Title: So What's Your Hidden Desire?

Author: Bendyfish

Setting: the whole Torchwood team are still alive, Season 2, in my stories the team are always together, never dead.

Story line: An alien artefact is brought in, before Jack can tell them to contain it, it releases a gas, a bit of madcap silly ensues.

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Torchwood, just borrow the characterisations. I don't own the rights to the lyrics of All I Want Is You by U2, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith and Rock Around the Clock by Bill Hayley and the Comets, just borrowing them for this fic.

So What Is Your Hidden Desire?

Chapter 5 –The morning after


Ianto whilst making a brew in the kitchenette heard the stirrings of his fellow team mates as they awoke. Jack was sitting in his office waiting for his first coffee of the day feeling self satisfied that the team survived the first 12 hours without too many dramas, well of what he knew of, oh maybe I should check the CCTV, you never know what happened while Ianto and I were asleep, well for a part of the night, but not now, I can hear Ianto coming up with my coffee Jack thought.

As predicted Ianto walked in with two steaming cups of coffees and set them down on Jack's table bumping one of the cups accidently and spilling some coffee on the table. Jack looked at the spill now forming a circular pool of coffee around the cup, anxiety building within him, he stood quickly and raced down to the kitchenette. Ianto quizzically stared at Jack as he raced out of the office, his eyes following Jack and wondering what Jack was up to.

Jack returned with a damp cloth and a paper towel, lifted the cup wiped the bottom of the cup and the table with the damp cloth and when he was satisfied that all the coffee was wiped up, proceeded to dry the table with the paper towel. Jack threw the cloth and paper towel into the bin and with a sigh sat down smiling at Ianto who watched his lover as if Jack has gone mad, but he didn't say anything, if Jack wants to clean who was Ianto to argue, Ianto had been trying to get the captain to be a little less messy and clean after himself and so if he wants to start with his split coffee Ianto was not going to make the captain feel awkward for finally doing what he wanted him to do for a very long time.


Gwen emerged from her room, seeking coffee, as the aroma of Ianto's heavenly brew assaulted her olfactory senses. She saw no one about the Hub but Ianto had left her coffee on her table assuming that the others would wake soon, ah Ianto, you always know what everyone wants, Gwen thought. But he didn't think of a cookie, I really would like a cookie. Gwen opened the cupboard looking for a biscuit, she found a packet of hobnobs, still unopened, opened them up and thought I'll just have one and leave them here for the others when they wake and ventured into the Hub. Mmmmm that biscuit tasted so good, been a while since I had a biscuit, Gwen thought, all that transfat and such, she had avoided all biscuits and fried foods, not good for you or your waistline Gwen would preach to the others as they would wolf down rubbish food. Gwen ate another, then another and before she realised she had eaten the whole packet. And yet she was still feeling peckish, Gwen opened the cupboard hoping to find something else to satisfy her hunger, the donuts that Ianto mentioned the other day, not so fresh but they hit the spot. Gwen guzzled down the last of her coffee and wondered where Ianto was so she could get another cup of coffee. As she walked to her desk, she remembered that Tosh always kept some chocolate in her middle drawer, so while everyone wasn't about Gwen gingerly opened Tosh's drawer and extracted a large block of milk chocolate, not Gwen's usual type of chocolate, but when you're hungry anything will do. Gwen gobbled the entire block as she returned to her desk, licking her fingers so as not to waste any.


Tosh woke to the sound of Owen's singing, singing? Is that Owen singing? Tosh thought

"I could stay awake just to hear you breathing Watch you smile while you are sleeping While you're far away dreaming I could spend my life in this sweet surrender I could stay lost in this moment forever Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure"

Wow what a great voice, I am so not going open my eyes, I don't want Owen to think that I am listening to him sing, Tosh thought.

Owen caressed her face and smiled.

"Don't want to close my eyes I don't want to fall asleep 'Cause I'd miss you baby And I don't want to miss a thing"

Tosh tentatively opened her eyes and she saw Owen staring at her while he sang, Tosh sighed.

