"Juudiame, Hibari's back," an octopus like haired man said, as he entered the office.

'Juudiame' looked up, and sighed, more paperwork.

"Let me guess, Hibari came home, but then as he entered, Chrome and Mukuro also walked inside. Then Mukuro decided to tease him, so he then got attacked by our skylark, an-" he was interrupted.

A loud bang echoed inside the large mansion. Followed by some crashes and screeches from some maids.

"...And are now fighting in front of the entrance, is scaring everybody, especially Lambo?" the now golden eyed man stood up, looking ready to stop some battle maniacs.

"Hai Juudiame, sorry," the other replied as he followed the other out.

"Gokudera, it's not your fault, now while you stop Mukuro, i'll try to stop Hibari and hold him back long enough without getting hit," the man smiled, his eyes full of mystery, and shined royally.

Although, in the back of his mind, the man's 'hyper intuition' nagged at him.


"HIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEE!" this very feminine scream rang in all of Namimori. "Reborn! What do you mean something bad is going to happen!?"

"Exactly what I said No good-Tsuna, 'keep your guard up and be careful something ominous is going to happen' now for making me repeat your going to do twenty laps around Namimori middle, go now" Reborn cocked his gun.

After this poor little Tuna fish screamed once more and began to run did Reborn feel how serious the problem could be.

"Keep your guard up, Tsuna."


"Giotto! Go and finish your paperwork!" a pink, maybe red-haired man yelled, as he angrily exited the large office.

The people in the mansion could only shake their head and chuckle in amusement at one him. The tattooed man stormed around looking for this 'Giotto' although, to no avail. The man fumed, how could he forget to check if Giotto was doing his paperwork.

As the very angry man busted into every room, he suddenly realized he hadn't checked the most obvious place; Giotto's bedroom. As the man ran towards the room he knocked loudly rather than slamming the door and bursting in, like last time.

"Giotto, if you're in there, you better not jump out the window or something, like last time!" his red eyes shined evilly.

Inside the closed room only a quiet whimper was heard. A whimper that meet the right hand man's ears, and the door was slammed open. To show a very sick man, he tried to sit up, only to fall back down.

"Giotto! What's happened!? Idiot! Don't try to sit up! No wait I'll go get Knuckle!"

A groaned was heard, and very shaky voice said, "G. I don't know if this is just a sickness or my intuition, it might even be both, I can't tell, if it is my intuition then something bad is going to happen, or it's already happening," as the blonde finished, he promptly fainted, into his bed sheets.