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We entered the room, only to find it packed to the brim with young adults and older teenagers, all dressed in dark clothing with menacing auras.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed and Naruto's eyes widened. I stared right back at them with complete indifference. The stare down continued for a few more seconds until Ino's voice rung through the tense air, breaking the dramatic atmosphere.

"Sasuke-kun, you're here!" she called out, rushing to Sasuke and lurching onto his back.

Sasuke gave her a very annoyed look, his eyes narrowed into slits and his mouth pressed down into a frown. Ino completely ignored the get-the-hell-off-me-before-I-get-a-restraining-order look he was giving her, instead continuing on with her high pitched-almost-a-squeal voice. "I've been eagerly waiting for you ever since I heard that I could see you for the first time in a long time."

"Ino-chan!" I called out, my eyes widening and my mouth stretching into a grin. Ino took notice of me before she matched my grin with a huge smile of her own.

"Sakura-chan!" she called back, momentarily climbing off of Sasuke to rush over to me. We hugged epically.

"Congrats on making it," I said. "I knew you would."

"Thanks, you too, Sakura," she said.

Before I could reply, Shikamaru and Chōji walked up to us. Shikamaru kept his hands stuck in his pockets as he asked, "What, are you three going to take this troublesome exam, too?"

"Hey, it's the idiot trio," Naruto said with a grin.

"Stop calling us that. How annoying," Shikamaru said, irritation tinged in his voice.

"Yeah! Found you all," scoffed Kiba as he, Hinata and Shino headed over to us. "So I see that everyone is here."

"Hinata-chan!" I called out, rushing over to Hinata and glomping her.

"S-S-Sakura-ch-chan, h-hello…" Hinata said in her quiet voice.

"Oi, oi, Naruto," I said with a mock glare, "say hello to Hinata-chan."

Naruto grinned at her. "Hey, Hinata, thanks for the match. I hope we can do it again sometime."

"O-Oh, I-I-I w-w-would l-like th-that, Na-Naruto-kun," Hinata mumbled, her face beet red as she glanced at me helplessly.

I gave her a sly wink.

"What? So you three made it, too? Geeze," Shikamaru muttered.

"I see, so all nine Genin rookies this year are going to take the exam. How far do you think we can get, Sasuke?" Kiba asked, a smirk on his face.

Ino forgotten, Sasuke turned to Kiba, making a smirk of his own. "You seem to be confident, Kiba."

"We trained like hell. We won't lose to you," Kiba scoffed.

"Shut up. Putting Sasuke aside, I won't lose to you," Naruto said, his eyes flashing eagerly.

"S-Sorry, Naruto-kun, Kiba-kun d-d-didn't m-mean i-it that w-way," Hinata said, her fingers pushing together.

I gave her a side hug and she blushed lightly before returning the hug.

"Ne, ne, Hinata-chan are you ready for this?" I asked her.

"O-Of c-course I am, S-Sakura-ch-chan," Hinata said.

I glanced over at Ino. "Are you, Ino-chan?"

Ino gave me a mock scoff, her eyes lit up in amusement. "Naturally. This is me we're talking about here."

I stuck my tongue at her. "Narcissist."

"Who gave you amazing hair," Ino retorted.

"My hair is amazing," I agreed. "Thanks again for it."

Ino shrugged. "No problem."

That's when he showed up. "Hey you guys. You should quiet down a little."

Kabuto walked up to us and all at once my amusement vanished, replaced with veiled anger.

"So you're the nine rookies that just graduated from the academy, correct?" Kabuto continued, "You're all fooling around with those cute faces… Geeze, this isn't a field trip."

"Who are you to tell us that?" Ino snapped, her face screwing up into a scowl.

"I am Yakushi Kabuto. Look around you…" He said, gesturing to the room.

Everyone but me glanced around the room. I kept my glare locked on to Kabuto.

"…The ones behind you are from the Otogakure. They have a short temper."


What the hell are you trying to do? Make him spontaneously combust?

If only. I'm still not strong enough to take him on so I can't do shit to him and it pisses me off.

You better take a damn chill pill. You'll get your chance…

Damn straight I will…

"…Everyone is tense since it's right before the exams. I warned you so that you won't get picked on." He smiled. "I guess it can't be helped though, since you are just rookies who don't know anything. It makes me remember the old me."

I scowled at him.

"So is this your second time, then?" Naruto asked.

"No. My seventh," Kabuto said. "This exam only takes place twice every year, and it's my fourth year."

"Is the Chūnin Exam that difficult? This is getting even more troublesome," Shikamaru sighed.

"Maybe I should give my cute underclassmen some information, then…" Kabuto reached into his back pocket, shuffling his hand in his pack before pulling out a small deck of cards.

I tried to make glare holes through the cards into the back of his head. As he explained the cards, I slightly fantasized of ways he might spontaneously burst into combustion.

"Are there any cards there that have detailed personal information?" Sasuke asked after the explanation.

"Yes. Is there someone that interests you?" Kabuto asked.

