This is for Patricia Sage, because she's the Kurt to my Blaine ... and because she unwittingly co-authored this ;)

Kurt loves the fall.

The thing he likes best is how there's still a lingering warmth in the air, memories from those hot, lazy days of summer, but it's getting a little colder from the approaching winter. It's the anticipation that really gets him going – not at all like the spring, where it's freezing and he's praying for it to warm up. Not as stifling as the summer heat can be – not that he doesn't like summer, with those long afternoons lounging by the pool, Blaine in swim trunks rubbing sun lotion into his back – oh, he likes summer.

But there's just something about the fall.

Something about the end of an era, but the start of the new one too. The first day of school, college, a new job. Something about making good impressions and new friends. Fall fashion, with its russet tones and, if he's lucky, scarves will be in again this year.

There's something about the taste of pumpkin spice on his tongue, Blaine's tongue, and oh he just can't get enough.

It's the leaves, too. How one minute, they're changing colour, but soon enough he's walking down streets that are covered in orange and yellow and red and gold, and they're getting swept off the trees by the wind and they're flying, flying. Yes, there's something about the leaves. It's when he steps on them too – the satisfaction of the crisp crunch. It's when Blaine's running round like a little kid, jumping into every pile he sees, fall-leaf-eyes sparkling. It's when he drags Kurt down too, and he pretends to be annoyed, but really, that's the best part – warm arms around him, coffee, leaves and spice in the air. He thinks they should bottle that scent – it would sell for millions.

It's Hallowe'en too – it's the 'what shall we go as this year?' conversation, which always happens by the poolside. It's the build-up – the measuring and cutting and sewing. It's Blaine changing his mind at the last minute because he's got a new favourite super-hero now, and it's Kurt sighing and winking and 'well, we'll just have to measure you up again'. It's carving the jack o' lanterns and making sure one of them has triangular eyebrows and a subtle suggestion of a bow tie because, why not?

It's remembering his mother telling him that the carrots are the sweetest if you pick them after first frost, and it's promising to himself that one day they'll have their own little house and their own little garden and their own little child to give all the sweetest carrots to.

That's what fall means to Kurt.

So when Blaine comes home with the first pumpkin spice latte of the season, they split it, then they kiss for hours, just to keep the taste on their tongues.

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