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Amy sat opposite Rory at their tiny wooden table, both clutching a mug of tea. They lived in a small house right on the edge of New York. It wasn't pretty from the outside and it wasn't very big but it was their home and they had worked hard to make it perfect for them, painting the walls and buying furniture to make it as comfy as possible.

"So.." Amy began, taking a sip of tea "What's this idea of yours."

"It's about River." Rory muttered. Amy's eyes widened at the mention of her daughter's name, she ran a hand through her hair which was streaked with silver.

"What about River?" Amy whispered, leaning closer as though trying to prevent onlookers from hearing though they were the only ones in the house.

"It's 1969, we're in New York." Rory said slowly, waiting for Amy to catch on.

Amy bit her lip.

"We couldn't find her. We don't know where she went after she escaped." Amy muttered hurriedly before she really considered the idea, she didn't want to get her hopes up. She'd accepted that she'd never see her daughter again and it had hurt, a lot. But she had got over the worst of it. She didn't want to get her hopes up just for them to be dashed again.

"She said when she regenerated into River 'The last time I did this I was in New York' so she can't have left that quickly and she doesn't get to Leadworth until the 90's so she must be somewhere for two decades and why not here?" Rory persisted.

"I suppose." Amy replied slowly.

"We could find her, look after her. Amy we could raise our daughter." Rory whispered, Amy could feel the excitement generating from him and it made her feel awful. She didn't want Rory to be disappointed.

"Rory, we can't. It'd create some kind of paradox. No, no, we can't do it. Let's not even think about it. The Doctor wouldn't want us to." Amy sighed.

"But Amy, the Doctor isn't here. It's like it's meant to be. We could look after her Amy, as a child. We won't let the Silence hurt her." Rory pleaded.

"Rory, think about it. It'd mess everything up. She's been raised to kill the Doctor, how could we keep her in our house? She's a weapon." Amy replied quietly, feeling awful to be crushing Rory's hopes like this but she knew it couldn't happen; the Doctor wouldn't want it to happen.

"But she doesn't have to be a weapon, we can change her, Help her." Rory argued.

Amy just shook her head sadly.

"I thought you'd be pleased." He sighed, folding his arms.

Amy just smiled at him sadly, not daring to talk.

"Come on." She said eventually, breaking the silence which had descended over the room "Let's go out somewhere, we could get something to eat."

Grudgingly Rory stood up, brushed his hands over his trousers and followed his wife towards the door.

I'm not giving up on this, he thought to himself, I may be a pushover but not this time.

"Are you coming" Amy questioned brightly, holding the door open.

"Yeah." Rory replied hurriedly, pulling on his jacket and following Amy out.