"The information of this exam's examinees are not perfect, but I've burned and saved them," Kabuto said as he reshuffled his deck. "They include information of the nine of you as well. Tell me whatever you know about the people you know that interest you. I'll look it up for you."

"Gaara from the Hidden Sand, and Rock Lee from Konoha," Sasuke said immediately.

"Oh, you know their names. Then it won't take much time," Kabuto said, reshuffling the deck again.

He pulled out two cards, presenting them to Sasuke. He then gave the whole run down for Lee, then Gaara. When he was done, he put away his cards and smiled again.

Why wouldn't he burst just into flames already?

"I'm starting to lose my confidence," Hinata whispered beside me. I glanced at her sharply.

"Don't be silly, Hinata-chan. You'll do amazing. Just like we practiced, okay? You show everyone who's boss," I whispered back to her.

Hinata glanced at me, a smile on her face. "Y-You're right, S-Sakura-ch-chan."

I smiled at her. "'Course I am."

I poked Ino in the arm, she glanced at me and Hinata. "When we finish the exams, how about all of us head out for some dinner?"

"That sounds nice," Ino said, smiling.

Hinata smiled as well. "A-Alright."

"Excellent," I chirped.

"ALRIGHT!" shouted Naruto. That's when my eyes snapped forward. Ooh shit I missed his mini-inner-self-conflict-fit. Oh well. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto! I'm not going to lose to any of you! Got that?"

Palm, meet Face.

"What the hell?" Ino demanded.

What the hell indeed.

"You talk big, Naruto," Kiba said, smirking slightly.

I sighed, shaking my head in exasperation. "That's our Naruto…"

That's when the Otogakure shinobi decided to assault Kabuto.


Damn it, Kabuto dodged. But his glasses cracked… and then he fell to the ground before coughing up blood.

I tried my best not to giggle with glee.

"K-Kabuto-san!" Naruto said, his eyes wide. He turned to me. "Sakura-chan, hurry up and help him."

I glared at him. "What? Why me?"

Sasuke glanced over at me. "Because you can."

"I don't think showing my… specialized area in front of a bunch of hostile people will be all that smart of me," I said with narrowed eyes.

Naruto looked ready to object, but before anything more could happen Ibiki and a shit ton of other people poofed into the room.

"Be quiet you punks!" he roared while the smoke was still clearing. When it was gone, he stood at the front of the classroom, smirking. "I am examiner of the first test of the Chūnin exams, Morino Ibiki."

Everyone's eyes darted towards the front, except Naruto who nudged me impatiently and motioned towards Kabuto.

I glared at Naruto, but shook my head and marched over to him.

Kabuto glanced up at me and smiled.

I whispered furiously to him, "Don't you dare try that fake smile shit on me."

His smile slipped, only to be placed with a mask of confusion. I placed my hand over his back and they flickered green before letting out a steady beat of healing chakra. Bruised ribs and disrupted tissue, nothing I couldn't heal quickly and easily.

"I can tell you're someone not to be trusted," I snapped. His eyes flashed dangerously at me, but he didn't say a thing.

When I was done, I pulled my hand back and stood up, paying attention to the front once again after walking over to Naruto. Naruto gave me a grin.

"I only did it 'cause you're going to be my adopted son," I muttered under my breath. He gave me a confused look, but let it slide.

"…You are not allowed to fight each other during the exam unless given permission by the examiners. Even if permission is given, you are not allowed to kill each other. Pigs who go against me will fail immediately. Understood?"

No one said anything.

"We will now begin the first exam of the Chūnin exams. Turn in your applications and take one of these number tags, and sit where the number tells you to. Then we will pass out papers for the written exam," Ibiki said.

Naruto cringed. I patted him on the back.

( ◕‿‿◕)

We all sat separately from each other, except for Naruto and Hinata who sat next to each other (I gave a slight inward squeal at how Hinata blushed and wished Naruto good luck).

"The first exam has a few important rules," Ibiki began, "I will not accept any questions so listen carefully. First rule is you are all given ten points at the start. The written exam consists of ten questions and each is worth one point."

"This test is a deduction based test," he continued. "If you get one problem wrong you will be deducted one point. If you get three problems wrong, your points will be reduce to seven. Second rule, the pass-fail decision will be determined by your team's total points. Next rule, if an examiner determines that you cheated or are doing something similar during the test… each action will cause you to lose two points."

"In other words, there will be people who will be forced to leave this place without their tests being graded. Those who try to cheat without thinking carefully will only hurt themselves. You are all trying to become Chūnin. If you are a shinobi, act like a first-rate one. Also, if anyone in a team gets a zero, everyone on that team will fail. The last problem will be given forty five minutes after the exam begins. You have one hour until the end of the exam, begin," he finished.

I looked down at the test and set to work.

( ◕‿‿◕)

I looked down proudly at my test, covered in chibi doodles of the Akatsuki. I wasn't kidding, either.

I drew an annoyed Kakuzu in the top box—box one(on the left) who was looking down in box three—right below box one—with a glare. Hidan was in box three, glaring right back up at Kakuzu.

