Hades glanced at the entrance for what had to be the millionth time that day before sighing and running his hand through his uncharacteristically messy black hair. He usually wasn't like this, he was much better at entertaining himself, better at being patient. He couldn't seem to help it though.

A lot of bad things could have been said about his home, but he loved it despite that. The only problem for him was how lonely it tended to get and he often felt as tortured and miserable as many of the other souls that resided in the underworld.

It was the middle of the summer which meant Persephone was away and most likely making the most of her freedom or so she called it. It hurt him to know that she despised him and his home so much and he hoped that one day her heart would soften, but over the years he had grown used to her distaste for him. Even when she was with him she didn't chase away the bitter loneliness that seemed to seep into his very bones. It wasn't her company that he craved like a cursed and desperate man.

Instead it was that of a beautiful golden blond who brightened his world. Everywhere he looked there reminders of the youth's presence, the balls of light in the corners and random places that Hades had grown accustomed to being only one example. There was nowhere he could not think of him and while the much older God knew the blond had duties of his own and he reminded himself of that constantly, he couldn't help but miss him desperately, especially his loving smile that could brighten even the darkest of days with its infectious glow. Often times he would hope and pray that his young lover would burst in, all smiles like he so often did, but it was almost always in vain. It only caused his heart to ache more, but it taught him something as well, something he would likely never forget.

He needed Apollo in his life.