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Alucard is looking around, He is in a white space nothing but white.

'Where am I?' thought the nosferatu, the last thing he remembered was his loss against the Major.

"Greetings, count Dracula or should I say Alucard?" Looked up and saw a purple humanoid with white hair between his hair are two blood-red horns and between his teeth was a dagger. The humanoid was clothed in a white robe. He looked intimidating for a normal person but Alucard was everything but normal, he just said:

"I have gone by many names, chose one you like." The figure just smirked, dagger still between his teeth.

"What about Naruto Uzumaki?" Alucard's eyes just widened and he then got a look full of regret.

"He's dead together with the love of his life." Alucard then just remembered the life of the person he once was, but wanted to forget. He remembered his life before and after the academy, his so-called friendship with Iruka, his graduation, 'his team', the mission to Wave, the chunin exams, his time with his so-called family: Jiraiya and Tsunade , his rescue mission and the after-effects.

/ flash back/

"Just a few meters and we're there Sasuke." Said the bloodied form known as Naruto Uzumaki, he was shirtless. On his left above the heart was a big hole that was already closing up. On his back he carried Uchiha Sasuke, only having minor injuries on his stomach due to having shoved a low-powered rasengan by Naruto who received a full chidori in the shoulder. They were awaited by Tsunade Senju, Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka, a few chunin and Hinata Hyuuga who was watching a bit further away. Naruto just entered the village when he collapsed due to the strain on his body. Tsunade just took the Uchiha and started examinating him , Naruto rolled on his back and looked Sakura in the eye and said:

"Sakura-chan, I fulfilled my promise to you." He expected a lot of things but a kick on his stomach from Ino and one to the groin from Sakura wasn't one of them.

"You, idiot, I asked him to bring him back, but you just had to beat him because you couldn't have me." Naruto looked shocked that Sakura could think so low of him.

"Sakura-chan, he really wanted to leave the village, It's …" but before he continue he was kicked in the face by Ino who said:

"Shut up, like Sasuke-kun wouldn't do something like that, it's just that you're jealous of him, you demon!" Naruto's eyes widened, he was about to say something but he then got a punch from Tsunade, full strength. Naruto doubled over, coughing blood. He then looked at Tsunade and asked:

"Why ?" Tsunade just glared at him.

"You know why, you killed Kushina-chan, she was like a daughter to me, you filthy demon, now for severely injuring a leaf-nin , you are going to be executed, anbu." With that he was carried off.

/ end of flashback/

After he was locked his 'friends' came to visit him. It wasn't a friendly visit , they came to torture him, Shino had his bugs eat him, Akamaru peed his acidic pee in his eyes, Neji placed a jyuuken palm thrust him in the gut, the rest of the rookie nine and team 9 gave him an old fashioned beating. They then left, Naruto still had some fight in him left, but that changed when he saw Iruka with a sneer on his face.

/ flash back/

"How does it feel to be tricked, Kyuubi, do you really think that we couldn't see you for what you truly are?" Naruto was shocked that even Iruka the first person who saw him for him, thought that he was the Kyuubi. His glazed to a dark blue instead of the cerulean. His head hung down. Iruka looked at him gave him a kick and said:

"This is for my parents. You never were a student of mine." And with that he left. After a while he heard the gate to his cell opening again, he didn't look up, thinking it is another one who would hurt him, the noise stopped in front of him, he then heard the opening of a jar, probably an acid or a salve to restore his wounds so they can then torture him even more. Then a hand started to rub a gel on one of his wounds, it was a soft one, that's for sure, Naruto wondered what the gel did it didn't hurt so it wasn't an acid, instead it numbed the pain, when he looked up he saw two lavender eyes full of tears.

"Hinata, what are you doing here?" He said with a bit of surprise. Hinata just stopped to rub the salve on his wound and went to another one and restarted the process.

"I can't' heal your wounds, because they will just reopen, I can only stop the pain, I'm sorry, I can't do more Naruto-kun." Naruto just said in defeat:

"Hinata-chan, why don't you hurt me, I'm just a monster?"

"NO! You aren't a monster, you're Uzumaki Naruto, container of the Kyuubi, the most surprising ninja in Konoha. You're also the man who … who I fell in … love with." She said with determination. Naruto's eyes regained life and they became cerulean again.

