Mario's Cabin

(Mario's POV)

I was lying on my bed doing absolutely nothing until my brother Luigi came in. "MARIO I GOT GREAT NEWS!" he shouted. "I'M MOVING OUT!"

"What? Why?" I asked as I jumped out of bed.

"Because me and Daisy will need to have our own private time. And it's just that we won't want you to get in the way." Luigi stated as he worryingly smiled. I was completely speechless. How can Luigi say that I'll get in his way of romance? He stated. "So before I go I'm gonna invite you, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Wario and Waluigi to my mansion for a sleepover." "Wait, your gonna live in the same mansion that was haunted until you got all the ghost out?" I asked Luigi. He nodded and I slapped myself in the face. Then I asked. "What is wrong with you, you're gonna live in a mansion with ghost in there!" Luigi patted me on the shoulder. "It's gonna be okay." He told me as we left for Mushroom Kingdom.


(Peach's POV)

Me, Daisy and Rosalina were sitting on the couch sharing a bowl of popcorn while watching a scary movie. I had no idea what the movie was called, Daisy just showed it to me and I just gave my okay. Anyways in the middle of the movie Mario and Luigi came in. "Hey Princesses, Luigi came to ask you three something." Mario stated as Luigi cleared his throat. "So I came to ask you three, do you guys wanna come and see me and Daisy's mansion for a sleepover?" He asked. Daisy jumped up with glee. "We're living in a mansion!?" she shouted as she jumped on Luigi. He nodded while she shrieked. Rosalina stood up and clapped her hands. "This is exciting,you two love birds are gonna be so happy together." she smiled. "Hey, have any of you seen Wario or Waluigi today?" Mario asked. All three of us shook our heads no as the Mario brothers were leaving.


(Wario's POV)

"Where the heck are those stupid Mario Brothers?" I shouted as I knocked on Mario's door for the tenth time.

"Maybe we should come back later." Waluigi said as he started to walk away when all of a sudden the Mario bros. finally showed up. "Hi there Wario and Waluigi." Mario greeted. "Well anyways, would you two like to visit me and Daisy's future home?" Luigi asked.

"What's the catch?" Waluigi asked.

"If you guys attend we'll give you 200 coins each." Mario stated plainly.

"Deal." I said as me and Mario shook hands.

To Be Continued...