" 'Cause even when I dream of you The sweetest dream will never do I'd still miss you baby And I don't want to miss a thing"

Tosh stretched and smiled at Owen.

"Ah hem, right Tosh….um" Owen started, confused as what to say about last night.

"Okay let's just put this behind us" Tosh said, the voice of reason, a little confused.

"Yeah, okay" Owen agreed, although reluctantly, hoping for another go at love making , "best to get dressed and head up and see how the others coped last night"

"Yeah, where are my clothes?" Tosh asked quietly.

"They're here, oh…..sorry Tosh, they are a bit dirty" Owe said remembering Tosh's reaction to getting her blouse dirty yesterday and knowing that Tosh would probably have run out of clean clothes from her locker.

"Oh, what's a bit of dirt, nothing to worry too much about" Tosh said happily.

Owen stared at Tosh with new found wonder, great night of lovemaking with Tosh and now she was not worrying about getting dirty like the uptight Tosh that he normally sees. Maybe things are looking on the up and up.

Owen put out his arm in invitation to Tosh to hook her arm in his.

"But all the promises we make From the cradle to the grave When all I want is you You say you want Your love to work out right To last with me through the night…." Quietly sang Owen,

Tosh looked at him quizzically and wondered that maybe Owen is a morning singer as no-one in the team have heard Owen sing, he even said yesterday that he doesn't sing but his voice wasn't too bad and he sang like he enjoyed singing and that it wasn't a bad thing.

"Oh Owen I thought you didn't sing?"

"Yeah that's right, I don't" Owen said, then thought 'was I just singing, singing out loud', shaking his head, 'no that can't be right'.

Tosh not wanting to make a big deal about it and more importantly didn't want him to stop, didn't pursue it, so she didn't say anything more.

They walked back into the Hub in time to see Ianto exit Jack's office,

"Coffee boy, coffee boy, I'd love a coffee, boy", Owen sang, making up a song to the tune of Lolly-pop.

Ianto gawped at Owen not quite believing what he was hearing, "Sorry Owen, what is it you said….um sung?"

"Coffee yum, coffee yum, we'd love some coffee, yeah?" Owen sang some more.

"Oh? …um….right" Ianto said not wanting to question Owen any more, as Tosh shrugged her shoulders and indicated thru facial expression to Ianto not to pursue it, "two coffees coming up"

"Oh Ianto, could I have another?" Gwen asked tentatively, "Oh and do we have anything to eat?"

"Um, I think I could rustle something up, I'll have a look" Ianto replied.

Jack walked out of his office and yelled out, "Oh good, everyone is up, great, all meet in the board room in 5 minutes"

Gwen, Owen and Tosh walked up to the board room as Jack walked down to the kitchenette, Jack noting the dirt on railing of the stairs tutting about the grime build up. Jack wrapped his arms around Ianto as Ianto looked for something to make for the team to eat. "Oh Ianto, do you know where the Spray'n'Wipe is?"

"Huh?" Ianto muttered, deep in thought.

The Spray'n'Wipe, I noticed that the shelving in my office needs cleaning and I thought a dust down is in order," Jack whispered in Ianto's ear as he stood behind Ianto holding onto his waist.

Ianto turned around staying intertwined in Jack's arms and started swaying and leading Jack to sway with him, and soon they were dancing across the Hub, Ianto leading the way, dancing to a non-existent music. "I thought you didn't dance Ianto" murmured Jack, loving the feel of Ianto moving with his body in step with him.

"Mmmmm dancing is good, need to do it more often" Ianto murmured.

"Totally agree" Jack said excitedly, "Want to go dancing tonight?"

"Sure my love" Ianto answered, "What's your preference, latin, jive, salsa, swing, rock'n'roll?"

"Anything as long as it's with you" Jack answered shocked but excited as they continued to dance around the Hub.

"IANTO" Gwen yelled as she struck her head out of the board room, "Food, I need food!"


