Author's Note: Um... I just wanted to say before hand that writing is not my speciality, even though I wish it were. Other than that... enjoy?

"Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero..." ~Marc Brown

Sam didn't do so well today on the hunt. First time his father actually trusted him with something so important, and he screwed it up. But his dad's gone now; probably off to some bar to drink away his disappointment and frustrations.

It's getting frighteningly common these days.

Scrunching down further into the dingy motel mattress, Sam crushes his eyes closed and wishes he was somewhere he couldn't ruin things.


The sound of his older brother's voice brings Sam up short, and he pulls his mop of curly hair above the blankets and turn to look up at his brother. Dean stares down at him, the corner of his mouth twisted into a half frown.

Sam doesn't need to be a genius to see the wary concern simmering in the murky green depths of his brother's eyes.

"What? Did Dad ask you to give me a talk?" Sam asks, his voice dejected. "Or are you mad that I messed up, too?"

Dean shakes his head, and then nudges Sam's blanket covered waist with his hand.

"Scooch over," Dean insists. Sam watches him for a moment, before sighing a heavy huff and doing as he is told. Once Dean in comfy on the bed and stretching his legs out, he turns his head to take in his little brother's guarded eyes, and that expectant look he gets whenever Dad is about to give him a sound lashing.

Dean just smiles.

"I'm so proud of you," he says.

Sam starts.

"W-what?" he stutters, thrown for a loop. He wasn't prepared for his brother to say anything like that.

"I. Am. Proud. Of you," Dean said slowly, rolling his eyes for effect. He reached out and runs his fingers through Sam's hair, messing up the already perpetually messy strands. "You did good today- you kept a cool head and you listened. You're going to be an awesome Hunter, I know it."

Sam tries to keep the smile off his face, even as his brother's words make warmth blossom in his chest.

"Y-yeah? You really think so?" he asks timidly, knowing he trusts Dean's words more than their father's. Dean nods with all the assurance of a teenager, and nudges his brother with his elbow conspiratorially.

"I know so," he declares softly. "You and me?" He moves his finger back and forth between himself and Sam. "We're gonna be like superheroes, fighting all the bad guys. We're gonna be all about justice and stuff- well, most of the time."

Dean chuckles. "And we can even get girls," he adds, like that is the best reward being a superhero can offer.

Sam's lips split into a goofy grin.

"Yeah we are!" he agrees, sitting up next to Dean excitedly.

Dean smirks at him.

"I'll be like Batman, and you can be Robin," he says, folding his arms across his chest and looking nothing but smug.

Sam starts to nod, but then stops once he realizes what Dean has just said.

"Hey!" he frowns, and then grabs his pillow and hits Dean with it. "Why do I get to be Robin?"

Dean is too overcome with laughter to answer, even as Sam smacks him again with his pillow.

"You can be Robin! I'll be Batman with a cape and everything!"

Dean can only laugh again, even as a particularly hard smack from Sam's pillow sends him flying off the bed and onto the floor.

Sam knows deep down, however- even if he will always protest to Dean the contrary -that he's willing to be Robin for as long as it means he and Dean can be superheroes together.


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