Chapter 1.

When did Potter get so hot?

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He stepped of the carriages and looked around. He hadn't wanted to come back and get his N.E.W.T.s, but his mother had said that no son of hers was going to drop out of school. He suppose things could've been worse. You see the Malfoy's had been spies from the start the the war seventeen years ago. They'd been a part of the Order of the Phoenix. Potter himself had vouched for that. Because of this Draco was still treated with respect and awe unlike the rest of the families of Death Eaters. Despite having been on the Light Side Draco still did not get along with Weasel and Granger. He did, however, have a grudging respect for The-Boy-who-would-not-die.

As he glanced around once more he noticed Granger lecturing the Weaseon about how he'd better take this year seriously. Smirking he sauntered over. " Well well, looks like you have the weasel on a tight leash Granger.

" Shut it ferret, I don't want any shit from you this year!"

" Ahh but shit from me costs more than your entire wardrobe." I snickered. " But if you really can't handle it I suppose we can call a...". Here I stopped because Potter had chosen that moment to descend from the carriages. My mouth dropped open partially and I didn't know what to say, which never happens to a Malfoy. His hair was styled to have that just got shagged look and he wasn't wearing those dorky glasses anymore, set you could see his Avada Kedavra colored eyes which shone brightly. He had grown and you could see his broad, muscular shoulders and the outline of his abs. My eyebrows shot up and I blushed ( me blushing! What was this?) as I noticed he was wearing tight leather pants that left little to the imagination. If possible my eyes widened even further when I realized the impressive bulge in those tight pants. He isn't even turned on I thought.

Suddenly I realized I had been staring at Ha-Potter for a long time. At the same moment I was horrified and relieved. Horrified because I now had a raging hard-on and relieved because my robes covered it. Mentally, I shook myself, there is no way you are going to crush on Harry friggin' Potter. Looking up and hoping he hadn't noticed anything I feigned shock and said," you mean Harry Potter, the saviour of the wizarding world actually deigns to lower himself by returning to Hogwarts". His eyes were sparkling with amusement and his smirk told me he wasn't fooled by my statement. Leaning close and angling himself so that Granger and Weasel couldn't see or hear whispered in my ear, " I bet your in a certain predicament Draco." Here he put his hand over my straining erection and I blushed. " And I would love to take care of it for you." He started to massage my dick through my trousers. I couldn't help but moan. Merlin, it felt so good. Fuck, I'm gonna... gonna. Potter smirked when he felt me come in my pants. I looked at him for a moment and then ran as fast as I could to Hogwarts.