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Bloody, tired and sweaty. That was the state of the entire Konoha council. They first had to deal with the exploding deer. That in itself took one hour to calm down all people and treat some of the wounded. They couldn't save any of the deer though. After that they had to deal with the chakra-eating termites. It didn't take them too long to locate their nests but even then it wasn't over. The termites defended their nest very well, four jounins were shipped off with chakra exhaustion. In the end they had to destroy them all, much to the Aburame's dismay. They would have gone back home but since they were busy with an emergency meeting, they couldn't. So here they were in the council ready to finish their meeting. It was Tsume who spoke:

"We should talk about the recent attack but it is best that we finish our previous topic first. We know that you send out a squad after them, at least two of them died. What happened to the other two?" Tsunade wanted to sigh, since the response was going to cause uproar.

"Tenzo died, Kakashi survived but at the cost of his sharingan eye." It was just like Tsunade expected everyone was restless, they lost three of their best operatives on one mission, two who had the power to restrain biju. Everyone was wondering what they could do in case of a biju attack. Chouza then asked:

"How are we going to fight the biju's?"

"We have Jiraiya, he can seal them." Commented Hiashi, trying to reduce the importance of the Sharingan to zero. He had no intentions for Konoha starting a program trying to create an artificial Sharingan.

"Sorry but Jiraiya is on a mission." Said Tsunade.

"What mission?" Asked Danzo.

"He's looking for a way to use the seals on the brat's body against him."

"What seals?", "What type of seals?" was heard throughout the council room, they hadn't heard of any seals on the count.

"Troublesome." Commented Shikaku with a really deep sigh. Chouza then tensed, if Shikaku sighed deeply it was usually a disaster.

"He uses seals to restrain his power. Am I correct?" Tsunade confirmed the assumption with a nod.

"What powers?" Asked the Nara clan head bent on learning as much about Alucard.

"Something I can only describe as insane regeneration and the creation of black mist. We also suspect that he has more powers then that." The other council members gasped, this was a terrible combination. It was nearly impossible to kill someone in one hit who uses mist for hiding, add the regeneration and he was nearly unstoppable. Koharu then noticed the formulation of Alucard's regenerative abilities.

"Insane regeneration, care to give an example?" Asked the elder with a little frown.

"He regenerated his arms like it was nothing." While it was an incredible feat to regrow your arm, the council wasn't surprised; it did fit the description of 'insane regeneration'.

"So you're sending Jiraiya to see if those seals could be used to their advantage?" Asked Danzo. He approved the plan, it was a good plan. Not only would it remove a threat it would also give Konoha a weapon that could rival a biju.

"But that still means that we aren't protected against Kumo who have two demons. Sasuke can only take out one at the time." Commented Homaru, she could easily see how Konoha could be taken by a pincer attack of jinchuriki.

"Can't we use summons to stop them?" Asked Chouza.

"They can only stop them for a moment." Said Tsunade, remembering the reports of the fight between Gamabunta and the Shukaku.

"Damn." Muttered Tsume. It was then that Danzo slammed his cane on the ground, shocking the room.

"We don't have time for this; we need to address the current attack. This is an attack on our pride, we must retaliate. On top of that he stole a pair of byakugan." The council members and even the Hokage looked at Danzo in shock. They had forgotten that while he was crippled, he still was a strong shinobi. The shock was reinforced by the fact that Danzo was a silent man, saying only something when it was necessary. For him to make such show was the ultimate proof that something had to happen.

"I agree, we need to show the other nations that we can't be attacked without consequences." Said Homaru.

"We can't just attack him, he will use his identity and recruit Snow, Tea and Wind country, we would be lucky if we managed to gather a single minor village." Said Shikaku which got him some bewildered looks.

"Why is that? A lot of Villages offered to ally in the past." asked the matriarch of the Yamanaka clan.

"It's the demonstration he let the Kazekage do at the chunin exams. If a village works with us, they will create the impression that they support this kind of actions. This will result in a loss of missions and thus money. So we can conclude that an assault isn't impossible."

"We could assassinate him or at least the Hyuuga." Was another motion of the council. Many agreed with this motion, but Shikaku had to place their feet on the ground:

"This is a suicide mission, so who are we going to send?" Now this was a potential problem, they didn't have many shinobi on reserve since they lost a lot of them during the Kyuubi attack and the sound invasion.

"It needs to be someone who has a chance but can be replaced easily. Do we have someone in Anbu?" The Hokage shook her head and said:

"Anbu is already working at maximum capacity, with the loss of Cat, Tenzo and Rat we can't lose anybody." The female head of the Yamanaka clan then had an idea.

"What about Mitarashi-san? She is skilled enough, and we still have the Yamanaka clan and Ibiki." That and Konoha would be lost of her indecency forever.

"What about the Snake Summons? We could need them against the Bijuu." Commented Shibi Aburame.

"She can't summon nor control them very well on top of that she can't pass on the contract." Explained Koharu who had always an eye on Anko, in case she had treasonous thoughts.

"It also means that we don't have to worry anymore about Orochimaru's influence on her." Commented Danzo while making plans to kidnap her, should she survive of course.

