Touch, Part 1
A Warehouse 13 Fanfiction

Author's Note: A more cleaned up version of this bit of fluff I scrambled out on my tumblr. It is set after 4.01 and assumes that H.G never disappeared after helping save the Warehouse. I hope you enjoy! :-)


It wasn't their first kiss. Alas, that had come some 2 weeks ago. It was actually their fifth; still, it felt like a victory. Their lips met hesitantly but separated stubbornly, and Helena only need a half second to breathe before meeting the other woman's lips again. They were full; that anyone could see. But to anticipate the texture for which Myka Bering's lips was gifted was a skill beyond Helena's experience. There were few things that still surprised her in this long life, and the way she fell into Myka's kiss like it was a home she never knew of was one of them.

Her lips were smooth, silken and yielding. She expected them to be soft, but nowhere near as plush as they were. She pressed against them with a tender ease, and was awed at how she molded with her lips just so. Not a single creamy bit of flesh was out of place, and never before had Helena felt so at home in a kiss. They invited her with a timid acquisition, a pulse of tempestuous passion, and an enormous desire, all blanketed by a pall of uncertainty. It only took moments to forget herself in the innocence and honesty of that caress of lips, the emotion that unwillingly bore itself for judgment, for acceptance or rejection. She could live by that kiss, live for it.

Before letting too much of the night get away from them, Helena eased away from Myka just a step so that her hand could reach behind her and close the door of her bedroom. All the while she never broke eye contact with Myka, her eyes dripping with desire. Myka had an adorably scared look on her face, and to Helena's surprise, she followed her to the door and took her lips an instant later. Helena was excited, thrilled…aroused, so very dangerously aroused.

It was a dance, spinning and pulling across Helena's room towards the bed that was pushed against the far wall. She never stopped kissing Myka, and likewise, her fellow agent and companion followed her willingly. As they moved, she put all her focus into kissing Myka's exquisite lips, tasting every grove, and savoring every spark they sent zipping through her body. Her lips tingled as Helena slid her hands up Myka's cheeks and tangling in her hair. She pressed the other woman firmly into herself as if she could drink the taller woman's very essence.

As they kissed, Myka ran her fingers up the length of Helena's arms, drawing out goosebumps. Up they went until they found Helena's hands, still trapped in the tangle of Myka's hair. With the ease of only someone who's lived with that jungle of hair all her life, she pulled Helena's hands free and pressed them to the other woman's chest before giving her a gentle shove. With a short gasp of surprise, Helena stumbled backwards onto the bed. Looking up at - Myka who wore a devilish grin on her face - Helena couldn't resist grinning back. Myka looked like a painting, her chest rising, her lips bruised and her hair disheveled. Helena wanted to trace her fingers across every inch of her.

"Myka," she breathed. In an instant Myka was climbing onto the bed. Helena scooted backwards on the bed as Myka climbed over her and stradled her lap. Myka slid a hand around the back of Helena's neck and drew her close. When their lips collided it was like thunder; Helena shuddered from the impact and took hold of Myka's waist to steady herself. Myka took her lips with a desperate passion, barely taking the time to breathe before plunging into Helena's mouth again. One hand slid from Helena's neck, past her collar bone to cup on of Helena's breast. It pulled a moan from deep within Helena's throat that made Myka shiver.

Helena took the opportunity to seize control again. With her hands wrapped around Myka's slim waste, she lifted her ever so slightly off the bed before bringing her down again on her back, her head coming down on the pillows with a soft puff. All the while Myka was giggling, actually giggling. Helena loved the sound of Myka'a laugh. There was hardly anything more charming and innocent that she could think of to compare. In a moment Helena was on top and kissing down on Myka's smiling face. She would take the time to enjoy the finer points of Myka at another time, but there was currently a rapidly swelling need to kiss her breathless brewing in the pit of being that she had no intention of denying.

Helena kissed Myka's lips, then slowly worked down her jaw. Myka craned her neck to give Helena all the access should could need as the inventor's lips found their way to Myka's neck. With a nip of teeth and Myka's pulse point, Myka's back arched without consent and a low groan echoed from deep within Myka's throat. Spurred on by Myka's reaction, Helena moved her kisses lower, teasing Myka's collar bone with her tongue here and there. Myka's hands moved up and down Helena's back, not quite sure what to do with themselves. Helena, on the other hand, was moving hers up Myka's torso and pulling at Myka's pastel blue button-down blouse. With bare skin exposed, Helena moved back to Myka's lips. She kissed her passionately and deeply, not being able to hold in her own moan at the taste of Myka's supple lips. All the while her hands slide across Myka's stomach, sliding beneath the brunette's shirt to find Myka's breast, hidden beneath her simple cotton bra.

Helena gave Myka's breast a squeeze, letting her fingers slide from the base to the tip of the nipple several times. Myka opened her mouth and a tiny high pitched moan escaped her, and her hands fisted the satin material of Helena's shirt on her back. Helena took in Myka's moans and returned them with kisses; she teased at the covered breasts until she could feel the nipples raised and straining against the fabric. Finally she let her hands trail down Myka's sides and began to work at the fastens of Myka's bra.

All at once Myka was pushing Helena away from her. At first Helena thought Myka was just being playful and fought back. But Myka persisted and used much more force, driving Helena from on top of her.

"I'm sorry!" she kept repeating. "I'm so sorry, Helena. I can't…I can't do this!" Helena blinked and Myka was off the bed. She blinked again and Myka was slamming the door of the bathroom and locking herself in.

There is was again. For the second time within the hour, H.G Wells was very surprised.


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