This story was in my mind for a long time before I started to write it down. The reason is: I don't know how it should go. I love Arthur and Lucius together, and I think Arthur can be strong, but not next to Molly. So here the beginning of a story:

1. Chapter

"What are you doing Molly?" asked Arthur his wife "Harry is a good kid, you can't order the children to leave him. I won't let you."

"No, he is a bad influence on them" said Molly as he continued with the letters. Arthur shook his head at this. He couldn't understand Molly, or Dumbledore either. This whole war wasn't between two front of the wizard community, it was between Dumbledore and... he no longer knew who was the enemy. As Arthur listened to Molly ranting about Harry Potter, You Know Who, the Malfoy's and about anybody and everybody, even her own son, Percy. Arthur left Molly to it and went out to walk a little in the neighbourhood.

Lucius once every month at the same time went out to watch the Burrow from afar. There was a time, before Molly, when he was welcomed here. When he and Arthur would spend whole days just playing chess and reading, maybe trying out new spells. And now he can't even speak with him without shouting. He perked up from his musings when he saw Arthur leaving the Burrow. The man looked around and started to go to Lucius's direction. He quickly went farther away so Arthur wouldn't saw him, but he didn't need to worry.

"I have enough. I should just get my things and leave. Maybe take the children. Or just kick out Molly" muttered Arthur. Lucius couldn't believe what he heard. For a while he just followed the Weasley, then when they were far enough from the Burrow he slowly got closer to Arthur.

Arthur could feel somebody behind him, so he went a little quicker to get farther from the follower. Then he suddenly stopped and turned around with wand in his hand. And he stood face to face with a smiling Lucius. Arthur couldn't say anything. He just stared at Lucius and he noticed that he has no wand in his hand. Lucius just stood there with a warm smile on his face and made no attempt to move closer.

"What are you doing here?" asked Arthur.

"Looking out for you" said Lucius. Arthur was startled at this answer and he lowered his wand a little.

"Why should I need you to look out for me?" asked the red haired wizard. Lucius stepped closer and took hold of Arthur's wand and lowered it all the way down.

"You always needed somebody to look after you" said Lucius and stepped even closer to Arthur "and in the last two decades you had nobody to make you feel safe" he touched Arthur's cheek and his lip. Arthur closed his eyes and leaned closer to Lucius hand " you need this, don't you?"

"Yes, I..." Arthur couldn't continue, in the last two 20 years he trained himself not to feel the need to let somebody else to look after him. He was a submissive, and it was rare in the Weasley clan, it was unusual within the wizards, it was something reserved to the ones with creature blood.

"Don't worry, you can let it go" said Lucius. Arthur started to kneel before the blond wizard and Lucius helped him slowly and joined him on the ground. He put Arthur's wand next to them.

"What do you need?" asked Lucius.

"I... want to go. I want my children with me" Arthur said. Lucius nodded

and hugged him.


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