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Summary: In which a blunt, and eccentric OC has been placed in Haruno Sakura's body at the start of the series...

Disclaimer: I, Darkpetal16, do not own the loveliness that is Naruto.

Warning: This story was written for shits and giggles. :)

Edit: 12/9/14

I glanced to the left; I glanced to the right. The streets were completely empty, as far as I could tell (but, that wasn't saying much seeing how the right side of the street curved sharply at a right angle and disappeared from view).

So, I stepped down from the curb and began to cross the street. Not even halfway across, a semi-truck came rolling around the corner at an impossibly fast speed. I was in the center of the street by the time I noticed. And let me tell you this: All I could think about was… Damnit.

There was absolutely no way I could dive out of the way in time. That truck was simply too fast. So, I just stood there like a sitting duck repeating over and over in my lead like a broken record: Damnit. Fuck. Shit. Ass. Turd. FML.

Next thing I knew the beeyotch of a truck slammed into me. Sharp pain pierced through my forehead, and rattled down my entire body. I could hear the sickening snap of my bones breaking and taste the metallic tang of my blood while this transpired, before I felt the worst pain ever. I felt a burning sensation crawl across my neck like a hot sword had just severed my head (which was rather fitting, given the circumstances).

And just like that, the pain is over.

Instead, I was floating ten feet in the air and looking down at the scene. The truck had evidently slammed on the breaks, but not in time. And honestly, all I could see was some dark liquid drenched on the front of the truck. Oh. And there was a severed head a few feet to the right of the truck…

I took a closer look at the head.

Well, I thought, damn. Who's going to wash dishes now?

I'd like to say I was simply in shock and didn't process what had really just happened. I'd like to say that, really. But, to be truthful, I guess you could say I was a little special.

Oh, well.

Okay, I glanced around in the air whilst the driver rushed out of the truck and scanned the area. Where the hell is the white light?

I mean come on! I know for damn sure I'm dead. People can't reattach heads here. So where's the white light? The tunnel? The… I don't know Grimm Reaper?

I scowled. I refuse to be some kind of lingering ghost, you hear me?

Just as those lovely words left my mouth (which was rather odd, given the fact that I no longer had a mouth), I felt a tingling sensation wash over me. Crawling up from my toes all the way to my nose. I wanted to giggle at the sensation, it really tickled, but I found myself unable to. Instead, I just sat back and watched as my world began to swirl and spin as a blinding white took over.

Then the white shattered like a broken glass, and I was thrown into darkness.

( ◕‿‿◕)

I bolted upright in my bed, panting heavily. Sweat trickled down my skin, making my clothes hug tightly against my body. My hands shaking slightly, I pushed back a stray pink hair.

I paused.

Pink hair?

Very slowly, I pulled the pink bang up in front of my eyes and stared at it. A pink bang. A light pink bang. When the hell did I dye my hair?

That's when I noticed my room.


My sheets were the same pink as my hair, with green flowers printed across them. The wall, a plain white, but my carpet was a shameless pink. Even my friggin' desk was pink. And then there was a white book case filled with unfamiliar scrolls and books. My door was white with pink and green flowers, and I had a picture of some Ino and Sakura from Naruto, as little brats on my nightstand.

I suppressed a shriek. What the hell was going on? Where was my black and purple room? Where was my kick ass computer, hooked up with awesome surround sound, and shit?

Damn it, where was my Kisame and Kakashi plushies?!

Confused and frustrated, I threw off the covers of my bed and stormed across the room. There, on the desk, was a single mirror.

I grabbed it and stared at my reflection.

Pink hair. Green eyes. Pale skin. Long hair.

Holy sweet berry loving Mew. I was Sakura from Naruto.

I stared at her—at me.

So, I thought slowly, I died and I reincarnated into Sakura?

I reached up and poked my face, still staring at my reflection with a mix of awe and horror.

I might have been in shock for a few more minutes until it all sunk in.

And me, being oh so special, could only think of this:

Aw man! I wanted to be Hinata!

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