Hello, ladies and gentlemen, this is my try at the Pepperony 30-day challenge. I'm going to cheat by not updating every day, but I'll try my best to finish it before the end of November.

And I do not own the characters, unfortunately...

"Hey, that's rude!" yelled the young Miss Potts.

"Sorry." The young boy in front of her said quietly, but as soon as she turned his back to him he felt another pull at her left pigtail.

"Stop it!" she yelled again, this time more annoyed. "Stop it, or I'll tell mom!"

"I wanted to make sure it was real" the boy stated this time obviously guilty and looked down ashamed.

"Why wouldn't it be real?" asked the 5-year-old girl puzzled.

"Because it has strange color" admitted the 7-yead-old and made a weird face.

"That's strawberry blonde, and you could have simply asked instead pulling my hair!" she said matter-of-factly.

"Sorry" said he for the third time "Would you like to come and play some ball with me and my friend James over there?"

"Mom says not to play nor talk with strangers!" the girl said looking a bit sad but proud of obeying her mother's rule.

"OK, we can fix that! My name is Anthony, but everybody calls me Tony. That boy on the yellow swing is James. And the tall man with the black tie and hat over that tree is Lucas. He is my dad's driver, because daddy had to work today and wasn't able to come with me to the playground. Yeah, that happens a lot… What's your name?" asked Tony with a bright smile.

"My name is Virginia, but mommy and daddy call me –" and she was cut off.

"Ginny, come on, it's time to go home!" a very pregnant woman said from the other end of the playground.

"Well, it's time for me to go. Maybe next time." Virginia said "That's mom. She is 8 months pregnant and very soon I'm going to have a little sister" and she pointed towards a lady with a long blue sleeveless dress and a huge belly. "Bye!"

"Well, since we are no longer strangers, we'll play next time. I won't miss you with that strawberry blonde hair! Bye!" but by the time he said that she was already by her mother's side, putting on her jacket.

Little did Ginny know at this moment that the boy pulling her hair in order to check if it was real will be her boss twenty years later.

Soooo, what do you think?