Chapter 7

A Malfoy, a Nott, and a Tease

Draco woke up the next morning and for the first time in weeks he wasn't completely dreading the day. Harry had forgiven him! Sure they weren't dating again, but he was sure that with time Harry would take him back. Stretching he stood up and headed for the bathroom. Whistling he began getting ready. After quite a long time he looked in the mirror and deemed himself presentable. He refused to think that he was dressing up for Harry. He walked back to the dormitories and was greeted with the sight of four glaring roommates. He gulped, "Uh morning?"

They continued to glare while Blaise said, "You know we weren't going to tease you mercilessly about keeping us all up last night with your Potter dreams, Silencing charms would be nice by the way Draco, but then you woke up at 5:00 A.M. And spend an hour and a half clanking around making yourself look pretty for Potter!" I felt my cheeks turn red. I was having wet dreams like some third year for goodness sakes! I wasn't Nott! I really needed to get a grip.

Cursing my blush I sniffed, "I don't care, you can tease me. Malfoy's are above you anyways." Pleased with that comeback I sat on my bed taking great care not to wrinkle my robes.

I suddenly felt uneasy as Greg smirked at me. "Oh. You don't care then?" I glared at him and shook my head. My glare quickly turned to mortification at what he did next. He rolled his eyes back and mimicked me, "Ohhhh fuck Harry! Fuck me harder! Ohhhh shit! Ugh. Please untie me. Fuck Harry let me come!" He looked at me and winked. "Someone likes it kinky." I knew I'd had some pretty vivid dreams last night, but I didn't thing I would say everything out loud!

Pulling himself together he snapped, "I don't like it kinky!"

This time Vince interjected, "You sure?" he grinned at me. "Because before the moaning you were all like, oh Harry use the paddle. Sounds pretty kinky to me." Desperately I tried to push away the sexy image of being tied up for Harry to do as he pleased with. It didn't work though and I could feel my pants tightening around a certain area.

Blaise winked at me, "oh he definitely likes it kinky. He's hard just thinking about being Potter's fuck toy."

I threw a pillow at him and muttered, "Arse."

He raised an eyebrow after side-stepping the pillow. "Careful Draco. Just think of the ways I could get you back for that." I glared at him.

"You wouldn't."

"Probably not." He saw my smirk and said, "Of course I could just tell you to imagine Potter jacking off. And now he's touching your balls. Then that experienced mouth of his is sucking you off. Hmmm. Then you're on your back and he's fucking you. In. Out..." My eyes widened and I couldn't help but picture it. Moaning I sprinted for the bathroom as my erection became painful. Cursing when I heard them laughing at me I slammed the bathroom door shut and unzipped my pants. Images of Harry came to my mind and I groaned as I stroked myself. I imagined his messy hair and those perfect lips of his. I picked up the pace and began to stroke furiously. I lost it completely when I thought of those lips around my cock. My knees gave out as semen shot over the bathroom floor. Embarrassed at how quick it was I said Scourgify and cleaned it up. I left the bathroom and prayed to whatever god was up there that the others had gone down to breakfast. Obviously the gods were not on my side because I was greeted by four smirks. My face bright red I practically sprinted for the Great Hall. Chuckling, Blaise and the others followed.

Upon arrival at the Great Hall my blush had subsided somewhat. I saw Harry and the other members of the Golden Trio sitting at the Slytherin table. My smile faltered a bit when I realized that Harry was sitting next to Theo, but I regained it when Harry patted the other seat next to him. Smirking at Theo I sat down and flashed Harry a bright smile. Shortly after Blaise and the others arrived. I made a point not to look or talk to any of them.

"So Dray, did you sleep good?"

Attempting to sound seductive I purred, "Not nearly as good as if you were there with me." He winked at me.

