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It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. Pepper was reorganizing her closet, deciding what she would want to keep and what she would give to charity. She had just slipped on her all time most favorite summer dress, which by the way stayed hidden between her work costumes for the past two years. The dress was in very light peach, sleeveless and had a marvelous and extravagant V-neck. She pulled up the zip placed on the back of the dress and looked at her image in the mirror. God, she loved that dress! But she wasn't able to wear it because first, it wasn't proper for work and second, Tony had ruined the only shoes she got that went well with it with machine oil. She sighed. There was no point for keeping it, but she just couldn't give it away. Pepper looked at the tower of show boxes next to the door, but she knew there was no point in looking for a matching pair. Just as she was about to take off the dress, her phone rand. 'Speaking of the shoe devil' she thought to herself when she saw her boss' name written on the display.

"Tony, this is my first day off for months. Unless you're dying, I have nothing to say to you" Pepper spat quickly. Why was she so angry at him?

"Sorry to bother you Pep, but do you know Christmas is only two and a half months away?"

"Yes, Tony. You are not the only one with calendar, you know?" 'Keep calm!' she said to herself.

"What I'm trying to say is, I don't want to go to any charities or expensive parties so don't plan anything like that. You see how good am I? I'm telling you in advance that I won't go in order to save you a couple headaches."

"How thoughtful of you, Mr. Stark!" yes, she was angry and sarcastic now. "What should I plan for you than?"


"Nothing?" Pepper asked confused.

"Yes, absolutely nothing! Neither for me, nor for you."

"Ok, what do I have to do with your laziness? I know you don't like me having plans, but Christmas is a family holiday, so I do plan to visit my sister and my niece" she was so angry now that she was ready to hang up.

"Can I come as well?"


"Well, I just thought, when I was little, my dad never had time for me and my mom always had a lot of work at the end of the year, so I actually never had a normal Christmas" he was quiet for a couple of seconds. "What I'm trying to say is that, I want to nave at least one normal holiday, you know? With family, even if it's not mine, Christmas tree, Christmas carols, eggnog, ginger cookies, presents, colorful sweaters with dears on them, the traditional stuffed turkey and the whole Christmas package instead of paparazzi, half-naked models dressed in red bathing suits and booze. I was planning on having you and Rhodey here, but Christmas with Kelly sound a lot more fun!"

"Well, Tony, of course you can come" Pepper just didn't know what else to say. Suddenly the whole anger towards him was replaced with mixture of pity and love. She never thought Tony was the family type of guy and hell, he isn't! But she definitely couldn't have guessed he wanted a typical Christmas. "And by the way, the stuffed turkey is a Thanksgiving thing, Tony."

"You see what I'm talking about, Pepper?"

"Tony, there is nothing – Ouch!" Pepper fell on her butt with a loud 'Thug!' and her phone flew a couple of meters away.

"What happened?!" was the only thing Pepper heard from her Blackberry. "Are you okay?!"

"Yes, I just tripped over my shoe boxes trying to unzip my dress…"

"Well, from what I heard I think you need help with the zip and the dress. I'm on my way!"

"Tony, I don't –" but the line was already dead.

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