The team all gathered in the board room, Ianto brought up some Pop-tarts that he found in the back of the cupboard, that didn't have an expired due by date. Gwen would probably not eat them he thought as she is so fussy about trans fats, but after she yelled at him, he didn't really care. He handed out everyone's' individual coffees and set the Pop-Tarts in the middle of the table. Gwen grabbed one and gobbled it up before Ianto could sit down around the other side of the table, it took him a little longer to get to his usual seat because he was dancing his way to his seat.

"Oh um Gwen, sorry that's all I could find, I didn't expect us to be stuck here for over 12 hours" Ianto proceeded to say then noticed that Gwen had finished one and was beginning to eat another one.

If Owen and Tosh were stunned by Ianto dancing in the board room, they were even more stunned by watching Gwen eat two Pop-Tarts and was she reaching out for another one. Owen quickly grabbed two Pop-Tarts before they all disappeared, handing one to Tosh. Tosh took a bite not realising that sometimes the contents can spill and a bright red gloop splatted onto her slightly dirty blouse, she looked at it and with her finger scooped up the dropped filling smearing it more on her blouse and plopped it into her mouth, licking her finger. Jack's eyes nearly popped out of his head watching the mess that Tosh was creating and offered to clean her blouse.

"No Jack, it's fine" Tosh wiped her hands on her skirt, "Won't kill me"

"Yeah but it might kill me" Jack said worriedly, "I think that watching you make a mess I've figured out what the next 12 hours is going to be like for me"

Ianto nodded, "Yeah I sort of figured that out too, I knew it was too good to be true, you wanting to clean"

"Yeah and watching this mess I think I'm going to have a heart attack, I swear" Jack said sorrowfully.

"Well I, for one, don't have a problem that I have to endure over the next 12 hours" Gwen said whilst stuffing yet another Pop-Tart into her mouth.

"Ah Gwen, that's the fourth Pop-Tart that you've eaten… and I couldn't find the donuts nor the Hobnobs, did you eat those too? Ianto asked carefully.

"HOW DARE YOU..….Oh help me, not 12 hours of eating, NO, NO, no!" Gwen howled as she reached for yet another Pop-Tart.

"Well it's not 12 hours, it's only" Ianto looked at his watch, "7 hours, actually less than 7 hours"

"We're gonna rock around the clock tonight We're gonna rock, rock, rock till broad day light We're gonna rock...," Owen sang before he had a chance to realise. "Oh crap!"

"Don't worry Owen, I think you have a lovely voice" Tosh said demurely, whilst wiping her hands on her blouse.

"Oh that's gold" Ianto said mockingly.

"Oh tea boy, I wouldn't talk if I was you" Owen sneeringly said.

"And what would that mean Owen? I haven't done anything weird" Ianto said matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, is that right?" Owen said, "Could you pass me your coffee cup?" Owen asked knowing that Ianto would have had to walk around to do that.

Ianto picked up the coffee cup and danced his way to Owen, and whilst in mid step, he glanced around seeing that the others were all staring at him, understanding finally what he was doing, he tried to walk the rest of the way but his legs were not obeying his impulses, "Oh crap" Ianto muttered.

"Right, we need just continue with our work for the next 7 hours or so, Tosh continue with our program, Gwen you go down to the armoury and do a stock check, there's no food down there so you will be safe, Owen finish that autopsy on the alien on ice, Ianto do your archive stuff and I …..I ….I am going to clean" Jack authorised.

They all looked at Jack, thought about what he said and nodded.

So the next 6 and a half hours that is what the team did, although with a bit of difference.

Owen sang to the corpse.

Tosh worked on her computer program, interspersed with rolling around in the murky waters getting more and more dirty.

Gwen did do the armoury check but found her way into the kitchen a few times and located a large packet of crisps, ate another packet of biscuits (pass their use by date!) and drank several cups of coffee.

Ianto filed in the archives, all the while dancing his way around the archives.

Jack cleaned the entire Hub, much to Ianto's delight.

And Myfanwy slept.

The End.

AN: I hope you enjoyed this bit of fun and light-heartedness, as I enjoyed writing it. Please review.