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Kate stepped out of her car and pulled out her phone to text Castle the location of the body. First day back and there was already a murder- Castle would be thrilled. She smiled wryly when his response came almost immediately.

On my way ;) I come bearing coffee. And don't freak out, but I'm wearing a shirt that says "I Love Kate Beckett"- Rick

Beckett bit her lip to keep from smiling. Of course, she wanted to strangle him for the T-shirt comment, but it was also so cute, and so Castle. She'd only left the loft a couple hours ago and she already missed him.

"Yo Becks! Over here!" Esposito waved from behind a dumpster.

She walked over, but blinked in confusion when she didn't spot the body.

"You took a while, so Lanie had her team take the body down to the morgue." Espo supplied.

Kate noticed that Ryan wouldn't quite meet her eyes, but before she could question them any further, a familiar scent hit her. Her favorite smell, the one that eclipsed even the stench coming from the dumpster next to her. It was… a fresh cup of coffee. She turned around to face Castle.

"Hey," he greeted, winking. I remembered the coffee, but seem to have forgotten my shirt somewhere.

"Uh, man, you're wearing your shirt, but it's good to have you back." Ryan said confusedly, looking from Castle's smirking face to Kate's withering expression.

"C'mon Castle, get in the car." Kate hurried to whisk Castle away before the guys had any more reason to get suspicious. Besides, she was curious about why they were acting to strangely about the body. She really hadn't taken that long to get to the scene. Something else was going here and she had a feeling she wasn't going to like it. Between Rick acting up and mystery victim, Kate had a feeling she was in for a long day.