Disclaimer and A/N: So I don't own Jurassic Park the novel or movie :c but I do own Alyssa Grace Jones and Lola (: It's just something I kind of wanted to try a little OC action with my favorite character Ian Malcolm. I am working on some stuff for my other stories, but I just finished the book and I really wanted to write something for this. (: I hope you guys enjoy and review and stuff :3 It's going to share similarities between the book and the movie (:

Alyssa tapped her feet impatiently on the floor. She tried to use the fast-paced rhythm to keep her mind off of the fact that she was in fact sitting in a waiting room. Dr. Malcolm never made her wait so she was not used to such torturous activities.

Well scratch that. She had been forced to wait a couple of times, but it was usually just because she was early. However, there was one time where there was an 'important issue' he had to tend to. She racked her brain trying to think of anything important linked to this date (because she was certainly not early), but she came up empty.

The ringing phone snapped Alyssa out of her thoughts. The receptionist lady turned to Alyssa and she took that as her cue. She practically jumped out of her uncomfortable seat and ran into his office, "Dr. Malcolm what took you so long?!"

Ian Malcolm just laughed and shook his head slightly, "Gee, I thought I heard someone speaking to me, but that can't be… Would you umm… like to know why?"

Alyssa just sighed and nodded her head.

"Because there are only two people in this room and both people here shouldn't be calling me 'Dr. Malcolm'. Number one reason being that umm I don't usually refer to myself as that when speaking to um… friends and I'm not really um fond of friends referring to me as that. Didn't we… talk about this?"

"ACTAULLY, Dr. Malcolm you told me I could call you Ian when we're not in your office or whatever. Technically we're in your office so I'm allowed to call you what I just called you." Alyssa pointed out.

Ian thought back for a moment trying to remember his exact words. He sort of made a face when he realized she was right. At least she remembered what he said, "Well scratch that and just call me Ian unless we're um trying to look professional."

Alyssa smiled at the older man, "Sure, whatever you say Dr. Malcolm. Now will you tell me what was taking you so long this morning?"

Ian thought it was humorous that the girl was batting her eyelashes like she needed to convince him to tell her, "Well.. Before I tell you can you um riddle me this? Do you think you could have someone take care of Lola tomorrow and the rest of the weekend?"

Lola was Alyssa's St. Bernard. She was still in her puppy stages and Ian was actually the one to 'rescue' the dog from the pound. He obviously did not share as much feelings for the dog as Alyssa did, but he would pet and hold her when she was around. She had received Lola as a birthday present from Ian.

Ian remembered that day. "Oh my gosh! She's sooooooooooooo cute Dr. Malcolm!" Alyssa had been so excited she even kissed him. It was just on the cheek and she apologized quite a few times, but he still remembered how red her cheeks had gotten.

Alyssa just nodded.

"These people… well they're um having an inspection done on this island. It's like a 'Biological Amusement Park' or something. I've already made my predictions but Hammond won't listen so you know I'm kind of obligated to go… I told them I can't leave my assistant behind because well umm you'll miss me being right."

Alyssa's eyes lit up, "So I get to go too?!"

"Of course and let me tell you it took a little bit of convincing to get the ok on that one. John Hammond isn't really uhh well a fan of mine."

"Well that's silly. I think you're brilliant," Alyssa smiled brightly at the man. She could afford to suck up a little bit since he had gone to the trouble of getting her a place on this trip as well, "Dr. Malcolm how am I supposed to dress and pack for this trip?"

"Well the island is what.. uh just off the coast of Costa Rica so ummm I guess something that won't cause you to be too hot."

"Are we trying to look all professional this time?" Alyssa inquired further she did not want to pack shorts and tank tops if she were trying to make a great impression.

Ian Malcolm smirked at the female in front of him, "Oh no. My professional opinion has already been put out there and since I'm inevitably right there's no one that'll care what you or I wear."