-Chapter four-

-She's been a crazy dita, disco diva makes you wonder: Who's that chick? WHO'S THAT CHICK? Too cold for you to keep her, too hot for you to leave her? Who's that chick? WHO'S THAT CHICK?

-Rihanna ( Who's that chick )

(Kagome P.O.V)

I wake up to screaming, hollering, and by myself. I felt kind of lonely, after what happened last night. I went to go up on the deck and saw a bunch of demon pirates that were not from this crew. "Aha!" A girl with red hair and matching dog ears showing from her captain hat scowled. I tilted my head to the side, utterly confused. "Princess Higurashi." She said with a smirk. "I'd like you to meet your new captain."

"WHAT THE BLOODY FUCKING HELL?!" I screamed. I NEVER said the F word, but well, now seemed like a good time to use it. "Alright, Misaki, leave her alone, you probably scared her that I, her long lost love, died." Inuyasha joked, coming out behind me. I blushed and looked away. "AH! NO, PLEASE! I…I WOULD BE HAPPY IF SHE WAS OUR CAPTAIN!" I flustered. "I am already a captain." Misaki giggled. "Besides, who's THAT chick?" I said, not using the formal English voice. "This, is Captain Misaki, me and her are just childhood friends, she is the captain of the 'Scarlet Jewel'." Inuyasha informed me. I nodded and held out my hand for her to shake. "Nice to meet you, captain Misaki." I greeted. "As for you, princess." She shook her hand with her hand and smiled. I smiled back. "Please, do not be offended by this, but do you have any EXTRA dresses?" Misaki asked. I looked at her a little weirdly. Why would she want a dress? "Yes, I do! Follow me!" I didn't want to be rude, so I took her into my bedroom and show her my dresses that she could take, after all, I'm in my pirate outfit, because soon, I'll be a pirate, and NO LONGER a princess. "WEEEE!" Misaki squealed twirling in a yellow royal dress. I smiled, I haven't had that much fun with dresses in years. "What dress will you be wearing for your pirate initiation tonight?" She asked. I froze. THE INITIATION WAS TONIGHT? "I think that one will look good for tonight" Misaki pointed to my favorite. It was a light blue, almost the color of my fathers, and had the most beautiful laced ribbon around the waist. I nodded. "What time will the initiation be held at?" I asked. "In four hours." She replied. I gulped and started getting ready. I AM a princess after all, and princesses are supposed to look good, because I know on the first day here, I wasn't. I was bed headed, barefoot, and was running in a simple night gown. So attractive, I know. I started rushing through my hair when Misaki put her hand on my shoulder. "Do not worry princess, I'll be glad to help." She smiled. She brushed my hair softly and was done in about 10 minutes. We then ramaged through my shoes and found some nice white heels, they hopefully wouldn't hurt my feet too much, even though if the intiation was in a couple of hours. After 2 HOURS of cleaning up each other's faces, hair, shoes, and jewelry, we put on our dresses. I got out my camera my father gave me, Misaki didn't question it and smiled as I took the picture, it was as if she knew what it was. I gave her the camera and she looked at it and smiled. "Nice shot." She grinned. I smiled back as we head out onto the deck. It was time now, and Inuyasha's jaw dropped and I grinned. I thought to have fun with this and I smirked sexish. His face blushed even more and I tried to hold back a laugh. Misaki did the same and one of her crew mates blushed. "Alright, let's go." Inuyasha turned, obviously flustered, and went into the kitchen. We followed him and I saw Kikyo in the corner, VERY ANGRY. I just ignored her and sat my eyes back on the terrible pokerfaced captain. He told me to sit down in the middle of the kitchen, and I did…even though I found it weird since I wasn't sitting in a chair. "Hello and welcome crew, I am captain Inuyasha…" and a bunch of other stupid announcements were made from Inuyasha. He was saying stuff about finding me and I just shook my head and looked around the kitchen. 'My god, you would think we would be trying to kill each other now?' I thought looking at Kikyo. But THIS time, she had a knife in her hands. I gulped and turned back to Inuyasha. He looked at me and laughed. "NOW IT IS TIME FOR THIS PRINCESS TO FIGHT!" Inuyasha hollered. Now this is the time for Kikyo to rip my throat out. "Uh….shit." I moaned. The crew mates laughed and Misaki stepped forward. "Don't fret, princess, here's your sword. DO NOT STAB TO HARD towards Kikyo." She giggled. GREAT. JUST GREAT. NOW I HAVE TO STAB KIKYO TO WIN TOO? "LET THE BATTLE COMMENCE!" Miroku signaled. The crew mates backed up for me and kikyo to fight. I let her lunge first, and I dodged of course. I jumped and stepped on her head, forcing her to the ground. "A little clumsy today, eh?" I mocked her, urging her to get mad and charge again. But this time I saw a light from her sword. I looked a little bit worried, but made sure my powers could do the same. We clashed swords, both with equal strength. I landed backwards, her strength over powered mine in time. I growled, clearly angered of that part. I now lunge to her and she took a step back, amazed I didn't give up. I flew up into the air and did a twirl. I didn't want to stab her, so I just kicked her. She fell and I backed up. Clearly, this fight was going to last for a while. I saw blood rise from her lip and there was a gun shot that I guess was meant to end the match. "Eh?" I looked up confused. "You idiot…" Kikyo murmured. "If you didn't drew blood….we still be fighting, and I would kill you." "THAT'S IT!" Miroku announced. "YOU ARE NOW AN OFFICIAL PIRATE HIGURASHI KAGOME! CONGRADULATIONS!" I looked up in happiness. "finally," I said to myself. Inuyasha walked down to me and hugged me. I hugged back and I could feel Kikyo's jealous aura from behind. 'Well, that's not a happy face.' I thought. Inuyasha realeased me and smiled. "Congrats, princess-" I cut him off. "Please, don't call me that. Either pirate or Kagome. I do not want to be reminded of my former princess duties. Those days are over." Inuyasha looked at me in shock. In fact, the whole room looked shock. "I AM NOW PIRATE HIGURASHI!" I praised myself, knocking out the silence. Everyone screamed, hollered, and clapped. I smiled hugely and looked at Sango and Misaki. They were looking at me with big grins at themselves. Sango mouthed "Congratulations." "Thanks." I mouthed back. After a lot of partying, drinking, and talking to other crew mates, I found myself in the bedroom and looking through my bag for a night gown. I took off my dress when I heard a door open I held my dress to my chest and looked to see who it was. The captain shrieked and closed the door, I still had the feeling that he was looking. I thought it was just my paranoia and started to change into my night gown. When I was done, I told him he could come in, which he did. "Nice body-" I slapped him across the face. "YOU PERVERT! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?! DON'T THINK I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE STILL LOOKING WHEN I YELLED." I growled in disgust. He took a step back, because he knew I was angry at him. His eyes though started to go red, and it was as if he was about to attack. I almost screamed, but instead buried his face in his chest, which was stupid, because that's an open attack right there, and repeated the words, sorry over and over again. I could feel him become less tense and he hugged me back. "What…what happened?" He asked confused. "You…your eyes started to go red, and I started to get scared, and I slapped you and called you a pervert, and I'm- I'm sorry!" tears started to come down from my eyes. "No! Please! Don't cry!" Inuyasha told me and I couldn't help but cry even more. I buried my face deeper into his chest and he held me tighter. He was warm, and I didn't want to let go. I wish…at that moment…time would stop…forever.

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