"Kowalski, did you manage to get all the data?" Skipper asked as the team, and ringtail, ran through the corridors of Blowhole's lair. Skipper had come up with the nickname 'ringtail' after seeing a photograph of the CEO and claiming that he resembled the ringtailed lemur. Until this point, operation: rescue the ringtail had been a success. Unfortunately, a group of lobsters taking an unauthorized coffee break spotted them, which would explain why they were running for their lives.

"Sorry sir. Only half. Blowhole shut down the system as soon as he realized I'd hacked it." Kowalski replied, "Um, Skipper. King's falling behind."

"Ringtail!" Skipper shouted, "Pick up the pace."

"But de royal feet are killing me!" Julian moaned his pace getting slower and slower.

"Well, thats too bad." Skipper replied sarcastically. Ringtail stopped in his tracks.

"I will not be doing any more of de running. De royal feet are far too important."

"The royal feet are gonna be dead if you don't get moving!" Skipper yelled at the still stationary Julian, "Kowalski, options." Kowalski pulled something out of Rico's backpack, set it behind Julian and switched it on.

"Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !" The device squealed, driving towards Julian.

"No! No! Do not touch de feet!" immediately, Julian picked up the pace tenfold.

"So the mission was a success." Rockgut looked up from the paper's he had been reviewing.

"Yes sir." Skipper replied. Rockgut pulled a file out of his desk drawer.

"He filed a complaint for assault of the feet." Rockgut chuckled, "He recommended that I have you general courts-martialed."

"It was necessary, sir."

"I know. To return to the mission, we analyzed the data Kowalski collected. It would seem Blowhole has a new favorite grudge against a well known Spanish guitarist named Antonio Fernandez and his family. He plans to assassinate them. Your job is to keep them safe."

"I can't, sir."

"Why not?"

"Because Antonio Fernandez is married to Marlene." Skipper replied, his eyes making a careful examination of his own shoes. Rockgut stood up from his desk and began to pace the room.

"Skipper, off the record, I wish I could grant your request. I understand that it would be... painful for you to accept this mission, due to the relationship between you and Mrs Fernandez. However, I'm going to have to force you to take it."

"Then I tender my resignation."

"Listen. The reason I can't give this job to anyone else is because your team is the only team who has ever succeed in thwarting Blowhole. If I send in a different team, there's a pretty good chance they, and the Fernandez family all end up dead. Thats a chance I can't take. So go ahead. Tender your resignation, and wait for the headlines saying something along the lines of: Spanish Guitarist Antonio Fernandez and his wife Marlene Fernandez found dead in family home."

"I warn you that my decisions may be biased by my feelings towards Mrs Fernandez."

"I'm counting on you to be professional."

Marlene was preparing lunch when she heard the doorbell ring. It must be the decorators. She opened the door.

"Good afternoon Mrs Fernandez." It was the decorators, but not the ones she was expecting.

"Skipper!?" Marlene simply stood there.

"Yes ma'am. HQ sent us. May we come in? Or would you prefer in I explained a top secret operation in the middle of the street." Marlene motioned for the team to enter. As soon as the door was shut skipper took command.

"Kowalski, scan for bugs and explosives."

"Skipper, whats going on here?" Marlene was pretty confused by the whole situation.

"Blowhole has something against your husband. He plans to kill both of you. We were sent to prevent that from happening." Skipper gave no indication as to his current emotions, but anyone who knew Skipper well would know he was in agony.

"Kowalski, situation analysis."

Skippah, are you okay?" Private asked. Skipper was reviewing the data Kowalski had taken, for the seventh time that night.

"I'm fine."

"Are you upset about Marlene?"

"What happened was for the best. As far as I'm concerned, I'm just another agent here to do my job." Suddenly Skipper stood up from his chair, "Kowalski. Over here. Now." Kowalski ran into the living room.

"Skipper?" Something about the leaders tone made Kowalski nervous.

"You didn't hack the mainframe, did you?"

"Of course I did!"

"No. You wouldn't have had time. You got it from someone on the inside. Who?"

"I promised not to mention my source's name."

"Kowalski, thats insubordination..."

"Its witness protection!" Kowalski interrupted.

"And what if your 'source' is a double agent!?"

"My source isn't a double agent."

"How do you know?"

"If I told you how I knew, it would also reveal my source's identity."

"It's Doris, isn't it?"

"No its not!"

"Its pretty obvious. Just admit it."

"Dammit, Skipper. Doris is dead," the room was silent, "Her grapple malfunctioned. She... She never made it out of the submarine." Skipper was stunned speechless.

"I'm sorry." Skipper offered his condolences.

"If you're done interrogating me, I have an invention to test." Kowalski stormed out of the room, trying to hide the tears in his eyes.

Kowalski locked the door of the lab and opened his laptop. He opened his email and started to type. He started to type:

Skipper suspects nothing. Proceed with the plan.

Kowalski pressed send.