Box two had a grinning Kisame who was lounging on his Samehada. Box four—right below Kisame—was a drawing of Sasori. Somehow I thought it would be best not to draw Itachi while taking the Konoha Exams…

Sasori was sipping on tea, looking all sophisticated and badass. Right below Sasori in box six was Deidara who was pouting at who knows what. Next to Deidara—on the left—and right below Hidan was… Tobi!

Tobi was being his adorable self and hugging a teddy bear.

Below Tobi was a shaded out Pein—so they only saw his figure—who was giving the peace-sign and grinning. Next to Pein was the drawing of an origami butterfly.

I was quite satisfied with my work.

Oh, and on the side margin I drew myself(as Sakura) having tea with Ino and Hinata with Samehada being used as our table. We were all chibified.

And I wrote off to the side; HI IBIKI!

I was indeed very satisfied with my work.

You should feel ashamed of yourself. You're making a mockery of all tests in the world.

It's not my fault it's so damn amusing. Do you think they'll let me keep the test afterwards? I'm quite proud of my Kakuzu chibi.

If I could face-palm right now, I so would. But, you're right, your Kakuzu chibi is very well done. I want to go find Kakuzu right now and give him a hug…


"Alright! I will now give the tenth problem," Ibiki stated, "but before I do, a special rule must be given out. This is… a hopeless rule."

"First," he began, "you are all going to choose if you want to take this tenth problem or not. If you do not choose to take it, your points will be reduced to zero. In other words, you will fail. Your two other team mates will follow behind you."

Cue the dramatic gasps.

I felt like adding another chibi to the test paper.

"And here is the other rule," he uttered, "if you choose to take it and you get it wrong you will have lost the privilege to take the Chūnin Exams forever."

Cue the dramatic outbursts of rage and annoyance.

"That is why I gave you the option of quitting. Those who are not confident enough to take it can choose to take the exam next year, or the year after that."

Hands raised in the air. People left.

I twirled the pencil in my hand and debated on adding another chibi.

Naruto raised his hand. He then stood up, slamming his hand on the table, and glared right at Ibiki. "I'll take this problem. Even if I become a Genin forever, I'm going to become a Hokage no matter what, anyway! I'm not scared!"

He then sat down with a huff.

I smiled at his enthusiasm.

"I will ask one more time. This choice will impact your life," Ibiki said. "If you want to quit now…"

"I won't go back on my word. That's my nindo."

Cue dramatic pause.

Ibiki surveyed the room once before nodding his head. "Nice determination. Then for the first exam, everyone here… passes!"

"What about the tenth question?" Tenten demanded from behind me.

Ibiki grinned. "There was no such thing to begin with. Or you can call the choice the tenth question."

"So what were those previous nine problems? Are you saying it was all just a waste?" Temari demanded.

"No, it's not. The nine problems accomplished their purpose. The purpose to test each individual's information gathering skills," Ibiki said. "First, this test's purpose lies in the first rule… you pass-fail decision based on your team. By giving that idea, we have given you an unprecedented amount of pressure to try and not be a nuisance to your team."

"But, these test problems cannot be solved by Genin. Most of the people here must have come to the conclusion: 'I have to cheat to gain points'. In other words, this exam assumed that everyone was going to cheat. So we snuck in two Chūnin who knew the answers to be targets of cheating," Ibiki continued.

"Those who just cheated like a fool failed, of course. Why? Information can have a greater value than life at times, and in missions, and battlefields information is contested with peoples lives'. The information that an enemy gets after being noticed by a third person will not necessarily be accurate. Remember this…"

Why the hell do these people rant for so friggin' long?

An excellent question.

Do you suppose he'll be stopping any time soon?

Nah. Do you think he'll get my message?

The hello you wrote for him on the test?


Probably… he'll also see all the Akatsuki chibis.

How do you think he'll react to them?

Who knows. The Akatsuki haven't surfaced yet, so I doubt he'll pay much attention to them for now.

Or ever. For all we know they could very well just burn the tests when we're done with them.

Very possible. Or maybe they use them to make paper air planes.

Recycling for fun, how nice.


Do you think Kakashi will praise me when we're done?

You pra—

I was jerked out of my thoughts when the window to my far left crashed open, and in came in Anko with her giant ass banner.

"Everybody! There's no time to be happy. I am the second examiner, Mitarashi Anko. Let's go to the next exam! Follow me!" Anko shouted, her fist pumping in the air.

Ibiki peeked out from behind the banner, muttering something to Anko. Anko cringed slightly, blushing a little. She shook her head after looking around the room. "78 passed? Ibiki, you let 26 teams pass? The first exam must have been too soft."

"It looks like there are a lot of excellent students this time," Ibiki replied.

"Oh well. I'll just have to make more than half the teams fail in the next exam. I'm getting excited. I will explain in detail next time. We will go somewhere else, so ask your Jōnin teachers about the rally point and time. That is all; dismissed."

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