Doctor who:

Timey, Wimey, time- business.

Questions and answers…

The blonde haired, Time- lord strolled through the doorway to the main control room. Her face was blank with flawless features. Emotionless. Donna had heard the conversation the two of them had had. She couldn't understand it, all she knew was that it involved her, River's past, the Doctors' future, and changing things.

A blue light came from behind River, a sapphire glow that calmed Donna and reminded her of the days she used to spend at the beach, with her ex- fiancé. The waves were soothing, backwards and forwards all day long and the sea enticed her smell, and gave her a craving for fish and chips. There she went again, with her wandering thoughts.

A Pop and a bang went off behind Donna and the doors to the ship flew open. "Why don't we have a pop outside? Alonse-y!" The Doctor announced. He was surprisingly calm after the conversation he had just had.

"Aren't you going to run a scan first, the air could be poisonous." River piped up.

"You can do that and Donna and I can stick our heads out the door whadaya say?"

"You aint doing that with me sunshine!" Donna commanded with her sharpest tone.

"Fine, I guess it will just be me then. Boring sods." The Doctor whispered under his breath. And with that he flung his head out the doors, eyes closed, and breath held, then he let in the biggest breath he could like it was the last he would ever get then all of a sudden he choked and flung the doors shut and ran to the control panel and yelled, "WE'RE LEAVING!"

His eyes ignited in a blast of emotion, too strong for his face to hold, his cheeks blew red like a volcano, and his eyes swelled up with tears, like a waterfall. Thoughts raced and emotions bubbled, whilst the Doctor tried his hardest to stop the intense wave of sadness but he couldn't contain it. Donna could see into his heart like an open window, and she sensed River could do it too, she became slightly jealous, but had no idea why she didn't fancy the Doctor, he was her best friend but she could feel it inside her, churning in the depths of her subconscious like a lion in a cage.

Just like before he ran around pulling leavers and pressing buttons, but nothing happened, and the silence was broken by the other person aboard the ship.

"Doctor? What is it?

"Nothing. We just have to leave." The Doctor gasped.

"I know you my love, so please just tell me." River whispered.

He stood there frozen, and simply replied, "Look outside." With that the two companions walked over to the door, they were bathed in a flaming light. Mist covered the land and snow fell from a cloudless sky and two suns burned in eternal glory.

Green grass grew all around the T.A.R.D.I.S. with their tips turned white from frost. A wind blew all around them causing certain plants to spray multicolored pollen everywhere. The sun on Donna's left was a bright orange and burned intensely creating a layer of haze above them. Sparkling stones blinded the two Time- lords, while orange snow formed within the haze and fell down onto Rivers tongue, it tasted like freshly baked apple pie, tickling her taste buds and causing her mouth to water. The second sun however was a bluish white and burned like ice, but made everything so much more sparkly, everything that the light from that sun touched radiated with diamond studs, like stars on a cloudless night. This place was beautiful, bright an alive.

An immense citadel stood before them with different extensions all over the place, it had a spire at the top and dome's at the bottom, and it seemed to go on forever. Colors of orange, green, blue, and white decorated the building in all different places creating a master piece of art. Surrounding the city like building was a glass shield, probably to control weather conditions.

It was magnificent!

"Doctor!? We can't be here! You've told me the stories… Doctor!?"

"Why? What is this place?" Donna asked inquisitively.

This place was like fire and ice, and rage. It was like night and the storm and the heart of the sun. It was ancient and forever. It would burn at the centre of the universe…. And it was wonderful!

It was a mirror of the Doctor. It was him.