"Well, we'll just have to fix that won't we?" I gaped at him. Was he flirting with me? I spent the rest of breakfast in a ridiculously cheery mood. Nott scowled at me the whole time, but even that didn't ruin my good mood. We finished eating and Harry, Hermione, and I set off for Potions. Pansy and Weasley set off for Care of Magical Creatures and the rest had a free period. When we got there I took a seat between Harry and Hermione and tried to listen to Slughorn. I quickly lost that resolve when Harry put hHe end of his quill in his mouth. Damn him! He knew that made me horny. Secretly I was pleased, he'd only ever do that when we were going to have a serious snogfest after class. I blinked and realized Slughorn had stopped talking. I glancing around I concluded that today was just going to be a study hall. Harry was reading a book and Hermione was brewing a complicated potion. Deciding to help her I started shriveling the shrivelfig, when I felt a hand on my leg. He was doing it again! Flirting with me! I knew we would end up getting back together. When we'd been going out he would always rest his hand on my thigh. I would always get embarrassingly turned on by it and today was no exception. Blushing I seriously hoped that no one noticed the bulge in my pants. Sneakily I rested my hand on his crotch.

He gave me a startled look and asked, "What are you doing?" Giving me a weird look he removed my hand and went back to his book. Hurt, he turned away. They both failed to notice Hermione giving Harry a glare that would've made Voldemort himself afraid.

The rest of the week passed like this. Harry giving him tantalizing touches that turned the blonde on, but whenever Draco tried to reciprocate he was pushed away. Draco was becoming more and more desperate. Often times Harry would say something that made Draco think they were getting back together and then an hour later he was practically snogging Theo. It hurt him more than he would like to admit. What was even worse were the pitying looks that we're bestowed on him, especially by Hermione. He had no idea how to prove to Harry that he truly wasn't an arsehole. His heart couldn't take much more of this, but he knew he'd hang around Harry until the brunette told him to piss off. The touches and the rejection were the worst kinds of torture. He just couldn't comprehend why Harry would touch him so much if he didn't want him...

Hermione had had enough. This was getting ridiculous. She knew Harry didn't want to date a person who would betray his friends so readily, but you can't help how your heart feels. Besides Draco was a Slytherin, they were all about self gain anyways. But Harry, Harry was pissing her off. All week she'd watch Harry touch the Slytherin, only to see him be rejected when attempting to return those touches. He was being the worst kind of tease. She settled herself in the boys dormitories on Harry's bed and waited for her him. By the time she was done with him he'd be wishing for Voldemort back. She luckily didn't have to wait to long before Harry stumbled in. Without giving him time to say anything she raised her hand and decked him one right in the face. There was a sickening crunch as his nose broke. She watched him stagger back and saw the blood spill out his nose. There, should teach him. "Hermione what the hell was that for?"

"You really don't deserve this but, Episkey. That, Harry, was for being a right prat." He looked at her confused.

"You broke my nose because I called you a bookworm this morning?"

" No you idiot! I broke your nose because you've been acting like a jerk teasing Draco!"


"Yes. Teasing. Glad you've caught on. The touches? Pushing him away? What do you call that?"


"Are you capable of speaking in complete sentences? Yes the bloody touches!" He glared at her.

"I'm not touching him and I'm most certainly not teasing him! He still hasn't proven he's not a jerk, why would I touch him?"

"Grr! One, he can't help that he liked you and you liked him back! That's terrible for Theo, but Draco wasn't hurting him back. Two, you have been touching him. You basically have been giving off hints that you want him back and then you shove him away and go flirt with Theo. And finally, Draco has proven he's not a jerk ten times over. He's still holding out for you even though you've been treating him like a pariah for the last week. This isn't you Harry. Why are you being so cruel?" At this the cold indifferent front Harry had been putting on for the last week crumbled.

"I don't know Hermione. I just don't know. I see the hurt looks he gives me and I feel he deserves it. How dare he make fun of us for the last six years! How dare he betray one of his best friends! Theo just kept being a good person even after Dray betrayed him. How dare Draco mock him for that? How dare that stupid, ignorant git, ferret-face make me fall in love with him! How dare he..." It seemed his words had caught up with him. He looked up and saw Hermione's extremely smug face. "I love him."

"Of course you do. Why do you think you're trying to push him away? You always do that to people you love. Now go get him back."

