Hi everyone and welcome back to the Alternate DBZ series. Instead of starting out with from what happened in the last part, I will now go 18 years into the future. This is the History of Trunks.

The story starts in a destroyed town which was formerly Satan City. Because I have never seen "The history of Trunks" I will make up my own version. Gohan was outside staring at the sunset that he probably would never see the next day. Little did he know that someone was behind him.

"BOO!" it was 13 year old Trunks and Pan.

"AAAAAH!" Gohan started blasting all over the place. Trunks and Pan hid.

"You fuckin' idiots!" Kai sighed. "He could have killed you both!"


"It's alright…sorry I got so crazy." Gohan hugged Trunks and his sister/cousin Pan.

"Gohan the Androids have just been sited at Burger King…" Takashi announced.

"Well that's not really…"

"…right after they destroyed McDonalds…" Takamori finished.

"THOSE BASTARDS!" Gohan turned super saiyan and had stopped hugging Trunks and Pan.

"Hey! Don't do that!" Pan rubbed the side of her face.

"What? Yell?"


"Oosps! Sorry Pan!" Gohan turned to his brothers. "Are you guys coming or what?"

"You know it! I can't wait to bang that hot chick, 17!" Takashi got a perverted look in his eyes.

Everyone got really quiet and backed away very slowly. It looked like the term "Like father, like son." fit perfectly for Takashi. Takashi was proving to be just as big as a pervert as the classic anime perverts Master Roshi and Jiraiya (And no. I don't count Oolong and boy crazy Bulma). Pretty soon, he's gonna start reading porn like Kakashi and looking talking about boobs like Takuto.

"You do realize that 17 is a boy right?" pointed out Gohan.

"WHAT?! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!" Takashi was blushing. "What about 18?"

"THAT'S a girl." said Pan. "BUT I FORBID YOU TO DATE HER!" Pan was extremely overprotective of her older brother and didn't want him to get dumped. Did I mention she was attracted to him? More incest? You'd better bet your sweet apple it is!

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" Takashi was disappointed. "All of the hot ones are gone except…"

Gohan slapped Takashi in the back of the head. "I've told you again and again! NO!"

"What?" Takashi blushed. "I was just gonna say Ch-" Takashi got slapped again by Pan.


"You know, some people are trying to go to sleep!" it was Android 17 with his sister 18.

"Oh my gosh! It's the androids!" gasped Captain Obvious aka Pan.


"Hey cutie." 18 winked at Pan.

'What the fuck…' Pan looked at 18.

"Oh my god!" Kai laughed at Pan along with the boys. "She thinks you're a boy! HAHAHAHAHA!"

"Can we just get this over with already?" 17 said bored.

The five saiyans then went into deep battle with the androids while Pan was looking for a mirror so she could see if she looked like a boy. She couldn't help that her chest was undeveloped for her age and she had the face of a boy. She decided to blame it on her genetics from her father. It was a losing battle and they needed all the help they needed except the last few warriors were Master Roshi, the Ox King, and Pan.

"Where's Pan?" whispered Gohan to Trunks as the Androids were looking for them.

"Doing something utterly useless as always." Trunks sighed.

"I guess dad was right…Pan was a waste of sperm." Gohan sighed.

"We need to get out of here!" said Kai, who had caught up with them.

"First we need to get Takashi and Takamori."

"What about Pan?" asked Trunks.

"What about her?"

It took four hours for them to manage to find Takamori and later Takashi. None of them bothered to look for her because like her counterpart in GT, she has no real meaning to this story. They all met back up at Bulma's house since it was closer than Chichi's house. Raditz was working on something and Bulma was making hot chocolate even though it was summer time.

"Oh thank kami you all are back!" Bulma smiled.

"Mommy!" Kai threw her arms around her annoyed mother.

"Where's Pan?" asked Bulma looking around for the useless demi-saiyan.

"I think she's looking for a mirror." said Takamori bored. "Mommy can I go to McDonalds and get a Big Mac?"

"You're not going anywhere young lady!" Bulma panicked at the thought of what the androids would do if Takamori left alone.

"He's boy." Raditz sneezed. "And stop calling me 'mommy'. That's annoying. You all are not babies anymore."

"But we're your babies!" Pan said cheerfully.

"Pan…who let you in here?" asked Takamori with his eyes narrowing at his baby sister.

"No one. The door was open so I came in and…"

"Why can't you just go die already?" Kai rolled her eyes. "You're pretty much the stupidest person in the room and the most useless one. I wish Akira was still alive…"

"God rest his soul." Bulma closed her eyes.

"I was too bad that he risked his life to save Yamcha who ended up dying trying to avenge his death." said Raditz thinking of his handsome son (just picture Sasori with black hair).

"Were they gay?" Pan grimaced. "Gay people are so annoying and stupid. It's about time he died off! He was taking all of the attention that I needed."

"Get the fuck out you disgrace!" Gohan grabbed Pan by her back of the hem of her pants and started to kick her butt. "He was a good brother and fighter. You're nothing!"

"And stay the fuck out!" Bulma added as she kicked Pan into the hard ground and slammed the door on her.

"What a bitch. She probably got that from Chichi." Raditz sighed. 'I really wish Kakarrot was here. I still can't believe that he died.'


"I have good news and bad news." said Dr. Haven. "The bad news is that we have no cure and he's going to die."

"Oh no…" Chichi covered up her mouth and started to cry.

"What's the good news doctor?" asked Roshi.

"Your insurance policy is gonna make this man's wife a rich mother fucker, that's what!" the doctor laughed and then turned serious. "But, seriously, there is no cure at this time."

"I can't believe this is actually happening!" Bulma shook her head.

"I feel like it was just yesterday when he asked me to kiss him even though I really didn't want to." Raditz was holding sleeping Kai.

"That was yesterday." said Chichi.

"Oh…" Raditz felt Goku touching his butt. 'I really wanna slap him, but I can't. I mean come on! He's dying.'

Goku smiled with his eyes closed. "Can you guys leave? I need to talk to my wife for a second."

"Which…" Chichi was interrupted by Bulma grabbing her arm and pulling her out of the room.

"Are we alone yet?" asked Goku.


"Good." Goku opened his eyes and kissed Raditz on the nose. "I missed you yesterday…"

"I was busy." Raditz sat next to Goku.

"Doing what?"

"Taking care of our children. So…what did you do yesterday?"

"I was dreaming about you. I would fuck you, but right now but my dreams drained me…if you know what I mean…" Goku kissed his shoulder.

"I know. I'm sorry you're going to die…" Raditz blushed and looked away. "I'm going to miss you…a lot…and I just wanted to say that…I love you…" when Raditz looked back Goku was doing something M rated. "YOU STUPID TRAMP!" Raditz pushed away Goku. "I POUR OUT MY FEELINGS TO YOU OF ALL PEOPLE AND THEN YOU GO AND GIVE ME A WHATEVER IT WAS YOU WERE GIVING ME AND NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO WHAT I WAS SAYING!"

"Come on Raditz. We only have a few more days together and I want you to myself because who knows how long I have until I die! I could die in the next the three seconds! Let me have this and we'll cuddle till the break of dawn!" Goku looked at Raditz with pleading eyes. "Please?"

"Fine." he sighed. "Just hurry up and do it. I don't want anyone to know that I let you touch me intimately when I wasn't influenced by anything."

End flash back