, the stoic marine, who glared everyone down, friend or foe, act like a normal person who enjoys human company.

Gibbs walked up to the man identifying the crime scene and threw an arm around his neck pulling him onto a one arm hug. He pulled back with a huge grin on his face, "How you doing?!"

The man named Tray grinned back, "Great! How about yourself?"

"Same, I didn't know you left the marines." Gibbs said.

Tray shrugged, "It was time to move on… besides, there's nothing like home."

Gibbs grimaced, "I still don't understand how you could call this dump home. I couldn't wait to get out fast enough."

Tray laughed, "I know. So what are you doing now? How's Shannon and Kelly?"

Gibbs face hardened, "Shannon… and Kelly were murdered a while ago."

Tray stared in shock, but Tony could see a flash of amusement cross his eyes and disappear just as quickly as it came, "No… Jethro, I'm so sorry."

"Yeah well… it was a long time ago." He said, and then shook his head, "You asked me what I do now? I work at NCIS and head MCRT."

Tray nodded, "As you could probably tell, I'm a detective."

Gibbs nodded and they continued their conversation. Tony shook his head, a little jealous that he didn't have that kind of a relationship with his boss. Get a grip DiNozzo! He scolded himself, why would he want to talk to you? Tony blinked at the harshness of his own mind, dang. Even his psyche hated him.

Turning around to the two agents mesmerized by their boss's change in nature he clapped his hands and got their attention.

"Alright, while Gibbs is playing catch up with Mr. Friendly there, we might as well get to work. I'll sketch and shoot, Ziva: interview, probie: perimeter search." Tony guided and they just stood there, "What are you waiting for? Chop chop!"

McGee shook his head, "Who died and made you boss?"

Ziva looked wide eyed, "someone died?"

Tony sighed, "No Ziva, I swear. It was one of those stupid idioms you always talk about. Look at it this way probie, if we start working we don't get glared at, or barked at, or growled at, or put down."

McGee thought for a minute and nodded, he walked off followed by Ziva to start processing the crime scene. Tony sighed, and threw one look back at Gibbs, and saw Tray staring at him.

His eyes were brown, almost black, framed by a square face and black hair, mixed with gray. His eyes were cold, as he looked at Tony, conveying a message. Tray already didn't like Tony, and that was fine by him, because Tony didn't like him either.

Tony waited for him to focus back on Gibbs before turning around and bringing out his camera and sketch pad.

Gibbs watched Tray's eyes wonder over his shoulder and Gibbs followed his line of site and saw him staring at Tony.

He was jerked back by Tray's question, "Who is he?"

"My SFA, Agent Tony DiNozzo. " Gibbs answered wondering why Tray seemed to harden at the name.

"He doesn't seem to like me." Tray said.

Gibbs shrugged, "I wouldn't know why."

Tray nodded, "So are we working this case together?"

Gibbs nodded, "Yep. Just like the old days."

Tray grinned, "Well we better get to work."

Gibbs turned around, and felt a rush of pride at his agents and how they already started to work. Walking up to Tony, "Sit rep!" he barked.

Tony turned around, "Lieutenant Commander Jason Malvick. It's a Messy scene boss. Vic has three bullets holes one in the right knee cap, another in the shoulder, and the last in the forehead right between the eyes. Not only that, right arm, the left wrist, and the right ankle seem to be broken. Also there are A LOT of cuts up and down the back and legs."

Gibbs glared at the body, sickened by the person who would do this. He turned to Tray, "This murder looks to precise, have there been any others?"

Tray nodded, "Been going on for two months now."

Tony looked up and saw the same flash of amusement ion his eyes. He didn't like the way he stated the fact, like it was interesting.

"Are there any suspects?" Tony asked.

Tray didn't look at him and ignored him, Tony let out a frustrated sigh, "Really? Are you going to ignore me because you don't like me or are you just a stuck up pri-" Tony began.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs barked and pulled away from Tray, "What the heck is the matter with you?!"

Tony glared at Tray, "I'm sorry boss. I just don't like to be ignored." Tony apologized, not really meaning it.

"I don't care about your freaking pet peeves! I don't want to hear another outburst like that." Gibbs growled.

Tony nodded, "Got it boss." He looked at Tray over Gibbs's shoulder, and saw him grinned maliciously. Tony narrowed his eyes and sent a glare after him.

Gibbs turned back to Tray, "Sorry about him. He doesn't think much before he talks."

Tony winced, Ouch. Well you deserve it! Going after the only person Gibbs has had a conversation longer then a grunt! Shut up me.

Tony shook his head in disbelief; he was having conversations with himself now. Just great. Gibbs turns towards him and motioned for him to wait for Ducky.

Tony nodded and left the clearing and moved downs the road. As he was about to make a bend he tripped and fell on his face. Cursing loudly he looked to see what he had tripped over a rather large knife sticking out of the ground.

He stood and pulled out an evidence bag from his backpack, and put the knife in it. Placing the bagged knife in his bag, he continued towards the edge of the woods to wait for Ducky.

While he waited he started to search the ground around the road, just to see what he could find. He struck gold when he found a partial footprint, he picked his camera up and snapped a shot of it.

Not long after Jimmy pulled up with Ducky in the passenger side, "Hey Duck! What took you so long?"

Ducky rolled his eyes, "It appears Mr. Palmer here does indeed not know the way to Stillwater."

"But Doctor Mallard, you said to take the interstate 34, and follow it until…" Jimmy defended himself, as Tony climbed into the car and toned the argument out as he directed them towards the clearing.