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Merlin sighed, he could finally think freely without Arthur around. He had persuaded the king to let him travel the lands, as Gaius assistant and successor so he could learn more about the healing skills that are used in other lands, but the mean reason for him wanting to leave was just that he felt that he needed some time away from Camelot and her people, some time to think about who he was going to be.

He had been on the way for four weeks now and he traveled further and further away from Camelot, from his friends, he missed them, but was not ready to go back yet. He groaned when he felt the pain his feet again, they hurt even after threatening them with herbs he had found.

He turned around when he heard the sound of hooves slamming on the earth and he saw guards riding on high speed. In a few steps he stood off the path, not wanting to get under the horses' legs, after all the adventures he had been in and had survived he wouldn't get killed by mere horses

But instead of riding past him the front man stopped and looked at him, causing the rest of the group to also stop. The black haired swordsman leaned towards him. 'From which village are you?'

Merlin blinked in surprise, he hadn't expected to be questioned. 'Ehmm...'

'Answer before I slice your tong off!'

If he sliced his tong out then he could never answer and Merlin wanted to roll with his eyes, but didn't, knowing it wouldn't be a good idea. He was sure that he wasn't in Camelot anymore. 'I'm not from here, just traveling through.'

The muscular man narrowed his eyes. 'And have you paid the costs of traveling on our roads?'

'What?!' He had never heard of something that idiotic.

'So you didn't.' An evil grin spread over the black haired man's face and he winked to the other guards. 'Kill him!'

Merlin's eyes widened, wait, what did he just say, kill him, he couldn't do something like that. He felt his magic boil under his skin, preparing to defend himself, but when the front guard wanted to pierce his heart an arrow hit the man, killing him in a mere second.

Panic rose under the guards and Merlin only stared in shock, someone just saved him. He shook his head to get an hold of himself and stepped back, trying to run away from the guards, but before he could get away two arms dragged him back. A knife was put against his neck.

'Oh my dear Robin, surrender or I will kill your little friend here.' Merlin recognized the voice as that of the black haired man, the knife was pressed harder against his neck and he felt his own blood dripping down his neck.

It was then that a brunette walked out of the woods, a bow in his hand and a bunch of arrows on his back. 'Let him go, he isn't one of us!'

'And you want me to believe that?' The man let out a low evil laugh.

But immediately after he had said that loud shouts were heard from the forest and a group of wild men ran out of it, all holding a weapon and charging towards the group. The black haired man as stunned at he was released some of the pressure on Merlin's neck and Merlin was able to push the arm away, stumbling out of the man's grip and he ran towards the woods.

An hand grabbed his arm, causing Merlin to panic and to hit to the other person.

'Aauu, don't hit me, I'm here to help you!' A rather frustrated man said in defense and Merlin stopped, blinking at the man behind him and saw the man rubbing his arm. 'Thanks that you stopped hitting me, so are you okay?'

'Ehm... yeah thanks.' He looked back, making sure no one was following them and turned back to the man.

'I'm Much, but we should go before Gisborne decides to follow us.' He grabbed Merlin's hand and dragged him away, further into the forest.

While running he introduced himself. 'I'm Merlin... what just happened?'

Much looked back at him. 'You're not from around?'

'No, just traveling through here.'

'Hmm... that man is Guy Gisborne, the right hand of the sheriff of Nottingham, an really evil man if you ask me... So why did he want to kill you?'

'I didn't pay the costs of traveling through this land.'

'Another idiotic thing the sheriff must have thought off.' He slowed his pace and walked into a camp. Merlin looked around, it was a pretty basic camp. They were the first ones to arrive and Much pushed him down on a log and offered him something to drink.

Merlin thankfully accepted the water and took a sip. 'Thanks, also for saving me.'

'Yeah, Robin can't stop himself for helping people in need of help.'

'Who's Robin?'

Much looked at him as if he was telling him that the world has come to an end. 'Who's Robin, who's Robin?!' He let out a laugh. 'So you have never heard of Robin Hood, the man that steals from the rich and gives to the poor?'

'Ehmm... no, as I already told you, I'm not from this land.'

The other man sighed. 'Yeah, I kind of noticed. We're outlaws, the people here are exploited and we help them. Robin is our leader.'

'So you're some kind of heroes?'

Much laughed. 'Yeah, you could say we're!' The man was clearly proud that Merlin had called him a hero.

Before any of them could say anymore, someone shouted to them. 'Much, little John is hurt!' Both turned back, seeing one of the wild men running towards them, panic spread over the man's face. Much immediately jumped up. 'Robin wants us to make him a bed!'

Merlin stared shocked at them, before he placed his bag on the ground and started to rummage through it, they had saved them, he could at least help their wounded friend.

Other men reached the camp, caring a large man with them. The brunette with the bow kneeled panicked next to his wounded friend, Much did the same. 'Master, what happened?'

The brunette stared with wide big eyes at his friend. 'Gisborne's weapon was poisoned.'

Merlin himself now also kneeled down next to the large wounded man and asked the man he presumed to be Robin. 'What was the poison?'

The brunette blinked at him and slowly shook his head. 'I don't know.'

Merlin nodded and tried to find any signs of which poison it was, he felt relieved when he recognized which poison had been used, it was a common one and Gaius had learned him in his first year in Camelot what to do. He searched through his bag, searching for the right herbs and looked at Much. 'Can you boil some water?' Much quickly nodded and stood up.

