Chapter 3

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"Why do you think the Hokage called us on our day offs?" Shika asked.

"Well, from what I've heard, there seems to be reports that there are suspicious people lurking in the forest….." Neji said while stealing glances at Shika's bubble butt.

"This is troublesome…." Shika said.

After a few minutes of walking and Shika avoiding being groped by Neji and Lee, they finally arrived at the Hokage Tower.

When they got there Naruto and the others are already there. Naruto was being his usual self, whiny.

'This is totally troublesome' Shikamaru thought as he heard Naruto whine again.

"Master Hokage, may I ask why we're here.?" Kakashi-sensei finally said getting tired of Naruto's whining.

"Well as all of you are here, I won't beat around the bush. I'm sure you've heard of suspicious people lurking in the forest", the Hokage said.

Everyone nodded.

"What of it Tsunade-sama?" Neji asked.

"There are complaints from the merchants who come to other villages that they don't feel safe as long as those people are still there. It seems that the people are looking for someone; someone beautiful and smart."

"Uhm…..Hokage-sama, how do you know that?" Sakura asked her sensei.

"They stop the carriages of princesses and other noble that passes through there. They also stopped the women and men who looked beautiful and smart. So I called you all here to form a plan to capture the people," the Hokage said.

"Isn't it just easier to make a bait to catch those people?" Shika said lazily.

"Very good Shika!" the Hokage said, "and all we have to do is decide who the bait is"

All the men turned to Shika.

"Well, I guess it is decided Shika will be the bait. Not only you are the smartest one here, you are also the most beautiful, even girly than the girls."

All the girls except Hinata gasped and glared at Shika.

Shika just looked at the Hokage disbelievingly with a gaping mouth.

"Wouldn't it be easier to let a GIRL handle it?" Ino said glaring at Shika. Everybody knows that Ino is just jealous at Shika since he has every man's attention. And she has no one to whore herself out. Apparently Sakura feels the same as Ino but has more self-control than the girl.

"Yes, I totally agree," Shika agreed not wanting to be the bait for it is so troublesome for him.

"We will just vote for it. Everybody can nominate someone and say why you nominate him/her."

"I nominate Shika-chan," Kiba said.

"I nominate myself," Ino, still glaring at Shika, said.

"Any other nominations?...None?...Then it is time to vote," the Hokage said.

"Who votes for Shika?"

All of the men except Shikamaru, raised their hands. Shizune and Hinata also raised their hands.

"Who is in favor of Ino?"

All the girls except for Shizune and Hinata raised their hands. Shikamaru raised his hand in favor of Ino.

"It's decided then Shika will be the bait," Tsunade said.

"Don't I get to say anything about this situation? I am the one you're trying to make bait," Shikamaru asked annoyed at the Hokage.

"You can't say anything."

"But- ," Ino started.

"No buts."

"Shikamaru stay after the meeting we have to prepare you for this mission. I need you all to prepare for this mission and be careful. These criminals are not the usual. If my resources are correct, and they always are, these criminals are S-ranked. You are all dismissed."

Everybody except Shika and the Hokage left.

"Now Shika we need to dress you appropriate to the occasion," said the Hokage with a devilish glint in her eye..

Shika just sighed and said troublesome with a pout that made him look even cuter.

~~~~~~~~~ON THE JUNGLE~~~~~~~~~~~~

"So Sasuke do you know any beautiful and smart people in the village?" Itachi asked his brother.

"I know a very smart person. He is Shikamaru, he's the first one who became chuunin in our batch. But I don't know if he's beautiful though I haven't seen him for how many years now," Sasuke replied.

"Well, there's one way to find out, we can spy on him. Do you by any chance know where he lives?"

"He's a Nara so he's probably on the Nara's woods, where the deer sanctuary is."

"Let's go" ..

~~~~~~~~~WITH SHIKAMARU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

'What a troublesome day it is today' Shikamaru sighed as he went to the woods his family owned.

He just ran away from the men who tried to grope him in the village. He thought that the Hokage must really hate him since she dressed him up even though the mission didn't start yet.

Shikamaru sighed again… "Troublesome"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BACK TO THE UCHIHAS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"We're here," Sasuke said.

"We just need to wait for him," Itachi said.

After a while they heard someone walking in the path. The Uchiha brothers stealthily hid on the branches. But what they saw after shocked them, a long silence surrounded the two brothers.

Finally Sasuke managed to gasp out, "Oh MY GOD…."

"S-s-sasuke, is that the Nara?" Itachi stuttered out.

Sasuke just nodded.

"WOW," they both said.

To be continued

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