"Very well. Anko Mitarashi will be sent on the assassination mission."

Anko was sitting on a roof while just having had the time of her life. The blood, the chaos, the screams yep this beats almost every torture session she had. Too bad it was already over and cleaned up. She was about to go to her apartment but that plan was stopped by the arrival of an anbu who said:

"The Hokage has summoned you." Anko then sighed, she just got back from an exhausting mission, didn't she deserve some rest?

"I will come." She then got up and started to walk towards the hokage tower. The anbu wasn't happy with the speed so she grabbed her shoulder and shunshined her in the council room. Anko who wasn't happy with it, was about to maim him with some snakes but she was interrupted by her Kage.

"Anko Mitarashi, you were summoned by the council." She straightened up and made a slight bow towards the council, she wasn't going to ruin her, albeit small, chance on promotion by being impolite.

"Yes, what do you want from me?" The Hokage just informed her subordinate.

"This is a solo S-rank mission. Hinata Hyuuga defected last night and went towards Wave. You are hereby ordered to eliminate Hinata Hyuuga and if possible Alucard Chitsuki." When Anko processed the information, she could only say one thing:

"Wha?" When she fully recover from the shock, she addressed the council:

"So you're asking me to infiltrate Wave which is guarded by Suna Shinobi? Track down Hinata Hyuuga and afterwards kill her all under the eyes of an S-rank ninja, all by myself? " It was Danzo who answered the question.

"No." A little flame of hope was beginning to fester inside Anko's chest.

"We are ordering you." And just like that it was snuffed out. She couldn't believe it, she was send on a mission where she has no chance of returning after all her years of service. While it was true that such missions exist in Konoha they were always voluntary. There were some exceptions to this rule , but they weren't applicable on this case. It both angered and saddened her that Konoha didn't acknowledge her as a full citizen. She then noticed that the council was staring at her, so she just said:

"It will be done." She then left, leaving a frowning council.

The clone of Alucard sat on one of the roofs of the demon quarter. He was plotting his next step to cause chaos all around Konoha. He was thinking of all the things he could do with the stuff that resides in Orochimaru's other bases. He had most of it planned just the finishing touches. It was at that moment he saw the purple haired special jounin. He grinned, he did have some time to spare after all. That, and the fact that she stole some of his blood. Nobody steals blood from him and gets away with it. So he discretely followed her towards her house which was a little bit away from the demon quarter. He then entered her apartment, it was a typical one bedroom apartment. It wasn't too fancy but it wasn't a dump either. He did notice a snake slithering through the apartment though. Anko then entered from an adjacent room, too much in turmoil too sense the clone enter. After a while she did notice clone.

"What do you want?" The clone could see that she has given up, why he didn't know. The eyes she had reminded him of himself when he sat in that dungeon. They were devoid of life.

"Pathetic." sneered Alucard's clone.

"Come to finish me off before I can kill her?" Asked Anko with resignation, she still couldn't believe how easily she was discarded. She really had hoped that there her efforts would be appreciated.

"I came for different reasons but now I just see you're a waste of my time." Commented the clone with a little a bit of disgust in his voice.

"Stop." said Anko, who was becoming aggravated. She worked hard to get this strong. She would not let anyone disrespect her hard work.

"Stop what?" Asked the clone with a grin. Her response was a growl.

"Stop saying that."

"You being pathetic?" It wasn't only the question that pissed her off. It was the tone used and the smirk on his face. She really wanted to wipe that smirk of his face, but he was a S-rank ninja and she an A-rank. The difference between the two was just too big.


"Then stop being pathetic." The clone said it like it was the easiest thing in the world, which in his eyes was.

"I'm not pathetic!" she screamed while throwing a kunai at the clone of the count. The clone just grabbed the kunai with his hand. He then started laughing which confused the purple haired jounin.

'Seriously, is the guy bipolar or something?' "Why are you laughing?"

"This was the woman I came for." It was then that the count threw the kunai back at Anko who didn't have enough time to completely dodge it making a little cut on her left cheek. Unknowingly to the duo, the snake was being hit. It wasn't lethal but it did make the snake dispel with a cry. Anko turned a bit around when she heard the snake's cry. It lived with her as long as she can remember, it helped her deal with the loneliness. The clone used this to his advantage and dashed towards her. He then placed his head on her left shoulder. He then started licking the blood that was seeping from the wound with his tongue.

"Your blood is quite the delicacy, Anko." Purred the clone in Anko's ear. Anko on the other hand remained calm, she had no intention of dying.

"So what brings you here?" She asked wondering why he was so interested in her.

"Revenge, what else?" The answer confused and scared Anko greatly, scared since he was a sadistic S-rank ninja who was apparently out for her blood, confused since this was the first time they met.

'Maybe did he misinterpret the question? He could have thought that I meant in Konoha, but he did took the Hyuuga with him. Why did he do that? Could it be for money, or something else? No, she wasn't kidnapped but rather went willingly towards Wave, but why? Wave does support Naruto Uzumaki, but that can't be it. Thinking of the little squirt, he would have a serious grudge against Konoha.' Her eyes widened when she then realized that the way the count was licking her cut cheek was the same way she licked the gaki's cheek three years ago, when she met Orochimaru again after so many years. It then hit her like a sledgehammer.

