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Chapter 5

On the way back to the main building, Chaos knew everyone was staring at him. He felt like a freak, and Towers' words came back to him. He felt satisfied that he had done what he had done, but something wasn't right. He knew what it was though: the fact that Maria was dead, and nothing was going to bring her back.

The leader of the Light Givers was a white cat, with icy blue eyes. He spoke without them having to get his attention "I saw everything. Hedgehog, come forward." Chaos stepped forward nervously. The white cat spoke again "Katherine, Zap, please, leave us." Katherine looked like she was going to argue, but thought better, and hurried out.

The white cat settled in his chair, and Chaos pulled up another "so, hedgehog, may I have your name?" Chaos smiled "I'm Chaos, Chaos the hedgehog." The leader nodded "very well. Chaos, I commend you on your abilities. No one, bar Katherine once, has beaten Sierra, let alone with ease, and again without damage. And you wield the swords of the knight of the water as if they were your own. You are a very special case indeed."

He turned "you do realise this has put you at number one on the Followers of Darkness' hit list, don't you?" Chaos gasped "what?" the cat nodded "I'm afraid that is the case. They will stop at nothing to kill you or, even better or worse, depending on whose side you're on, have you join then."

Zap and Katherine were waiting just outside of the door. Katherine sighed "what's taking so long?" Zap smirked "whatever happened on that mission, it certainly made you impatient." Katherine turned away, not wanting the lightning user to see her tears "maybe because the last time I waited, someone I cared for died."

She heard Zap say "what was that?" she turned around "nothing." Zap asked "are you sure? Cause you look a littleā€¦" Katherine cut him off "no-thing." She added her best 'drop-it-or-I-will-run-you-through-with-my-sword' look. Zap, taking the hint, gulped and shut up.

Chaos stared "you mean to tell me I'm a criminal in the bad guy's minds?" the leader nodded sadly. Chaos sighed "at least it's for something reasonable this time." The leader smiled "Chaos, what was spoken in this room, stays in this room. I do not want mass panic running through this team. Don't even tell your sister, understand?"

Chaos nodded "yes sir." The leader nodded "very well, you may go." Chaos turned, and, at the door, the leader said "Chaos?" the hedgehog turned "yeah?" the cat smiled "I hold you to your word." Chaos nodded, and left the room.

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