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This is from Sen's POV. (Invader Zim OC)

'Mi-elei eru'hani ' translates from Irken as 'my one and only.'

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The madness. THE MADNESS! Part 3


I adjusted the Base's security system. Too many wormy humans had been able to walk onto our lawn, any more interruptions and our plan would never come to fruition. Not that Zee or Gir cared about the plan, all they ever did was run around and play games. Zim and I were the only one actually working to finalise the takeover of Earth.

Walking down the red and purple lit passageways of the lab, I pulled on my black, elbow length gloves, smoothing down my self-modified Invader Uniform as I walked into my experiment room.

There were hundreds of green, glassy holotanks, each holding a specimen of this filthy planet. The foremost line contained the human test subjects. As I walked past them, I felt their eyes bore into me. Some held fear, others held hatred and swore revenge. Most proclaimed a mixture of terror and awe as they watched my figure pass in a graceful, well practiced march.

My lilac eyes swept the room for the one human I was looking for, my elegantly curved antennae perked up as I found the brat huddled against the glass of her holding cell, her blonde hair matted and unkempt, face contorted and streaked with tears.

"Awake I see."

I practically purred in a vindictive pleasure at seeing her flinch at the sound of my voice. I felt a vicious smile slide onto my face. This pathetic worm had hurt someone very dear to me, and for that, she would pay.

"Not to worry, as soon as I am done with you, I will erase your memory of my experiments and let you loose. As to whether you can survive that long...well that depends on your behaviour."

With a dark laugh, I continued walking until I reached the control room. There, I saw my teammates, GIR, Zee and her brother Zim. They looked up and smiled as I joined them at the transmission screen. Instead of the usual display of the Irken symbol, I saw several complex diagrams, all moving, fitting and slotting together.

"What is this?" I turned to my mate, Zim.

"Blueprints for a new super-weapon that I managed to steal from the Massive's database archives." He replied with a purr. "I thought you might have fun studying them, mi-elei eru'hani."

I smirked. "Not as much fun as I have studying you Zim."

"EEEWWWW!" Screamed Zee, covering her antennae, "Guys! Gir and I are still in the room! Control your noise-tubes in front of the baby!"

Zim apologised sheepishly. His twin had set clear rules about flirting in front of her and 'the baby', aka Gir the malfunctioning SIR unit. Gir, however, was too busy bouncing around on his head to notice anything that had been said.

"Zimmy?" Zee asked. "Can I use the space-time machine thingy? I wanna throw a banana at Henry the Eighth again. Plus I don't like the way that nasty Galloway man spoke to my lovely 'bots, so I'll teach him a lesson. Kay?"

"No." Her twin said firmly.

"Pleeeaaaassseeee?" Zee pressed, her ruby eyes growing wide and teary, bottom lip wobbling adorably.

"No." Zim said again, less certainly this time.

"PATHETIC WORMSLAVE! HOW DARE YOU REFUSE ME!" Zee shouted, antennae flattening to her head, always a danger sign for Irkens. "I AM AN INVADER! YOU WILL OBEY THE FIST OF THE MIGHTY IRKEN EMPIRE! OBEY OR FACE MY WRATH!"

"Alright! Fine!" Zim panicked, throwing the device over the table. He didn't know what would happen if he continued to refuse her, but neither did he want to find out.

"YEY! I LIKE YOU! HAVE A PIGGY!" Zee yelled.

Gir handed a piggy to Zim, before they both ran off to Irk-knows where, screaming about tacos. A grinning Zim placed an arm imperiously around his mate's waist.

"You know Sen, I'm so proud of my little sister. She's turning into a really terrifying little Invader..."

Next up, The Liaison of DOOM! Galloway gets more than he bargined for when he picks a fight with ZEE!