Beautifulpaw was lying on a flat, smooth rock. She loved how the sun warmed up her gorgeous white fur.

"This is the best day I've had so far," Beautifulpaw thought.

She hadn't done a lot of work today, other than patrolling half of the border, and catching two mice, and had eaten one of them. So far, it had been a moon since she had been made an apprentice.

She continued to be sprawled out on the flat warm, rocks, until a green tom seemed to have popped out from the middle of nowhere.

He prodded her on the shoulder, and said, "Beautifulpaw! Wintersnow needs you! Skyrock is giving birth!"

Beautifulpaw lifted her head up, and glared at him.

"Isn't that, like, Starpaw's job or something?"

"Starpaw had to go to the Medicine Cat's Convention! You'll have to do it!"

Beautifulpaw groaned as she trudged to the nursery. There, as Martianpaw had said, was Skyrock giving birth.

A Siamese with curly fur was tending to her. It turned around and purred, "Finally, you're here, Beautifulpaw. The kit's almost out. When it does come out, I need you to nip the sac, and push it towards its mother."

Wintersnow exclaimed, "One more push, Skyrock! The kits' almost out!"

The stick Skyrock had been crunching on finally snapped in half, and three kits popped out. Beautifulpaw nipped the sacs, and pushed them towards their mother.

Wintersnow and Skyrock looked at the kits with joy. Beautifulpaw, however, had a much sadder look on her face.

One of the kits was a dark, sickly, green, the other one was gray, and the last one was brown and white.

"Two she-cats and a tom," Wintersnow purred.

"Huh," Beautifulpaw said sadly.

Skyrock pointed her tail at the green one.

"This one should be Zombiekit. She's green and dark like one, and Rareglimmer's always wanted a kit named after a monster."

Beautifulpaw pointed her tail at the gray kit.

"She-she should be called Rainkit… her pelt is gray, and that was my-my… sister's name."

Wintersnow groaned, "Beautifulpaw, you're still not sad about your sister's death, are you?"

"NO," she screeched.

A Siamese tom and a white kit with strange dark grey eyes walked into the nursery.

The Siamese tom purred, "Skyrock, our kits are beautiful. What are their names?"

Skyrock replied, "The green kit's name is Zombiekit, and the gray kit's name is Rainkit. We haven't named the brown and white one yet."

The older kit said, "How about Deerkit?"

"That's a great name, Cometkit," Wintersnow answered.


Skyrock hissed, "Now get outta here! I need to rest you know!"

The four cats stormed out of the den.

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