Sorry about the mix up. Its not humanized. I know I've been making a lot of mistakes, I think it's because I'm writing a humanized story at the same time. I plan on going back and removing the mistakes from previous chapters.

When Private, Rico and Kowalski climbed out of the river just outside the base, they were met by Brigadier General Hill.

"Do you have the weapon?" Hill asked.

"Private, step forward." Skipper ordered.

"You named the weapon without authorization?"

"Well, was I supposed to call the kid, QHC-1?"

"It's not a kid, it's a weapon," Private cringed, "Take QHC-1 to lab 54. You know your way around the base?"

"Yes, sir. QHC-1 fall in line." Skipper ordered. Private remained frozen. Skipper slapped him. Private stumbled, regaining his balance before falling in behind Rico.


"Yes, sir." Skipper turned around.

"I assume you have brought ex-Second Lieutenant Rico in for questioning?"

"No sir. He's part of the team."

The team entered lab 54. Immediately they were met by a young penguin, who's feather's looked unusually singed, as if an invention he had been working on had spontaneously exploded.

"I'm, Kowalski, sir. My superior, Special Agent Allen is waiting in the lab. Do you have the weapon?" Kowalski reported.

"Yes we have the weapon." Skipper shoved Private forward.

"Hello, Kowalski." Private politely extended a flipper. Skipper slapped him.

"I... I had no idea... A child was the weapon..." Kowalski stuttered taking a few steps back.

"Get over it." Skipper interrupted.

"Yes sir." Kowalski led the way to an office just inside the lab. He knocked. The door opened. Inside was a tall and slightly lanky penguin sitting at a desk. Skipper made the assumption he was Special Agent Allen.

"So, this is the QHC-1," Allen stood up from behind his desk, "Kowalski, tell the lab boys to run the usual tests then get him on the front line. I want those crazy snake cult people dead by tomorrow." The phone wrang. Special Agent Allen listened for a few seconds before slamming the phone on its receiver.

"Sir?" Skipper asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Skip the tests. Kowalski, get Skipper and the weapon up to the top of the building. The enemy's in position. We need that hypercute now!"

Private stood on the roof of the base, overlooking the battle below. Fortunately, it hadn't occurred to any of the snakes storming the base to look up, otherwise he, Kowalski and the team would be dead.

"Alright Private, do that hypercute thing." Skipper ordered. Private shrunk back from the edge of the roof.


"What do you mean, no?" Skipper replied.

"I won't do it. I'm not a weapon." Private turned his back to the battle below. Skipper slapped him. Private winced, but refused to move, "I don't care what you do. I don't even care if you kill me. I'm not a weapon." Skipper shoved Private dangerously close to the edge, forcing him to look at the scene below.

"What do you see down there? Those snakes are viciously attacking our brothers. Private, those soldiers down there have families! Do you really want to let them die? Where's you're loyalty?"

"Those snakes down there have families."

"You aren't going to kill them. You're just knocking them out."

"So you can kill them." Skipper slapped him so hard the younger penguin screamed in pain. That was a bad move. The snakes below looked up. Skipper only just pulled Private away from the edge as the first wave of spears, arrows and other projectiles were fired.

"Evasive!" Skipper shouted. Rico was down on his belly immediately. Kowalski and Private simply stood there, stunned. Rico knocked them over before the second wave hit. Skipper belly slid to the door that led to the base below. The third wave hit. Immediately Skipper ordered them inside. Just as the door shut behind them Skipper heard someone, certainly not a penguin, shout: "Ready explosive catapult!"

"Hover dam! Men, we are getting out of here now!" Skipper ordered the three other penguins.

"We are going to stand our ground!" Brigadier General Hill shouted running towards them.

"With all due respect general, they have an explosive catapult! We need to evacuate before they hit a fuel reserve." Skipper replied.

"Then I will die with honor along side my men."

"If you get out now, then your men won't be dead." The Brigadier General drew his gun, pointing it at Skipper.

"I will not have deserters on my base," Skipper raised his hands in surrender. Hill pulled a remote control from his pocket and pressed the single button.

"Emergency containment protocols: Engaged" A computer voice announced.

"Rico, flamethrower me!" The Brigadier general never knew what hit him.

The four penguins belly slid towards the base's exit, racing the fire that threatened to envelop them. They made it out just as the doors slid shut behind him. Skipper climbed over the no longer electrified fence and dived for cover behind a large rock, the other's following suit. The catapult must have hit the fuel storage center because the building suddenly exploded burning debris falling from the sky. The enemy continued to fire on the already defeated base. Luckily, the four escapees hadn't been spotted. Kowalski buried his head in his hands. He'd only been in the military a few months, the whole time that base had been his home.

"Get your act together, soldier!" Skipper shouted in Kowalski's face.

"For mackerel's sake! I'm only a low level analyst!" Kowalski shouted as the base he had previously worked in burned, turning the sky a bright orange.

"Well, congratulations on your promotion Lieutenant Kowalski." Skipper replied.

"But... But.." Kowalski stammered.

"So, should I promote the psycho who could snap at any moment, or would you prefer the ten year old who's currently clinging to his lunicorn for dear life." Skipper replied sarcastically.

"I see your point." Kowalski snapped.

"So you're an analyst. Start analyzing."