"Hinata-chan, could you please do the wound on my cheek?" When Hinata heard the question she began to blush immediately , but she complied nonetheless. Naruto on the other hand was enjoying the feeling of her hand on his cheek he then asked:

"Hinata-chan could you bring your face a bit closer?" She did again and before she could ask why Naruto leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the lips.

"Thank you, Hinata-chan, thanks to you I know that my life was not in vain, thank you." Hinata became red in the face but then she began to cry.

"Hinata-chan, don't cry, I like it more when you smile." Hinata then rubbed her tears away and gave him a beautiful smile, Naruto then returned one of his rare true smile and said softly:

"Hinata-chan, I will return to you one day. That's a promise longer then a lifetime, believe it. Now go before guards find us. " and with she left before giving one last glance.

/ end of flashback/

Other people came with the intention to get a piece of the demon. They each tortured him in a different way. That continued until the day of the execution.

/ flash back/

Tsunade looked at the form of Uzumaki Naruto, His pants were the only clothes he had left, they were red due to the blood. His entire body was full of scars, cuts ,bruises and other wounds, on his chest were the words 'Kyuubi' and 'demon' carved. His hair was a dirty blond with red. On his face where the whisker marks were, were six scars. He's missing some teeth together with both his eyes. He looked at Tsunade, who just said:

"How does it feel, Kyuubi?"

"Not bad, old bitch." He said full with defiance. He got a fist in the stomach courtesy of Tsunade. Naruto coughed up some blood and said:

"Watch out, old hag, you don't want me dead before the Uchiha can do it." Tsunade just growled.

"Tsch brat, bring him to the center." Two anbu came out of nowhere and brought him to the village-center.

At the center of the plain was a platform where Sasuke and Kakashi waiting for Naruto, around the town were the villagers, they were all anxious waiting for the dead of the demon, all except one Hyuuga. When Naruto arrived , in chains, the crowd booed at him and threw trash at him. When he walked at the stairs he somehow found Hinata and looked her in the eyes, at first she wanted to look away when she saw the empty holes what were once his beautifull eyes but she continued to look at him. He then mouthed at her 'I love you too', Hinata was happy but she wanted to cry because he's going to die, remembering his words , she just smiled, he gave her one in return. When he arrived at the platform, Tsunade shouted:

"We have come here to kill the traitor, Naruto Uzumaki, for his crimes against Konoha, his executer is none other than Sasuke Uchiha." With that the crowd went wild. Sasuke did three handsign and charged up his chidori.

"Look at that ,here you are. I'm free and you're in chains, by killing you I will gain the mangekyo, this proves I'm your better, any last words dobe?" He said to the blond. The blond just chuckles, looks up and said:

" Foolish Teme, I will win this one." Sasuke just angry and shoved his chidori in Naruto's heart. He waited for the changes to become, but to his surprise, his eyes didn't change.

"I won." Were Naruto's last words, while Sasuke cries in fury because he lost again to the dobe.

/ end of flashback/

After his path down memory lane, he looked at the purple figure and asked:

"Why did you bring it up? To torment me?"

"Did you know that she's still alive?" When the figure said that, Alucard looked at him with surprise .

"Explain, that's more than five hundred ago." The figure's grin just got wider.

" Did you know that times flows different in dimension, what here is more than five hundred years is in another dimension a little bit less than three years." Alucards just whispers:

"Only three years. Why are you telling me this?"

"I made a mistake by giving the sage the powers of chakra, it seems that humans abuse their powers, I need someone to give them a message, you're that someone, normally you would be able to leave this place after you destroyed all your familiars, but instead I purged Shrodinger from your body. After you have done your job, I will send you back to your coffin thirty years after your defeat, you even may take the Hyuuga if she wants it. Do you accept?" Alucard just smirks, but he then had a thoughtful look:

"What about my guns and the gloves? The gloves will restrict me, since I'm not fighting on orders."

"Your 'jackal' is repaired, your guns will never be able to run out of bullets, I've modified your gloves, they will help you control your powers instead so you don't harm innocents, just say 'release control art restriction system' plus the levels you want to release, I even give you back Baskerville. Do you accept?"

"Yes , by the way am I free of Hellsing now?"

"Yes, now go I advise you to go to Suna, first." With that Alucard was gone.