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Ian could safely say that he was a selfish man. That was a new adjective for him. He was aware that he could occasionally be self-centered and arrogant... Maybe even obnoxious at times, but never selfish. He had donated to charities before, and any time a little girl in front of the grocery store was taking donations for something he always offered at least a twenty dollar bill.

But regardless of all of that he looked beside him and knew that he was. He had a long run trying to hide it and convince others, but here he was and he could not deny it any longer.

Alyssa's back was turned to him. A soft white sheet draped over her tanned body. Even while staying by his side in the hospital for months, Costa Rica's Sun had left its warm kiss on her skin. Her hair was matted in some areas from tumbling around in the bed and Ian could see that the area right about her hip was a little on the red side from the grip he had previously had on the girl.

Alyssa had spent months away from her family and friends, because she absolutely refused to go back home, without Dr. Malcolm. Honestly though, Ian was never persistent on the subject. He did reassure her he would be okay though.

Ian smiled as he thought about the colorful phone conversations Ian had with her father when she stepped out or had fallen asleep. He did not like keeping her away... But he did not mind her staying with him either. He could not force her to leave anyway, unless he tried to beat her with his cane.

He sighed when the cane entered his mind. Ian always knew he was quite a bit older than Alyssa, and she knew it too. That had never bothered him once until that stupid cane, which mocked him. Ian had thought briefly about acting old and senile when one of the staff members at the hospital told Alyssa how sweet he thought it was that she would not leave her father. Alyssa thought it was funny that he had gotten so worked up about it.

Now that he thought about it he should have thanked that young whipper snapper...

'Ian hated physical therapy. He did not even really like exercising when he was at home and he did not walk with a permanent limp. He especially hated it now that some Mr. Universe wanna be just accused him of being Alyssa's dad.

"Ian, he was just trying to get you all worked up. Nobody thinks you're some old man." Alyssa tried to comfort him, but her words did not really help since she had just laughed at his very unfunny joke.

Ian was in the process of pouting, so her hand on his knee being held there is a reassuring manner was a waste of time. "Oh I'm sorry did you uh, did you say something?"

Alyssa's face fell. It only took a few moments for it to perk back up again though. Ian noticed her quickly looking around, before scooting closer to him, "I like that you're older, Dr. Malcolm."

She had successfully caught his attention, "And uh... Why's, why's that?"

She started to slowly trail her hand up from his knee, "Well you know..."

He did know, but this was about five of his fantasies coming true at the moment, so he could not help but push her a little farther, "I don't think I do."

A light blush started to tint her cheeks. She felt oddly self conscious, because everything she wanted to say to him was true, and while it sounded sexy and appealing in her head and Ian's it took some coaxing to get it out of her lips. "I'm so young and inexperienced... I need someone to teach me."

Alyssa bent forward and placed her lips on his trying to save herself from anymore embarrasment. Ian wasted no time in letting her know he approved and accepted. His hand snaked around to the back of her neck. He tangled his fingers in his locks and pulled her closer to him, yanking slightly. Alyssa melted. There was defintely truth in her previous statement; all he had to do was kiss her and she would be on her knees if he told her too. She just hoped it was not that obvious.'

Unfortunately for him, Alyssa was adamant that until he was cleared to travel they could not go any further than some heated conversation, kisses and heavy petting. By the time they were headed home, he literally ached for her. They were not technically back home, until tomorrow. Ian had convinced her that they should just take a day to relax... She did not need much convincing.

Ian's thoughts were interrupted by Alyssa turning over. She was the most beautiful thing he was sure he had ever seen. Her hair was in tangles, her face was flushed and her eyes were only half open from just waking up, but he loved seeing her like this. It reminded him of their fun filled afternoon. Although the thought of sex did excite him, at the moment it was more about how they were just as physically and intimately close as two people could get. And it showed him of how perfectly imperfect she was with a few red spots on her forehead and her unbrushed hair. This was the Alyssa no one got to see. This was the Alyssa he did not want anyone else to see ever again.

"Let's get married."

"Don't tease, Ian." Alyssa smiled and rubbed her eyes.

"I'm uh one hundred percent serious right now."

"I refuse to be your ex wife. Can you promise me that won't happen?" Alyssa did not hold his past against him. She had known he had been around the block a couple of times before she had even thought of him romantically. But if he was not one to stay married, then they just did not have to be married.

"Absolutely. I'm like uh a thousand years old here. I need to settle down, you know?" Ian chuckled slightly, but was completely serious. He had loved his ex wives, but looking back he knew that they would not be together for the rest of their lives. He had always thought about what if's and just could not see them in the same picture ten years from their wedding day. This was different. Ian could not see a day from now without Alyssa there.

Alyssa smiled up at Ian, "Okay. Let's get married. We don't have to have a big one, I know you've been-"

Ian cut her off with a kiss and then rested his forehead on hers, "I want a big one. This is my last wedding, it uh needs to be done right."