The Father Never Known Chapter 3

A/N: Now that we've seen a flicker of emotion from Damon, hopefully we'll start to see more of his humanity emerge once he starts to slowly realize what this child means to him. Now, onto the third chapter!

Chapter 3

Pools of blue began to open up as Delena's eyes fluttered open, her small crystalline hues blinking weakly as they slowly adjusted to the dimly lit room, confusion quickly taking over her, not knowing how she got on this bed. The last thing she could remember was being downstairs with Damon who was yelling at her and acting very strange. She hoped she hadn't done anything wrong. She hated when she got in trouble, which was extremely rare since Damon hardly ever got mad at her, except for today.

Slowly, Delena moved into a sitting position, the covers that were on her shoulders slowly fell to her small lap. "Where Daddy?" she asked in a small voice, her tiny turquoise optics looking around as fear built up inside her, thinking that he had gone off and left her here, all alone.

Carefully, Delena crawled off of the bed and slid to the ground, looking around with curiosity before toddling around the spacious room, wanting to explore this new place. Maybe there would be some toys that she could play with. She continued to wander around this unknown area when a shadow looming in the doorway stopped her in her tracks. Delena slowly turned her cerulean optics towards the entryway to see Damon standing there, arms crossed over his chest, and burning cobalt orbs glaring in the direction of the small toddler. "What do you think you're doing?!" he snapped harshly towards her, his angered tone filling the air while Delena's innocent eyes lingered on his muscular form, unsure of what he was saying.

A low growl tore through Damon's pursed lips as his azure hues flashed dangerously, taking small steps towards Delena. "What's your name, kid? Surely you understand that."

Delena stared at Damon for a few seconds as his anger continued to grow before she meekly responded. "Mwe Dewena. Why Dada wask dat?"

A long sigh passed through the tired vampire's lips as he gave the girl a warning glare, his anger nearly reaching its peak. "Delena, huh? How original." He let out a chuckle, slightly amused as he continued to look at the child with a bemused expression. "Why are you here, Delena?"

Delena stared at Damon with a confused expression, wondering what kind of question was that. Damon spat bitterly and shook his head when he recieved no response. "Never mind! It doesn't matter anyways. You should consider yourself lucky that you're still alive."

The child and Damon continued to stare at each other for a few minutes before Damon spun on his heel, starting to head out of here and away from this annoying child. He was stopped by a tiny voice, calling out to him. "Dada no weave."

The last remaining control on his anger snapped as Damon spun around and glared at the child through bloodshot eyes, veins pulsating around his aquatic optics. "I AM NOT YOUR FUCKING DADDY!"

The sheer force and magnitude of his yelling sent Delena scrambling backwards as tears filled her vision, loud cries spilling through her open brims as oceanic eyes glared daggers at the seemingly loud-mouthed child. "Shut the fuck up!" Damon roared, causing Delena's minuscule body to jump slightly while she continued her onslaught of crying. Damon rolled his eyes and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him, causing the wall to vibrate from the force.

Delena continued to cry as she laid curled up on the bed, her tears damping the pillow as the flowed down her chubby face, not understanding why her daddy was being so mean. She didn't like it, not one bit. The little girl had no idea what happened to the man who loved her. All she knew is that she wanted him back.


A low sigh passed through Damon's lips as he sat on the couch, the feeling of guilt hitting him deep inside once again. This had never happened before, so why now? Why was he starting to feel after 145 years of total darkness? He frowned deeply. It had something to do with that kid. It all started when she came into the picture, and now, the walls he built around himself were beginning to crumble at the hands of an infant. Damon shook his head angrily. He had to find away to get rid of the child, and fast, before she did even more damage to him.

The sloshing of the amber colored liquid in the crystalline tumbler was music to Damon's ears as he tipped back the glass, allowing the alcohol to enter his body and rid himself of these foolish emotions. Monsters don't feel. They can't feel.