Damon and Stefan argue about the soon to be vampire Elena.

"Saint Stefan has done it again." Damon turned away from his brother and walked to the window in Elena's room. Bands of sunlight streamed in and the rays warmed his face. It was his favorite part of the day.

Somewhere outside, a few birds chirped away making all kinds of racket, greeting the morning as if nothing were wrong with the dead girl lying on her bed.

Elena had been asleep all night, no scratch that. She had been lying there dead all night, thanks to his stupid brother.

His blood began to boil and his hands clenched tightly at his sides. He turned back to look at Stefan. "What the hell were you thinking?!" He flashed his blue eyes to give him a death stare. He could kill him for what he'd done, what he let happen.

"I thought there was time!" Stefan yelled. His green eyes widened and he and Damon quickly looked back at Elena's sleeping form on the bed.

"Nope, still asleep. You were supposed to protect her!" Damon yelled back. "Of all the bright ideas you could come up with.. and you decide 'Hey, I think I'll save the quarterback instead of the girl I love! Yeah, I think that's the way to go right now. Elena's gonna love me so much when she wakes up…. DEAD!'"

"Great job, little brother, you really win points for that one." Damon said.

"Matt is alive and it's what Elena would have wanted." Stefan pushed his chin out and straightened his shoulders.

"What she wanted wasn't what you should have done. She makes all kinds of idiotic decisions. If I was there—"

"I know exactly what you would have done if you were there. You don't need to tell me!" Stefan yelled and ran his hand through his hair, looked at the floor. "I know I let her down, I let everyone down."

"Alaric is dead, Elena's…." Stefan tried to finish the words but couldn't.

Damon walked over to him, grabbed Stefan by his shoulders, looked at his brother and said, "You're girlfriend's dead now and is going to be a vampire. You'd better be ready for it." And then he walked out the door. That had to sting. But he deserved it.

Damon left the Gilbert home, he had to think. More importantly, he needed to let off some steam.

During times like these, Alaric would usually be there, but not anymore. He was deader than a doornail now.

Revenge would be his. Rebecca's the one who did this to Elena and she would pay. He'd make her and everyone pay.

Just then, Damon noticed Matt pull up in his truck.