"It's not that easy."

"Of course it is. Just ask him out and tell him you love him. You'd better apologize too."

"But Theo..."

"Let me tell you something about Theo Harry. Not only was he the one polyjuiced as Draco, he continuously bragged about dating you to him. He made sure to tell Draco just exactly what you guys did behind closed doors." seeing Harry's blush she added, " He doesn't care about that. He just wants you back."

"So let me get this straight. Theo is the one behind all this and I'm mad at Dray for hurting his friends? I'm gonna kill Theo."

"Yes yes. Revenge, pummel him into the ground. Whatever. Just make sure you talk to Blondie tonight. He hasn't been doing well."

"Thanks Hermione!" Giving her a kiss in the cheek he cleaned the blood off his robes and bounded out to find Draco.

Currently the blonde was in the Room of Requirement remembering the last time he was here with Harry. Smiling he was completely unprepared for the door to come flying open and seeing an energetic Harry Potter looking at him. "Dray! I found you!"

"Did you want something?" Harry sobered up.

"Dray I wanted to say sorry for this week. I've been a complete prat leading you on like this."

"Why did you?"

Harry looked at him shyly for a moment and then mumbled, "I was mad at you."

"Because I went out with you even though I knew Theo liked you?"

"No that's not why. This year I decided that I would try to emotionally detach myself from people, so I wouldn't get hurt as much." He nodded. Weasley had already told him about how people hurt Harry when he needs them most. "Then you came along and I gave up on that." Here Draco's heart swelled and he had to restrain himself from jumping Harry right then and there. "After seeing you, or rather Theo, I was mad about being hurt by someone I cared about. Later when I found out you weren't a cheater I used the excuse that you betrayed Theo to distance myself and keep from getting hurt by the guy I'm in love with." He finished and looked at the blonde, waiting for him to say something. Draco's mind was reeling. Harry knew about Theo? Wait a minute. Harry loved him? I love him too Draco realized. And despite his previous resolved, he tackled Harry to the conveniently located bed and began to snog him.

Some ten minutes later he drew back and whispered, "I love you too." Harry rolled him on his back and attacked his neck, while running his hand lightly over the bulge in Draco's trousers. Moaning he tangled his hands in the brunettes messy hair, making it even worse. His pants were quickly becoming a problem and he was about to tell Harry to take them off when Harry gripped his erection through the blondes pants. That was all it took for him to come undone. After coming down from his orgasm-induced high he flushed and hid his face in Harry's shirt.

Concerned Harry asked, " What's wrong?"

"What do you mean what's wrong? I came and you barely touched me!" The green-eyed boy chuckled. "Oh piss off."

"Darn I was looking forward to staying the night and getting reacquainted with your body." He stood up and began towards the door. He smirked at how fast Draco pulled him back down on the bed.

"No! I want you to fuck-, I mean get reacquainted with my body of course." He didn't blush at how desperate he sounded, but he did blush when handcuffs and sex toys appeared next to the bed.

"Handcuffs Dray? Sex toys? Hmmmm we could have a lot of fun with these..." Harry smirked when he saw the blonde's cock perk up. Draco heard him mumble a spell and then they were both naked. It was a turn on when Harry cuffed his hands above his head and then spread Draco's legs and tied them down. He was shivering with anticipation and if Harry touched him he was going to come in seconds. Perhaps this was realized because Harry put on the cock ring. He scowled at his boyfriend. Smirking Harry took one finger and stroked Draco's length enjoying the moans it drew from him. Oh fuck it feels good. He slathered lube on his fingers and began to prepare him until the blonde was pratically boneless and withering underneath somewhat uneasy when Harry got something from the tray of toys. "Know what this is?" That's a dildo, but what's he going to do with-. Suddenly he found out just exactly what Harry was doing with it. He's fucking me with it! Salazar! He tried to push it deeper into him by raising his hips, but Harry pulled it back.

