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"How's the book?" Wendy sat down across from him at their usually booth at the diner. "You've been reading that book since, what, January?"

"It's a long book; I don't have as much time as I used too."

"I hear you there," Wendy said glancing over the menu. She always did that, Conner noted. She would always look over the menu but still she'd get the same thing every time. "Your thesis coming along nicely?"

"It's... getting there..." Truth was Conner hadn't even touched it since the Appalaxian incident. "Yours probably just needs editing, doesn't it?"

Wendy laughed, her smile widening. "You overestimate me." She set the menu on the edge of the table. "Actually, I've reached a standstill... wait a minute, your older brother - Clark, right? - He's a reporter isn't he? Do you think maybe he could give me a hand?"

"He's not in the country right now." He's not on Earth right now. "He's on international duty for a few months." He's on the planet Rimbor being tried for genocide. "He's traveling a lot; I don't know how to reach him." He may be dead, can't be sure.

Wendy's mouth formed a small, disappointed o.

"Wait-My brother's, uh, friend works there too - she'll be more than willing to help you." Conner quickly pulled out his phone and texted the name and number.

Wendy's little o of a mouth widened to an O of surprise. "Lois Lane? The Lois Lane, of the Daily Planet?"

Conner nodded. Wendy erupted into a ballad of excited thank yous; he was only saved when the waitress came and gave them their food.

They talked more about her thesis; he was steering clear of the topic of his. They discussed his book for a while, how her psychology class going. She asked how Mal and Karen were doing, a little wistfully. She missed them, he could plainly see. He asked for Marvin was, she admitted to not having actually spoken lately.

It was a cool night out, Conner noted as he walked her back to her dorm. Wendy had called Lois and she had been very enthusiastic about helping her. Wendy was almost jumping with excitement.

"She said it would better to see her in person though," Wendy said, "I'll have to check the train s-"

"I could take you." Conner cut in before thinking it through, "My motorcycle fits two."

Wendy stopped at looked at him, an eyebrow raised.

"Spring break is next week, we could go then."

"Are you sure, I mean it's so far I wouldn't want-"

"I'm sure."

Wendy threw her arms around his next, the force causing Conner to spin around.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, Conner." Wendy kissed his cheek and released him.

Conner felt dizzy.

As she entered her dorm, Conner's free hand moved to touch his cheek. A smile spread across his face.

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