'You're a phisician?' The brunette asked him, while Merlin took the right instruments and herbs out of his bag.

'Assistant, but I recognize the poison, I will be able to heal him.'

'Thanks.' The man was clearly relieved and Merlin could understand why. He started to grind the herbs, waiting for the boiled water and when it was given to him he mixed it with the grinded herbs. He gave the man the medicine and leaned back, looking at the brunette.

'This is all I can do for him.'

The man let out a deep breath. 'Thank you, I owe you.'

'No, you saved my live from that Gisborne guy.' He offered the man his hand. 'I'm Merlin.'

The brunette accepted. 'And I'm Robin.' He stood up and winked Merlin with him, they sat down next to the campfire, joined by most of the other men, which Robin all introduced to him before asking. 'You're not from around here, right?'

Merlin shook his head. 'No, I'm from Camelot, just on the road for now.'

Robin blinked in surprise. 'Then you're a long way from home.'

'I have traveled for some time now, wanted to see more of the world.'

'This is probably not the best place for you to visit.' Robin bit his lip and turned back to look at the now sleeping Little John, before asking. 'Are you going somewhere?'

'I have no plans to go to a certain place, why?' He ask, but he already knew what Robin wanted.

'Can you maybe stay and look after Little John, in cause he worsen.'

Merlin sighed, maybe it was indeed time to settle somewhere for a while and if he now encountered that Gisborne guy then he would probably be killed, so why not stay with these guys, they seemed like good men.


'Does it hurt somewhere?' Merlin asked, feeling Little John's muscular chest to make sure he wasn't hurt somewhere else.

'Only in my chest.'

Merlin nodded, that was expected, but it wouldn't last longer than a couple of days. 'You will be fine, just keep some rest for the next couple of days.'

The man growled. 'But Robin and I are planning a raid on a money wagon tomorrow.'

Merlin placed his arms in his side and lifted his eyebrow. 'And you're not going to do that.'

The other man glared at him, clearly not happy what his 'doctor' had told him. Then Robin laid a hand on Little John's shoulder. 'He's right, we can do this one without you.'

'Fine.' The man growled and he stood up, while Robin took his place.

'He seems rough, but he's softer than he looks.'

Merlin grinned. 'Yeah, I know that kind of guys.'

Robin rubbed the back of his head and looked at him. 'I don't want to place any pressure on you, but you know how to heal people and many of the villagers have no money for a doctor, so could you maybe...'

'You want me to look at the sick ones.' He lifted his eyebrow to the man and Robin nodded. 'Yeah, I can do that. I myself come from a small village so I know how many of them can't afford a doctor, but I need some new herbs.'

'Ehmm, yeah of course, if you give me a list of them then I can ask someone to buy them for you.'

'You don't have to do that, most can probably be found in the forest, I just need someone to help me find them, I don't know these woods.'

Robin's eyes lit up. 'That's great...' He looked around and called for a black haired boy, he couldn't be older then Merlin. 'Can you help Merlin find the herbs he needs?' The pale boy looked up and nodded. 'Great,' He turned back to Merlin. 'then we will start by visiting a village tomorrow.'


'So which one is next on the list?' Will asked, looking at the list Merlin held in his hands.

'Ehmm... the seddar flower, a blue flower with round leaves and thorns, you know it?'

Will looked deep in thoughts and stared at him. '... Think so, but I'm not sure, a mile that way.' He pointed to his right.

'I guess we just have to find out when we're there.'

They walked to their right and Will looked curious at him. 'How's Camelot?'

Merlin looked up at him and tilted his head. 'It has changed a lot these past couple of years... The king before the current one was a tyrant, because of his lose he killed hundreds of innocent people.'


'Because they possessed magic.' He looked away. 'Even children.'

He heard Will sigh. 'I guess all kings are like that.'

Merlin laughed and shook his head, while his thoughts went to Arthur. 'Not all, the current King, Arthur, is a good man.'

'If you say so... does magic really exists? I mean, I have never seen someone with magic before, or at least I don't know anyone with magic.'

The raven grinned to himself, he should know. 'It does exists, but most people won't go around shouting it of the rooftops, afraid to be killed.'

'So have you met people with magic?'

'I indeed have, most of them bad experiences I have to add.' He sighed when he remembered all the adventures he had with Arthur, all the attacks, before Will could reply Merlin made a joyful sound. 'Found it!' He crouched down to pick the flowers.

'Why did you leave?'

Merlin stopped and looked down. He left because he needed time for himself, he had done so much and he should have told Arthur about his secret a long time ago, about the prophecy, but he just couldn't, he was afraid of what the blond would say, so he needed time to think. He had run like a scared little boy. 'Just needed some time for myself.'

Will nodded. 'How long will you stay with us?'

'Don't know, eventually I have to get back home, but I will stay for awhile, I promised Robin.' He placed the flowers in his bag, while looking at the list again and smiled. 'We have everything, so which way home?'

'Not too far.' Will said while smiling at him and they walked back.

It was when they reached the road, that Will almost jumped on him and dragged him into the bushes. Merlin blinked in surprise, but understood why when he heard horses riding their way, probably guards again, and it was when they disappeared that Will let him go. 'Sorry, but if they see us then they won't hesitate to kill us.'

Merlin blinked, still a bit in shock and he sat up. '... Yeah, I understand.' And he laughed to himself, I wouldn't be the first time he had to hide who he was. 'Do you think it's safe now?'

Will nodded. 'Yeah, let's go back.'


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