"Harry if you don't-" He didn't get to finish that sentence because at that moment the dildo was slammed back into him. Hitting his prostate the Malfoy heir found himself incapable of producing coherent thoughts. If that wasn't enough the thing started vibrating. All he was able to do was moan. The brunette was enjoying the way the blonde was writhing. Leaving the dildo exactly where it was and knowing it would drive his boyfriend mad, he began to suck on his cock. The effect was instantaneous. The blonde lost all control and began to beg. "Please Harry! Can't...can't take any- PLEASE!" Deciding to give him a break he stopped his torturous ministrations. He stepped back and took a look at Draco. Flushed face, lust filled eyes, and pre-cum weeping cock. Positioning himself at his entrance he stuck the head in, smirking whenever the blond begged him just to fuck him senseless. Without a warning he pushed in.

Finally, Draco thought. Only to be infuriated when Harry went at a slow pace. He let out a cry of frustration. The combined efforts of the dildo and the blowjob had only increased Draco's need, but he still couldn't find release due to the infernal cock ring! And Harry knew it. Damn him! He needed to be fucked and he needed it now, not this slow pace! "You okay Dray? You seem a bit...angry." Harry said teasingly. He was about to retort, but Harry began slamming into him at a brutally fast pace. He wanted to lift his hips so Harry could be deeper inside him, but the cuffs prevented it. The erotic thought of Harry being able to do anything he wanted to him was enough to make him come. Unfortunately the cock ring was still on. Black spots appeared as Harry hit his prostate and his balls clenched painfully.

"Harry please. Do anything...just the ring...can't take anymore. Please?"

"Who do you belong to," Harry panted.

"You. Oh fuck to you. God Harry." He moaned. With a murmured spell his restraint was gone. With a few more thrust to his prostate he came so hard he blacked out moaning Harry's name even as Harry came moaning his.

When he came to he saw Harry looking at him with a fond expression on his face. "You know I must be good if your orgasm makes you pass out." The brunette was smirking at him.

"Shut up, you know you are."

"Somehow I figured that for myself, what with your begging and moaning." He flushed when he remembered how desperate he'd been.

"What did you expect? You were torturing me!"

"Hmmm you loved it. If I knew you liked it kinky..." He trailed off.

"Let's not talk about that. Let's talk about how you're not giving me blowjobs when I have that dumb ring on. You almost made me pass out."

"You did pass out. And no promises." Huffing at that I crawled out of his warm embrace.

" As much as would love to continue to discuss this we're going to be late for dinner." Cursing he shot out of bed and started getting ready. Smirking at him I did also and we strolled hand in hand out the door. Halfway there we met Nott. He glared at our clasped hands.

"Why are you with this jackass?"

"Because I love him. Did you think I would never find out what you did? I know you used polyjuiced potion and pretended to be Dray."

"Is that what he told you? It's a lie Harry! I'd never do that!"

"Save it for someone who believes it Theo." Shaking his head Harry and I walked past him.

Not being able to resist I said over my shoulder, "Maybe you should go for Weaslette Nott. You can lust after Harry together." Laughing we made our way to the Great Hall. At the entrance a completely shocking sight met them. Slytherins! At the Gryffindor table! The world was coming to an end. Harry sat down next to Hermione and I was going to sit next to him when he pulled me onto his lap. Completely okay with this arrangement I began to eat.

We looked at everyone and I said, "Someone break the silence."

Blaise gave me one of rose looks that meant he was going to say something that would humiliate me. Turning to Harry he asked, "So did he tell you abou his kinky dreams?"

"I should say he showed me them," he said wiggling his eyebrows. Weasley choked on his food.

Vince piped in, "Even about the paddle?"

Harry mock glared at me and said, "He most certainly did not tell me about the paddle. I am sure, however, that'll he'll be showing me later." The last bit was punctuated with a caress to my balls. This time both Weasley and I choked on our food. When I recovered I glared at Vince. He grinned back. Sitting back I looked at our strange group of snakes and lions. For the first time in weeks I was content. Sitting in Harry's lap I realized that as long as I had these people, even Weasley, I'd be happy for a long long time.

And I was.

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