(Peach's POV)

I was running as fast as I can to Daisy. I was thinking on what horrible thing that will be going on with her. As I came in she turned around to show me two dresses. One light yellow while the other was white. They had the exact same design on them which was the same thing on the dress that Daisy was already wearing. "Hey Peach I wanna ask you which dress would you like to see me wear at the wedding, this one? She asked as she held the light yellow one. Then she held up the white one and asked. "But I like this one. See Peach isn't this hard to decide?" I looked at her with shock and I asked her. "So all this time you're screaming over dresses?" Daisy replied. "No I was screaming because I am so excited that Luigi and I are getting married soon." I just slapped myself in the face. I couldn't believe that I ran here for absolutely nothing.

"Come on Daisy,we have to go to the hospital clinic." I stated.

"Why? Besides none of us are hurt right? Daisy asked.

"Mario is in there."

"For what reason?"

I sighed. "Come on Daisy." I said as I grabbed her.


(Luigi's POV)

When the doctor got in here he was checking to see if he was okay. "He's in a coma." He finally said after hours of checks. This is bad. Very VERY bad. Since my brother's down I'll have to step to the plate. Finally Peach ran in with Daisy as the doctor was leaving out. "So how's Mario doing?" Peach asked. I replied softly. "He's in a coma." Peach covered her mouth as tears began to run down her eyes. All of a sudden,just like an instant Mario sat up. His eyes grew huge as he looked at me. Then he said a word that I didn't quite understand. After that he pouched on Peach and Daisy. They were both kicked in the head as he ran towards me. I grabbed my hammer and swung at him,which as a result made him go back to the non moving state. I cried a complete tears after that. I just couldn't believe I did that. I walked over to Daisy and Peach. They were both alright but Peach had red hair. "Um...Peach, what is wrong with your hair?" I asked her before she dropped to the floor. Daisy gasped. She kneed down to her and asked. "Peach? Are you still alive in there?" As I ran to get the doctor again Daisy kept an eye on her.

(Daisy's POV)

I began to cry. My best friend. Gone with the wind. I pumped her chest to see if her heart was still beating. I found out that it wasn't. I laid down on her chest and cried on it. I pound on her chest as I shouted. "WHY? WHY? WHY?" I cried as I heard footsteps come in. I turned to see Luigi and the doctor. I stepped back as they got Peach on the bed and the doctor checked her.


(Peach's POV)

When I came to I saw Daisy and Luigi looking down on me. Daisy smiled as she ran to hug me. "I knew you won't die on me." Luigi walked up to Mario's bed as we saw him starting to get up. "Mario?" Luigi asked as Mario turn to him. Then he stated. "We're getting out of here." "AAAAWWWWWW!" Daisy complained. "Do we really have to?" I turned to her and stated. "Daisy we have to go. Before anyone else get hurt." "I think it might be a little too late for that." a voice said. We turned to see Rosalina and Wario coming up to us. She showed us Waluigi's hat. "He's gone." Wario cried. "Hold me Rosie!" he shouted while trying to get a hug. But she luckily moved before she got "assaulted". "Ew...No!" She shouted. Suddenly one of the Toad chefs came in. He was holding a small box. "For you from our king Princess." he said as he gave it to me. "He said when he laid hie eyes on you he was locked with eternal love." We all looked at each other in wonder. Who could that person be? Could it be Bowser or King Boo? As the Toad left Mario stated the plan. "Okay guys. So first we're gonna see if Waluigi really is dead. After that we're gonna go and find out who or what has a crush on my girl...I-I mean Peach and then we're getting out got it?" We nodded as we when to find Waluigi. But while we were leaving Mario was still blushing. We both stopped to talk. "Mario it's okay." I giggled. "The words just slipped out of your mouth that's all." I quickly gave him a kiss and dashed off.