"You're supposed to be dead." The clone just lifted his head of her shoulder and said:

"Yet, here I am. Now that we have introduced ourselves, I have a question for you. Why do you still stay in Konoha?" Anko stiffened a bit, she knew the answer but that would be revealing that she had Orochimaru's mark. So she decided to evade the question with a question.

"Why wouldn't I?" Alucard's doppelganger smirked when he heard the question, annoying the female snake summoner.

"Being Orochimaru's apprentice isn't a very popular occupation especially since you carry his mark. You know what happened to me, do you?" She flinched, what the count said disturbed her a lot. It was a fear she was having since his execution. She then started imagining herself in the same exaction as the tortured jinchuriki but with Orochimaru as executioner. She forced those mental images away and said.

"They wouldn't do to me." The clone noticed a little bit of insecurity in his voice and immediately exploited it:

"Are you sure? I beg to differ. Anko Mitarashi, special-jounin of Konoha, division: T&I-department, specialization: ninjutsu, elemental affinities: fire and minor earth,... ." Anko knew what he was doing, he was reading her file, but nothing in it should be so shocking that she would leave Konoha.

"So, you have my file? So what?" Alucard just skipped to the point since he convinced her that he was citing her file:

"In case of any sign of influence due to the curse seal..." Now this was surprising to Anko. Her 'file' didn't have this piece information, but she was sure that her real file contained it.

"elimination." Anko knew that this was her fate if she used the curse seal, but she knew that he knew that she knew this, so she continued listening.

"Sasuke Uchiha: In case of any sign of influence due to the curse seal, if he is in control ignore it, otherwise render him unconscious and inform the Hokage. " Anko couldn't believe the brat who is most of the time trained and not doing any mission gets away with it and she, the hard working shinobi, gets killed.

"Don't my years of service count for anything?" She muttered to herself but, Alucard's copy could easily hear her.

"You were just useful and when that stops you will be dead. Judging from the way I found you, I take it this is the moment. My question still stands: why don't you just leave?" Anko scoffed, if it was as easy as that she would have left sooner.

"Where can I go? A shinobi village? All Konoha has to do is to release the fact that I have a curse seal. Anywhere else would result in me being chased by several hunter-nin which would result in my death." She then stopped for a moment and reflected the count's action. He first weakened her already weak beliefs of Konoha. He then asked why she didn't go away.

'The only thing that is missing is an offer to join his country.' she thought sarcastically. Her eyes then widened, these are his intentions. She then narrowed her eyes, she won't be tricked anymore, even if his intentions sound pure. She then asked suspiciously:

"You want me to join your country, even if you know about the curse seal? You know where it comes from and what it can do." Anko cringed, when she saw the shift in his eyes. His eyes which at first hinted amusement, were now aimed at her with menace. He didn't like her comment and he clearly showed it.

"Don't insult me, I've dealt with it in the past." His tone of voice clearly showed who was the most powerful of two and Anko understood. So she nodded meekly but she still wanted to know why she was invited:

"Why do you want me to join your village?" Alucard's clone just said:

"It's just a whim of mine, so choose quickly." The message was clear to Anko: this a one time offer, take it or leave it. So she made the only sensible choice.

"Where do I sign up?"

/scene change/

Alucard was planning what he was going to with his free time, he could go train again something he really loved to do and without his restrictions he could refine his more powerful techniques. All he needed was an area large enough to accommodate his training. He was looking at several maps when he was interrupted by the sliding of the door. It revealed a nervous Hinata who was fidgeting a bit.

"Naruto-kun, can I ask you some questions?" Alucard just motioned her inside which she did. She also seemed a little less nervous as she did.

"So what do you want to know?" Asked the count.

"What happened during your absence?"

So he explained her everything what happened in his life: his life as Vlad the Impaler, his death, his start as vampire ,his life as the different counts of Wallachia, his defeat at the hands Abraham Van Hellsing, his life as an experiment, his contribution to world war II and his life under Integra. When he was done telling his tale, it was the start of the evening. Hinata had a lot of to think about, especially his three ex- wives. Alucard then decided to go on to her next question, she said questions after all.

"So what is your next question?" Hinata now was fidgeting again, she then took a deep breath and asked:

"I was wondering what you have planned for Shizune-san when you attack Konoha." This question was quite surprising, he could see that she either wanted to save her or kill her personally. He deduced that it was the former since she was quite nervous about it. He didn't have a problem with it after all, Shizune never hurt him but she didn't help him either, so he would return the courtesy. That still didn't explain why Hinata wanted to save Shizune.

"So you are interested in my plans Tsunade's little lapdog? I wonder why." Hinata release the breath she was holding. She didn't see any negative emotions only curiosity. Now she can convince him to save her.

"I owe her a big debt, she allowed me to meet you without prying eyes." explained Hinata, intriguing Alucard.

'It seems that I have misjudged her.' He then realized that he hasn't the answered yet so he did now:

"Nothing, nothing at all."